It’s All About The Numbers Math ** How To Create A Better America

1382907_10151688597293030_1260643780_nWhen I look around at what is going on in our Country today the problem and the fix are both very easy. It’s all about math, the numbers and how much money our government has to pay for things.

I was reading about LBJ on the 50th anniversary of his creating the ‘The Great Society.’ One of the things one of the articles said was that the government had surpluses and wanted to use them to help the people.

Today our government has no money to do anything. Why? Because a while back we decided that government money should be returned to the people and not used for strong future growth. The government doesn’t have the money to invest in America’s future. This is a tragedy since the future is exactly what we should be and should have been focusing on. The United States of America is the best Country on earth but we have totally neglected it for the past 40 years and today we are seeing the decline happening. Our students are no longer tops in the world; our life expectancy is not the greatest in the world; our infrastructure is compared to third world countries. This is a disgrace.

For all of those out there not wanting government to get bigger, you are misguided; it has nothing to do with the size of government. For those that think ACA ObamaCare is the government taking control of healthcare you couldn’t be more wrong. With ACA you are working with private insurance companies, not the government.

Getting back to the math. Getting back to the government having more money to invest in the upkeep and future of this country it boils down to a simple fact. We need more money in the government. How do we achieve that? Lots of ways. First, change the tax code so wealthier people pay higher taxes. That’s the way it always has been and that’s what we need to go back to. Also, closing loopholes that rob the government of even more money. More importantly, we need a massive jobs creation bill that will not only create jobs for the some 92Million unemployed but will bring in tremendous amounts of revenue when those people are paying taxes.

An investment now is what we need to save the Country. Yes, it might cost $2 or $3 trillion dollars, but those amounts will pay for themselves over time. We should have a short term goal and a long term goal. Short term, get people back to work and part of society. This not only brings in more tax revenue and takes people off of government assistance it also will make our Country better.

There are so many things we should be investing in but aren’t. Bullet Trains, fixing and upgrading our infrastructure to 22nd Century technology. Our education system is in serious trouble and that should be addressed and fixed immediately. When we look to the future we want those young people to be able to keep this Country the best in the world. Education can make that happen.

Our longterm goal should be reducing and eliminating our Country’s debt. We should always keep it in mind, but today it is not the top priority. By putting people back to work, changing the tax code, we can do a tremendous amount to lower the long term debt. We don’t want to do this by gutting everything (teachers, police, firefighters, fixing infrastructure) we want to do it by creating higher paying jobs that will lead to more revenue coming into the government.

The tax codes that give breaks to U.S. companies to hire workers out of the Country needs to be changed and stopped. The tax loopholes that let Billionaires hide money overseas to save on taxes needs to end.

Our government needs more money to keep this Country the best of the best.

I personally would like to know why Congress, POTUS and SCOTUS don’t believe what I believe.


2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Numbers Math ** How To Create A Better America

  1. Once again Andrew a great thoughtful post. I TOTALLY agree we need to get our country back on track. We so need to cut tax codes that allow companies to save taxes by being overseas. Our country needs create job’s in the U.S. and that will not happen if we continue w/ tax extenders. Large corporations do not create jobs ~

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