A Job For Mitt Romney ** Should America Have A Monarchy **

Boca area in BA, Very colorfulIt occurred to me the other day seeing Mitt Romney on a few TV shows that I have the perfect thing for him to do. Since he wants to remain in the public eye and not retire he should emulate Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. He should remove himself from politics and put his ‘celebrity’ to good use.  He was obviously a successful business man, he showed that he can handle things on a grand scale like the Olympics. He should start a charitable Foundation in something that interests him and could help people out. The Clinton Global Initiative and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have both done tremendous good. Mr. Romney has the leadership skills to accomplish something similar. Having him go on Sunday talk shows with partisan opinions is such a waste. He didn’t make it in politics; here would be a chance to really bring people together and help others. Mitt, I hope you are reading this. Pick a charity (homelessness, poverty, unemployment, infrastructure) bring business and thought leaders together and make things better. Imagine if The Romney Foundation raised enough money to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure in this Country; or if it helped schools teach kids the kind of things they will need to know so they can get good jobs. I think he is the perfect person to take on a mission like this; and everyone would benefit from it.


I was reading in the paper the other day about how Queen Elizabeth II wants public money to pay her heating bills. The Royals have always kind of interested me in that people take them so seriously. When Charles and Diana got divorced she lost her HRH title, Her Royal Highness. People take these titles so seriously, I remember the outrage at the time. The Queen gave either her sister or daughter, the most highly respected title. That was adding the word “The” in front of Princess. All that stuff is funny to me.

The article was actually pretty interesting. She doesn’t own one of the palaces she lives in, the public does. Same with the Crown Jewels, they are hers to wear but she could never sell them. Some of the Castles and land she does own, I wish the article had been more specific.

The British people love the Monarchy, something like 87% of the people are in favor of keeping it. That made me think about the U.S. How nice would it be if we had a head of state that 87% of the people liked. In this day and age with all of the bitter partisan fighting, the posing and posturing of our elected officials. What’s happened is that our government is paralyzed. Nothing gets done. It’s beyond dysfunctional.

I know we left England and started this Country to get away from the Monarchy but what a nice thought. Americans agreeing on something.


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