4 thoughts on “How My Twitter Account Was Stolen and How I Got It Back

  1. Your account shows how easily this can happen. We all must be careful and aware. My cousin on Facebook had her account hacked. The thief took her profile pic, set up fake account using her name, sent friend requests to her friends, then messages them link to a product website. She was at work when it happened, did not give out password, only found out when someone called her on her phone. These spammers don’t want to do real work!

    1. Thanks Pat for sharing about your cousin. There is a double verification that people can sign up for where if anyone tries to sign into any of your accounts from any computer but your own they will need a passcode that is sent via text to your phone. Then that code would be needed to sign in.

      It’s def worth looking into. And, as always, thanks for sticking by me no matter what account I am coming from!

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