Stop Blindly Listening And Take The Challenge

IMG_1993Today’s world seems like it’s total chaos. From ISIS in Iraq, hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Syria, to Ukraine, Russia, jets commercial passenger planes being shot out of the sky. To, right here in the U.S. The bitter divide here is probably at one of the worst times in American history. I challenge you all to drop all preconceived notions, party affiliations, and think on your own how to make things better.

Let’s start with right here in the United States, such strong animosity here from one side of the isle to the other. Each side blaming the other for everything in our Country and the world for what’s going on. This is not only not helpful but it is making the situations worse. We need to all come together with ideas to make things better. First here, then for the world. Our entire news media, print, TV and digital is owned by 6 conglomerates, that don’t have educating the public at the top of their agenda.

Because of this situation, no one here really knows what’s going on anywhere in the world. More shamefully, we don’t even know what’s going on here in our own Country. I have been on twitter for a long time and have many followers who freely share their opinions. Those opinions seems to always fall directly down party lines. That’s tragic. No one seems to be thinking on their own.

Liberals think all of the ills of the world are because of the complete obstructionism of the GOP. The GOP seems to think all of the ills in the world are because of president Obama. This is no way for our Country to move forward, prosper and lead the world.

My guess is that 80% of all Americans want the same things: family, friends, a good job, and being able to live happily. All of our inner fighting is just a waste of time, money and effort. I saw today that Marco Rubio had a big speech about “traditional” marriage and how it’s the corner stone of our Country. First of all that’s laughable when the divorce rate is over 50%, secondly, he is not saying this to make things better. He is saying it to prime himself for a 2016 run. You need to ask yourself, is gay marriage one of the top priorities in your life? I am guessing no.

The economy is. Poll after poll, year after year shows Americans care most about the economy, jobs and their financial security. This has been barely addressed by Obama. He gave up too soon when he realized the GOP would block him. Consumer spending isn’t solid. This is not good because our economy will never grow when consumers aren’t spending. A full 70% of GDP comes from consumer spending. When it falters, our Country falters.

What’s going on around the world needs to be addressed. But, another challenge, drop your party affiliation, and try to think what would make America better. In times of crisis we need to stand together as a Country. We need to speak with one voice. If people don’t like what Mr. Obama is doing, or see no coherent strategy, they should voice their opinions AND suggestions to their elected representatives. Attacking president Obama isn’t helpful. Offering a better solution is.

So, I do challenge everyone to stop thinking of themselves as DEMS, GOP, Independents and start thinking of yourself as an American. How can we make America better? How can we stop a government that doesn’t represent our needs? How can we get rid of the corruption and financial influence in politics?

These are the issues we need to be coming together to solve.


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