Keep journalism independent with Triad City Beat


Weekly newspaper and online news outlet Triad City Beat is only six months old but ready to grow into the next phase.

Help us buy more outdoor newspaper boxes, bring new voices into the paper, expand cultural coverage and hone in on investigative journalism.

Triad City Beat is an independent, free weekly newspaper. It’s owned and run directly by the journalists and team who work here. We carry the flag for no party or faction, and fiercely defend our editorial independence. Triad City Beat doesn’t shrink from defending LGBT rights, racial diversity and urban sensibility.

We have been working together for years and have received numerous awards for our work, including second place for investigative journalism and first place for editorials in the state last year. People love Triad City Beat because it is authentic and urgent. All killer no filler.

Independent arts coverage. Hard-hitting investigative reporting. Smart opinion writing. Breaking news. That’s what we do.

Jordan Green's daughter Amy Bell, one of our biggest fans.
Jordan Green’s daughter Amy Bell, one of our biggest fans.

We are built on the belief that ideas and hustle are worth more than money, but we still need your support to grow. The funds raised with this Kickstarter will allow us to establish an Investigative Journalism Fund, hire freelance writers and buy more distribution boxes to get the paper on the streets. 

Read examples of investigative work about who owns downtown High Point, a freelance cover story by Jonathan Michels about forced sterilization and another article about where money from a Republican fundraiser actually went.

If you’ve enjoyed Triad City Beat since it launched six months ago, we hope you’ll help us build on what we’ve started. Know that your contribution will help keep journalism independent in North Carolina.


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