CVS/Caremark Bold Move Should be Applauded

IMG_1929When I heard the news this morning that CVS was going to stop selling all tobacco related products by October 2014 I thought the news was fantastic. What a better way to prevent young people from starting smoking, having cigarettes not around! CVS has 7,600 drugstores and is the second largest chain in the Country.

This is a bold move for CVS since they stand to lose over $2 billion per year. I would like to see Wal Mart and other large chain stores to stop selling any tobacco related products too. The problem with smoking is that once you start many become addicted and can never kick the habit. It has been proven that quitting smoking is as hard as kicking a heroin habit. So the best bet is to try to keep anyone new from trying smoking.

Here in NYC in 2003 when Mayor Bloomberg banned smoking in any bar, restaurant, office building I thought it was a great thing. I remember reading at the time that a bartender would breathe in  the equivalent of half a pack of cigarettes per night just from second hand smoke. What a good thing it was for them that smoking was banned. The harder and more inconvenient it is for people to smoke the less they will smoke. I live in a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan that doesn’t allow smoking, anywhere in the building. I think that’s great.

I am not saying all of this because I think smokers should be punished, I am saying it because I think smokers were tricked into smoking and are unable to quit. Nicotine is a drug, when the smoker goes without it too long they start craving it. When they smoke they think they are enjoying it, but in fact they are just bringing their nicotine level back up to where it normally is.

I agree with the people who say cigarettes should not be in any movies as seeing someone smoke on the screen can reinforce that smoking is ok. I also think all brand labeling should be removed from packs of cigarettes. I remember seeing gross pics that were going to be put on the packs. I think a blank white pack would be far more effective; no more being cool with the Marlboro Man.

CVS did a great thing today, I hope others will follow.


8 thoughts on “CVS/Caremark Bold Move Should be Applauded

  1. AGREE! I think the smoking ban will be Bloomberg’s best legacy to the City of NY and the copycat suburbs that so thankfully followed his lead. It should be handled as an illegal substance IMHO.

  2. Yes, I think that was one of Bloomberg’s best accomplishments. The only problem with treating it as an illegal substance is that in of itself might encourage more people to try it. But, good for CVS today!

  3. I applaud CVS but its a double edged sword as it increases profits for remaining vendors making them stronger and reduces CVS’ bottom line. Additionally, we all know usage of addictive substances is a bigger issue than one vendor. Regardless, I like the rebranding effort. Health is in and this is an amazing step in the right direction for the company.

    1. I think this was a good move, too–but are we too sophisticated to take into account the spiritual blessing here? Every health conscious & family oriented customer will frequent CVS now not to mention they have sent out clear energy into the Universe w/their decision.

  4. “It’s a power Move For “CVS one of “Integrity and “FAIRNESS. Speaks volume to “MORALITY SEEKERS. “POINT BEING; how can YOU be a “WELLNESS PROVIDER”? “And selling POISON at the same time!!

    1. Yeah, kind of. CVS is a drugstore chain that’s trying to make itself into a healthcare provider. Their dumping cigarettes and anything tobacco oriented is a big deal, no other major chain has done that; and it will cost them $2Billion per year in profit. Whatever their motive is, it’s great that they are making cigarettes harder to find, buy, get addicted to. Hats off to them and I hope more influential chains follow suit.

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