The “Obama Economy” And Treasonous GOP

IMG_1819Remember in 2008 when Obama won the election and many people, magazines, TV Shows all talked about how the Republican party was dead. After the large losses in 2006 and then the presidency in 2008 people were openly talking about the end of the GOP.

Boy, were they wrong. The GOP was cooking up a strategy to come back in a big way.

It sickens me to see headlines like Marco Rubio saying “The Obama stimulus was a failure” or the term “The Obama economy.” So misleading and incorrect. The current shape of the economy is due to the obstructionism and the GOP’s desire to make Mr. Obama look bad. No, not look bad, have him go down in history as a failure.

Flashback to early 2009 when Obama proposed the stimulus. At the time most economists said it was too small and would only work for a couple of years. As president Obama was on his way over to submit his proposed stimulus the GOP held a press conference denouncing it. Before they saw or read it they said no. Here is where their scorched earth strategy started. Say NO to anything and everything POTUS wanted. The Country was on the verge of another Great Depression and the GOP was playing politics, with the United States of America’s economy. Mitch McConnell was caught on TV saying the GOP’s top priority was to make president Obama a one term president. Not to dig the country out of the deep hole it was in or to help others.

To me, playing politics and deliberately voting on bills that sabotage the U.S. economy is treason. I think these people with these strategies should be tried in a court of law. Yes, I am aware that politicians play politics, but it should never be at the expense of the American people. In 2008 when George W. Bush proposed the TAARP to bail out the banks, the DEMS voted in  the best interest of the Country. The GOP? Voted against it.

The economy is in horrible shape today. The Wall Street Journal estimates that there are about 18 million longterm unemployed people in the Country today. The unemployment rate keeps dropping because people are so discouraged they have stopped looking for work. I blame this situation completely on the GOP/tea party. When demand is low and consumer confidence plummets it’s time for more stimulus and job creating bills. The GOP has made it clear they won’t vote for any more money being spent. That very action is why the economy is in such a bad state. I read today that according to the Gallup polling jobs and the economy are what Americans are most concerned about. If we invested now in new programs in the future the longterm debt would be lowered. Instead of having the government pay unemployment, welfare, medicaid if the government invested in new projects that put people to work, those people would be paying taxes and bringing more money in to the treasury. Thus in the longterm lowering the national debt.

To hear the spin from the GOP that this is Obama’s economy/failure is infuriating when it was the GOP that stopped him every step of the way. I do fault Obama for not publicly pushing for job creation more. He gave up too early on that and that’s a major blow to him and his legacy. After the 2012 election the polls all said the economy and jobs were people’s number one issue, just like today, Obama should have pushed hard to get more job creation. He went with issues that people weren’t as passionate about like guns, immigration. Big mistake.

I think we should call this the “GOP Economy.” And, I do wish that all the GOP who participated in the obstructionism could be tried for treason and jailed.

And, to you, Marco Rubio: the stimulus didn’t fail. It wasn’t large enough.


5 thoughts on “The “Obama Economy” And Treasonous GOP

  1. Even registered Republicans are looking at these nut jobs and thinking twice. Everyone w. an ounce of sense knows the GOP are doing just charming at the majority’s expense. I personally think it is time to rock n roll ie time to re-occupy with our wallets. Nothing but food, medicine and soap. Stop buying useless consumer goods and see how fast these corporate bums are brought to their knees. Stop playing technical support for companies like Direct TV, cable, and Verizon. Stop talking to machines and stop self checkout. Start asking…. no, start demanding customer service in lieu of Walmartian greeters, and keep your wallet closed until Americans are again gainfully employed. This is the only language they understand. The last good GOP candidate was Lincoln. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time to rock n roll.

  2. I am a registered Democrat so you know my bias. But, I totally agree with you Andrew. These obstructionist GOP should be tried for treason. They are playing with people’s lives, like your guest blogger the other day. People are in serious trouble and they have the power to fix it yet refuse to act so they can make Obama look bad. What kind of people do that? I will tell you my answer. People who have no soul. They are so obsessed in their hatred of Obama that they don’t care how many have to suffer. To me the only solution that makes any sense is to get people to see the reality of how evil this current GOP Congress is and to get Democrats elected to replace them. Imagine what might happen the last two years of Obama’s administration if we had a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress! Let’s make it happen. Screw the polls. GOTV for Democrats in 2014.

  3. I lost the blog I had written and posted because i used a different address from the address I use for blogs. I don”t know where it is, it’s quite long, I’d like to find it, it has some of my ideas in it. maybe you can find it for me. I am using my regular blog now. the other was an ( email I did Post the comment, it got lost when WordPress asked me to sign in, I was never asked that before.

  4. Well, I said the only reason we are this far is because our President is so brilliant.Everything about him reeks of success. Some type of success. Outside of ‘Murd**’ these criminals have tried everything to stop him, since Day 1. Others may have given up- forget a second term, is it worth it around these worthless animals? Evidently he thinks so.

    Like Cinderella , everything is a mess. One by one he checks off things to do , to see the bottom. First the stimulus which he gives up infrastructure for ‘Taxes” to get this passed. GOP mother of interference,but it is passed, only it’s not enough, it never was. Immediately they started to sabotoge him… but through all their screams they scrambled to get their share, and who but the red states are so needy?

    One by one he goes down the list, the wars, foreign policy….cleaning up the left over mess. These two terms have been a continuation of Bush term. I never liked some of the things he continued in the Bush fashion but I always gave him credit , if no one was neglected, and with some solution in mind then to leave things alone, only because there was Just Too Much , and if generals and advisers thought it could be done, why change things that could backfire?
    Some things I really wanted done differently but remember, he also had to give of himself… American people needed to know someone cared after the deaths and dying and losing jobs- our little world was destroyed in our eyes. … and he has done that. How much can one expect from one man? And through all this the GOP have thrown darts at him. That is part of GOP strategy. Don’t give Barack Obama an inch. Let him know this job is hard. This is the way it is and he wanted it.

    It wasn’t only physical damage Bush and Cheney destroyed, they destroyed souls, the spirit… we needed comfort. Comfort is something we would never get from a Romney. They don’t give- they keep it for themselves. There’s not a day goes by I don’t think of this and in my mind I am defending our President. I know exactly what the last Adm. did, I know the dying, the lying, the mess they left, I see people at food pantries, I know money is in Caymans, I know they took tax cuts and never gave a job in return… all that blinds me, I don’t look at these 8 years as a Clinton or a normal Presidency- it isn’t. We Are Cleaning and Continuing Bush Mess. This is like a record with a stuck needle for me.

    I know what those two guys did and got away with. Injustice is the hardest thing to live with. Our President knows that. And his brilliance tells him what he has to do, not what he’d like to do. in order to succeed and not fall prey to these classless hoodlums. Notice he smiles a lot.


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