Very Exciting News My Nephew’s Paper Is Now Live Read What It’s All About

1901827_10152193736305027_841880655_nToday’s the day Eric’s paper goes live, check it out and follow @Eric_Ginsburg @Triad_City_Beat

Friends and acquaintances— I recently quit my job to pursue I better path for myself and our cities. Today is my first day at Triad City Beat, which I helped found. I invite you to ‘like,’ read religiously and fall in love with our newspaper and site! If you’d share this I’d be much obliged.

Triad City Beat exists to chronicle the Triad cities as low-cost incubators of innovation, sustainability and creativity. We publish smart reporting and writing that recognizes the intelligence of our readers. An informed citizenry is the lifeblood of democracy, and we take our responsibility seriously to provide good journalism to hold economic and governmental powers accountable, both locally and across North Carolina. Culture binds us, and we commit to provide lively and vital coverage of food, music and the arts in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. We unapologetically focus on the cities, and won’t shrink from defending LGBT rights, racial diversity and an urban sensibility. We carry the flag for no party or faction, and fiercely defend our editorial independence.



Our team

Publisher: Allen Broach

Editor in chief: Brian Clarey

Art director: Jorge Maturino

Managing editor: Jordan Green

Associate editor: Eric Ginsburg

Sales executives: Maria Recio and Ellen Kern


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