It’s Time To Put An End to the Culture of NO; Here’s How

Image 141Job creation bill? NO. Extending Unemployment Insurance? NO. Immigration reform? NO. Flat listless economy that needs a major stimulus? NO.

I have been watching a few people I follow endless trying to get people out to Vote Blue in 2014. I want to add to their voices and ask all DEMS, UniteBlue, everyone to come together now to start preparing for the 2014 vote.

Imagine the possibilities of a Congress that actually worked to get things done for the American people? Hard to even fathom it, but the best hope we have to have a strong future is to vote out all GOP from House and Senate.

This, of course, will be no easy task. The GOP is running hard on ObamaCare and they have not lost the argument. I, myself, looked into it here in New York County in New York State i.e. Manhattan and what I found was draw droopingly horrible. To save on costs, the ACA exchanges won’t reimburse any doctor that is affiliated with a teaching hospital. You never want to go to a doctor that’s not afflicted with a teaching hospital. They are not quality doctors. Why am I bringing this up? So people will know what kind of resistance they face. I put this in the category of “things that need to be fixed.”

I want to do whatever I can to help turn out the vote for 2014. And I am asking all of you not only to vote but more. I am asking you to look to people in your community who might need a ride to the polling stations. Work with others to set up carpools. Be cognizant of the voter registration rules in your County today. Make sure you have what you need and also help others to get what they need so they can vote. Voter ID, fuck them. Get one, help someone get one. It’s only April there is time to get everything in order for the election.

We can change this, we can make the hard nosed, non thinking GOP go home and have a real live person that wants to work for our Country.

I call on everyone to help in this effort. Whether you are UniteBlue, Joan Walsh, Marko from the Daily Kos to Barack Obama to anyone that wants to see positive change. Let’s stop talking about this and start working on it. We can get rid of the dead wood and bring  America back to the shining city on the hill where everyone wants to be.

Let me hear from you; more importantly, let others hear from you. The time to act is NOW.

The two people who inspired this post and should be congratulated are Ed Hull  and Matthew Stuart  who should both be thanked by all of us. Thanks guys!


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