Bill Gates ** The Clintons ** The Koch Brothers

2013 Jun 27_Yosemite_0109_edited-1What do these 3 groups of people have in common? They are all billionaires (well, not the Clintons, but I’ll get to that later). Bill Gates changed the world with building Microsoft and using a computer common place and easy. Bill Clinton changed the world, as every President of the United States does, with the strongest economy and job growth in any presidency since WWII. The Koch Brothers made billions of dollars and are trying to change the political landscape.

Now, think about it. What would you do if you had 5 or 10 billion dollars? As everyone knows Bill and Melinda Gates have devoted their lives to philanthropic work. Their foundation’s primary goals are to eradicate poverty globally, expand healthcare globally and to expand education and information technology in the United States. They have had tremendous success and helped millions in need.

Bill Clinton started the Clinton Global Initiative which has also poured billions into healthcare, preventing HIV/AIDS, pediatric care. It is also a nonpartisan group that brings business leaders, heads of state, Nobel prize winners and other global leaders to share ideas,  on how to solve global issues. What a great way to use your influence and power to bring people together to help solve the world’s problems.

The Koch brothers on the other hand are using their billions to try to cultivate more power, cut off people in need and damage the American way of life. The Koch’s are the ones who created and funded – still funding – the tea party. They are not putting their wealth to help others. They are using it to hurt others, deny freedoms.

Obviously everything I have written here is common knowledge and nothing new; except people should really take a moment to think about what their goals in life are. Do you want to help others in need or do you want to have more power. I find this so striking because I don’t think I have ever met anyone that would not want to help others. I am talking about people who don’t need to worry about money. I wouldn’t say to an unemployed person why don’t you go out and volunteer to help the needy in their spare time. Unemployed people are the needy!

If I had billions and didn’t need to work I would love nothing more than helping other people. I guess their are people who are truly evil. What a shame.


photo copyright Dan Ginsburg 2014


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