Obama’s Wars *** Weigh In

IMG_3815I know everyone today will be talking about Mr. Obama’s speech at West Point laying out his future approach to terrorism and America’s place in the world. This piece is not about that. It’s about President Obama’s Wars.

First, it’s so ironic to call them Obama’s wars, since he didn’t start them, wasn’t involved in their strategy. They were handed to him when he came in to office in 2009. Now, it was no surprise to him that this is what he was inheriting and this is what he campaigned for.

The other day President Obama laid out a time line of withdrawal from Afghanistan. He was immediately criticized by Senators McCain and Graham. Now the 2 of them do bring up good points about setting a date certain for withdrawal and how that is not the optimal way of ending a war. It should be more about ‘conditions on the ground.” Whereas that’s a nice sentiment it’s completely unrealistic.

The GOP hawks have criticized Obama to no end about the way he removed our troops from Iraq and how there is a Civil War going on there now and al Qaeda has captured land the U.S. Military fought and died to liberate. As I have mentioned before, that disgusts me. That our soldiers lost their lives and now Qaeda flags fly there.

What everyone is missing is that ‘conditions on the ground’ will never be good enough for us to leave. The McCain’s of the world say we should have left 10 or 20K troops there. Nice thought but, that would not have been enough to fight off al Qaeda, since the 200k troop force we had there didn’t fight them off.

The same goes for Afghanistan. The conditions will never be right for us to leave. We need to understand we weren’t there to remake their Country. We tried and it didn’t work. Our mission there was to decimate the al Qaeda group that attacked us on 9/11. Between Presidents Bush and Obama that goal was accomplished. We should have drawn down years ago.

In Afghanistan we are in a no win situation. Since the ‘core’ Qaeda was mostly decimated every terror group calls themselves affiliates of al Qaeda. President Obama was correct when he said that now it is time for the Afghans to set their own  future. It’s time for them to protect themselves and time for Americans to come home.

This might be pie in the sky dreaming, but I wish George W. Bush would come out and applaud what Mr. Obama has decided to do. I also wish he would have had his back over the NSA spying scandal.

Whether you are an American citizen, a past president, me, we should all have the same goal. Keeping the United States of America safe and the best place on earth!


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