Another Manic Monday And Other Updates

Italy2011 015-1Yes, so it’s Monday again and there are so many things I need to comment on. Hopefully I will remember them all.

Let’s start by getting all the racism issues out of the way. As I have said many times, and each time I say it it becomes less true, I am surprised there is so much racism here in the U.S. today. But, really, why should any of us be surprised. The guy with the basketball team generates tons of revenue. And, as we know, here in America generating revenue trumps everything.

I do think the bigotry goes further. I have seen it in person in corporate America.  Almost all companies have a white CEO and a leading group of good ole white boys leading the company. This doesn’t only discriminate against blacks, but also gays and women. But, like I said, if you are making a good profit that’s all you need to do.

Until we treat all people as equals we will never be a whole society.

Another story that caught my eye and made me very happy was reading about Jodie Foster getting married to her long time girlfriend. Now, I grew up in the same era as Jodie. I had a really good friend who went to Yale with her (not together). My friend is a year older than I am, and Jodie is a few years older. Maybe 5 years older than I am. But, in the 1980s coming out as gay would have been unheard of. I think my, our, generation had a harder time with coming out than after us, and even before us. Maybe it had something to do with President Reagan who watched the AIDS epidemic happen and do nothing about it. He could have spared so many lives. He wouldn’t even say the word AIDS until he was almost ready to leave office. So, I am happy for Jodie Foster to finally come out and marry her partner. What a wonderful thing. I, myself am going through the exact opposite, but I’ll save that for another day.

Crimea? Russia? WW3? I don’t know what Putin is up to but I do think it’s a mistake to blame everything on Obama. Putin pulled the same crap with George W. and no one ever accused W. of being anti war. Obama’s foreign policy has been opaque at best, but Putin is the enemy here. It saddens me to hear all the GOP blame Obama for this fiasco. In times of crisis the United States of America should all stand together, behind our leader. Any advice should be behind closed doors.

Our economy still sucks. We are millions of jobs behind where we were in 2007. The jobs that have been replaced are much lower paying and don’t allow a family to live a normal life. That’s unacceptable.

On a parting note, I think everyone should listen to the Pope. Think and do what you can to help the needy and poor and stop being so greedy. His message resonates in just about everything in this post, and most of my posts. Do what he says.


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