Why Isn’t Technology More Intuitive ** It Is, It’s Just About Advertising

IMG_0844I ask myself this question a lot, whether texting, emailing, doing searches. It can be maddening.

Let’s start with auto correct with emails and texts and tweets and everything else. I can’t even finish typing in a word before the auto correct goes into effect and changes what I am typing to something I have never typed before. What’s all this bullshit with Apple and the others that the device with learn how you communicate and auto correct will facilitate that? By changing any number of words to something I have never typed before? I am stressing never typed before because that is not a device learning from what I have typed in the past. As everyone knows it’s maddening if you don’t re-read your communication (which I generally don’t) before sending it out because auto correct puts words in that make it look like I don’t understand the English language.

In a perfect world, not only would something like auto correct fill in words I use a lot rather than ones I never use. But it would also help with grammar. So many people make the mistake of your and you’re, then and than, affect and effect. It would be nice if the all touted auto correct help with those. And, not just to correct our mistakes, but so we can learn from it.

The we get to searches. I generally, ok always, use google. Every time I do a search I have to pull down like 3 menu bars to get to “date range of search.” One would think that after doing that on 90% of my searches the all mighty and powerful google would learn that and have that option open to me front and center after my search. But, no.

Almost 100% of the time if I am doing a search on something I don’t want results from 2008. I want them from the last month, 6 months. This puts me, the consumer, having to click through 3 or more menu bars to get what I am looking for.

Then there is the epiphany; the technology is there to do everything I have discussed above. Companies don’t bother making the user experience better. They are appealing to advertisers. So the advertisers can more precisely target potential clients.

That’s all well and good and the nature of the beast. But, what if the public gets sick of lame google searches, knowing the search isn’t about you or your convenience it’s about advertising dollars. I was on the Barneys website recently looking at sunglasses. Now, every ad I see is for sunglasses. There is a tipping point, there is a time when you get so disgusted with the intrusion on your searches just to feed you ads that it backfires on the company doing the advertising.

As I have said before, online advertising is out of control. It’s time to take a step back. Remember who buys things and start catering to them. Fix auto correct. Google make your searches more intuitive for me, not people you sell ads to.

Unfortunately people will take my advice about 5 years to late, when consumer sentiment for companies and products is negative.



One thought on “Why Isn’t Technology More Intuitive ** It Is, It’s Just About Advertising

  1. Not a perfect fix by any means, but go into settings and turn auto-correct off. You can still leave the spellcheck on. I know what you mean though, I sent out some pretty strange emails before I learned I have to proofread everything on my iPad. Not so much on my MS desktop. Use Bing.com instead of Google. I don’t believe they track or store, at least not as much. I have cap lock off now, but have to change i to I when using that. That is crazy. Frustrating, but still and all when I remember retyping term paper pages because of a single spelling error, the technology is a wonderful thing.

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