Are We Really In This Place Now, Is This Really Happening?

IMG_1894The short answer is yes. For the in detailed answer keep reading.

I woke up this morning and one of the first headlines I see is that Paul Ryan thinks that poverty comes from the “laziness of ‘inner city’ men.” I.e. black or brown are the cause of their own poverty because they are lazy. I couldn’t believe I was reading this, what’s next showing pics of those lazy men eating watermelon?

Next I read about American Companies hoarding over $2Trillion overseas so they don’t have to pay taxes on it. How is that something that is legal to do? Do lobbyists and big money donors really control that much of the U.S. that companies can legally do that? I mean I can see offering lower taxes for 10 years to companies if they build plants in a certain area; that would create more jobs and industry and revenue in a place that might not otherwise have it. But, keeping your money overseas is legal? At a time where unemployment is staggeringly high, job creation is incredibly weak, and Congress wants to cut food stamps for people that are hungry and unemployment insurance for people who can’t find jobs.

Who is in charge of this Country anyway? Surely no one in the U.S. government is looking out for the American people. Otherwise these issues would be dealt with. But there is no interest in changing the tax code. Why? If there really is a 1% what is everyone else doing? No one in Congress is part of the 1%. Ninety-nine percent of their constituents are not part of the 1%, so why aren’t tax codes being changed so U.S. corporations can sit on $2Trillion dollars overseas and pay no taxes on that. That is not in the best interest of anyone. Most especially not the so called 1%.

If the other 99% of people aren’t earning a decent wage they don’t have the money to buy things, that means the 1% suffers from lack of revenue coming in. A lose/lose proposition for everyone involved.

I don’t believe in income distribution. I believe in a government that can create more jobs so everyone has a chance to succeed in life. Yes, wealthy people should pay more in taxes. Yes, if your net worth is over $50Million maybe you shouldn’t be able to collect Social Security and Medicare. You have to be careful here because, like I tweeted earlier, $1,800,000 buys you a mansion in TX or a 900 sq foot one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. So location should play a factor.

There is so much we could do to make things better. Remove tax loop holes that let company’s keep money overseas; remove loopholes that legally let Mitt Romney pay an effective lower tax rate than his secretary. Bring that money back into the U.S. Treasury and let it be used for job creation, assistance for people in need. The Wall Street Journal had an article today about how the U.S. electrical grid is vulnerable for attack. National Security. But no one talks about a jobs creation program that would put people to work, modernize and fix our infrastructure, and make our Country safer.

Are we really so owned by big money and lobbyists that we can’t do the right thing? A pitiful time for The United States of America.


3 thoughts on “Are We Really In This Place Now, Is This Really Happening?

  1. One of the things that many do not understand is that our system by design creates a group of winners that have most of the economic rewards and losers that have very little. What we have done for years is punish the losers. It is time that we change our way of thinking.

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