No Lectures from Iran, None from Russia *** President Obama is NOT Responsible for Ferguson

IMG_0047It sickens me to see the Russian, French and Iranian media condemning the United States of America as being no better than a terrorist country because of the upheaval and demonstrations in Ferguson. No, we are nothing like you. Your trying to tie us into your corrupt political cultures won’t work.

To see president Obama personally blamed for what’s going on in Ferguson is appalling. First off, Mr. Obama is the president of the entire Country, not just Ferguson. Secondly there have been no thorough investigations completed to know exactly what happened and is still happening. 

If citizens of the United States of America do things wrong they are investigated and put to trial. Unlike Russia and Iran or Hamas where people who do things wrong are put to death. Our Country prides itself on living by the letter of the law. Doing that takes some time. We can’t have conclusive results in days. It takes longer than that to find what the problem is/was and how to fix it and punish those that did wrong.

Blaming president Obama is a cheap shot that has no merit. How would he have been able to stop what is going on, or even prevented it? No one could have. If we do have deep seated race relations problems we will as a Country sort them out and change them. That’s what makes us different than other nations. We will continue to fight until the problems are addressed and eventually solved. Other states will just jail or kill people that don’t agree with the ruling party.

This is also an excellent teaching moment for us in America. It’s time to stop the rampant partisanship and hatred of those that don’t believe 100% as we do. It’s time to come together as a Country and look at what we have in common rather than what we are opposed to. So many polls have been released that show major majorities of Americans feel the same way about Immigration, Abortion, Gay Marriage. Let’s take that and run with it. Let’s stop the political divide in this Country and move ahead for everyones benefit. 

Whomever you are, whatever your political affiliation, it’s time to come together. We, as Americans, don’t need to hear propaganda from these kinds of people. We need to act together as a nation and show the world how it’s done. Now is the time to stand behind our president to get things done. If you disagree with him, that’s fine. Let him know. 

As Americans we should never be in this situation again. Where we hear lectures from Iran and Russia. No. Not happening. 


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