My Response To John McCain NYT Piece

IMG_3782Mr. McCain you do make some valid and some interesting points. I think your general thesis for your argument is incorrect.

American weakness, as you called it, I believe started with George W. Bush. The utter failure of the Afghan and Iraq wars is the time people around the world stopped seeing us as invincible. I remember seeing you on the Sunday talk shows during the Iraq war, talking about how poorly it was being handled. You made suggestions on what should have been done. While our military is the best in the world, the strategy that was used in both wars made the U.S. look not only weak, but incompetent.

An incompetent opponent is not one to be feared and not a strong one. It was not in Crimea where Mr. Putin showed his disregard for America’s place in the world. Putin’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 would be a better example. Putin was not afraid of W. and W. did nothing about it.

It’s not right to criticize President Obama’s ‘reset’ with Russia; when you can look back to hear George Bush ‘seeing in Putin’s eyes’ or whatever he said. Sometimes it’s not our POTUS, sometimes it’s Putin.

As far as Iraq goes, you have said it is Obama’s fault for the chaos there because there isn’t a residual force or 5 or 10,000 American troops. That is completely wrong. The U.S. could not control Iraq when we had 200,000 troops there. Ten thousand wouldn’t help them now. The fact that an al Qaeda flag flies in Fallujah is sickening after so many Americans lost their lives their freeing that city.

As far as Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Russia, Crimea; the U.S. needs to decide if we want to be on a constant war footing. Because of the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan the American people don’t want to be involved. That’s a direct result from the fiascos of the last 2 wars. Many have lost faith and trust in all government, more I believe have lost faith in the governments ability to best utilize the military.

While I do agree that Mr. Obama’s foreign policy is opaque at best, I don’t think it’s fair to criticize him for each and every global crisis we have had. I would like to hear a clear foreign policy from the Obama administration, but not holding my breath.

The point of this piece is to disagree with almost all of your conclusions, not to slam President Bush, although it would have been helpful if he knew about Sunni and Shia being at war for 700 years, the point is that America being the place everyone feared is not on Obama’s shoulders.

I don’t know the answers to all of these questions, but one must learn from history in how to move forward.  You seem to have selective memory. I hope you read this. And, I thank you for your service to our Country.


4 thoughts on “My Response To John McCain NYT Piece

  1. Excellent comment Andrew! O would love to believe that it will be heard and understood by McCain, but it needs to be heard over and over again til it sinks in! Thank you for taking the time and energy to write and share this!

  2. I agree completely when it comes to McCain’s words on PBO and our military. I don’t think he or his RW buddies who are continually calling for U.S. military involvement have any understanding of how the American people feel about the past 12 years now. We don’t want another war. If, God forbid, we’re attacked, that’s a different story, but as of now, President Obama’s diplomatic handling of crises in individual foreign countries has been done with regards as to each situation being unique. That’s why I don’t quite understand what you’re looking for when you ask for a foreign policy from President Obama. You can’t make a broad-brush statement when you’re dealing with such a variety of countries, each with its own unique personality. They have to be handled on a case by case basis and to this point, since our military hasn’t had to get involved, I’d say things have been handled fairly well. I also think we’re far too used to wanting to have all the info regarding any given situation from day one without realizing the possible harm we could be doing should our troops ever have to get involved militarily. We don’t need to broadcast our plans to foreign leaders. Getting on TV and threatening them hasn’t exactly done much for our standing in the past, I don’t think doing it will change things in the least except to possibly aggravate an already difficult situation.

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