President Obama a War Criminal? ** The White House Not Secure** Still Too Big To Fail

IMG_2194Kinda seems like the world is in complete chaos right now. Is there any where on earth where things are going well? From Russia and Ukraine, Syria/Iraq/ISIL, fence jumpers getting deep into the White  House and recently revealed from 2011 another intruder shot 11 bullets some going into the Presidential residence to banks that are still around, still too big to fail and still no investigation into exactly what happened in the crash and meltdown of 2008.

The Wall Street Journal says the crash of 2008 was more severe than the Great Depression. That tidbit of news was ignored by all media outlets.

The latest screaming allegation, from Democrats, is that Barack Obama has committed war crimes, just as George W. Bush did, by invading and bombing Syria without a UN resolution. However convoluted Bush’s invasion of Iraq was, he had strong backing of both branches of Congress. Mr. Obama has not chosen to call Congress back for an immediate vote on authorizing our efforts in Syria. Why? I don’t know, most likely it’s political. That being the worst reason in the world to go to war. Is Obama a war criminal, was Bush, I don’t know I am not a constitutional lawyer. I’d love to hear from one.

What is one to think when the Generals past/present from the DoD say that a) ISIL is not a threat to the United States of America and b) The plan of bombing alone will never result in victory? Whose idea is this?

Why are we all screaming about the threat from ISIL when the intelligence says they pose no threat. Why do we hear from the intelligence community that the threat of ISIL was told to the President over a year ago, and we hear from Mr. Obama the other night on 60 Minutes that the intelligence was faulty and inaccurate?

Doesn’t leave one with much confidence in anyone.

Then we have the very disturbing news of someone jumping the fence at the White House and getting deep into the mansion. Why did the Secret Service feel the need to outright lie to us, telling us that the intruder was tackled immediately upon entering the mansion; when in fact he got all the way to the East Room. The White House should be the most secure place in the Country. We have a President who has unfairly been accused of everything that has gone on, including the weather, and the White House isn’t secure?

That is completely and totally unacceptable.

So, it does seem like we really have a world at war. Any and every place is in turbulence or violence or threat of disease. Then, today’s New York Times has an article about the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the catalysts of the financial crash and meltdown of 2008 that cost so many so much.

Since that crash we have seen no investigations. We have seen no one jailed. We have done nothing to prevent it happening again. That, to me, is a disgrace. We should know what caused it to happen, how to prevent it and charge those that were behind so many trillions of dollars of wealth that disappeared. Why hasn’t this happened?

And today, 6 years later the biggest anxiety of the American public is the economy and keeping their jobs. It is obvious that there is no one looking out for the American people and their future interests. I think two voices have been heard wanting to make real change: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

My challenge to you is to think about what would make our world a better place and do you see anyone trying to do that? I don’t. We need major change and it doesn’t come from drinking the kool-aid, it comes from having the right people in place.

Let’s change this. It’s us, and only we can make it better. Let’s do it!


Is It 2014 or 2003? Things Most People Have Missed

IMG_3969Looking through all of the top stories of the most respectable news organizations in the U.S. this morning it was obvious to see that each and every story had something to do with ISIL. U.S. attacks in Syria; U.S. has broad coalition of Arab states; U.S. targets al Qaeda in Syria; U.S. bombing in Iraq has not stopped the momentum of ISIL.

What was missing was a piece or 2 about why attacking ISIL might not be a good idea. This made me immediately flashback to 2003 where the media seemed to encourage the U.S. to invade Iraq. Today, as in back then, there were almost no pieces about not going to war.

President Obama has clearly stated that ISIL does not impose a credible threat to the United States at this time/George Bush pushed shoddy evidence about Iraq’s Saddam Hussein having WMD and an imminent threat to our ‘homeland.’ These two statements just struck me as so similar; so trying to scare the public into agreeing to continuing the ‘war or terror’ for an infinite amount of time.

What Bush said is that we face a clear and present threat. What Obama said is that we do not. If not, Mr. Obama, can you please explain why we are doing what we are doing?

The thing almost everyone has forgotten about, or conveniently don’t talk about is strategy. First, with the current strategy everyone in the military has said bombing alone won’t work. I wrote about my suggestions in my last blog posting, check there if you want to see them. But, if it’s not going to work, and we all know it, why are we doing it? To give the American public the oh so satisfying sense of revenge by seeing bombs dropping?

Secondly, and much more importantly, is that no one talks about the Bush strategy of 2003 in Iraq. This strategy has made the US look completely incompetent, not able to win a war, and a Country not to be feared. When President Bush Sr. went to war against Iraq in 1990/91 he sent 550,000 American troops and 200,000 coalition troops. And had the war completely paid for by our allies. We handily won that war. The a few months later Mr. Bush sent troops back into Iraq for a very limited time and objectives, then brought them home.

In 2003 Bush Jr sent in around 150,000 troops. What no one talks about and no one wants to learn from is that the United States wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen next and that the change of tide of that war happened in 2003. Why weren’t 500,000 American troops there? Before the insurgency struck hold there was tremendous looting of everything in Iraq. Why? Because the US didn’t have enough ground troops to stabilize the area. If Iraq was stable immediately after the fall of Hussein we would see a completely different situation on the ground now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, invading Iraq in 2003 was an asinine thing to do. But, what confounded the problem and made it unsolvable is the utter incompetence of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld to have a strategy that worked. This part of the story should be studied much more because it brings us right back to where we are today.

Our military tells us the bombing campaign alone won’t work. President Obama has ignored that. Ground presence is needed; we seem to think the ‘moderate’ Syrians will help us. No, they won’t. The so called moderate Syrian rebels are the ones that sold the American journalist who was beheaded. What makes people think the arms we give them won’t be stolen by ISIL like they were in Iraq?

I say, time for serious and truthful dialogue about what we face and what are our best options? I haven’t seen/heard of any.

If You’re Going to Do It, Do It Right ** On ISIL, Go Big or Go Home

photoSorry, had to throw in a quote from George Michael! After hearing non stop relentless coverage of ISIL and the American strategy to defeat it I am not impressed and need to speak out.

When you see or hear of a sickening group like ISIL you can take one of two options: the first being, they are not currently a threat to the United States of America, so let them keep killing themselves and let the Middle East fight its own war. Or the second option is to intervene.

Now, leaving them alone and letting the Middle East handle it could entail lots of changes to American policies. For instance, track people who are flying into the U.S. see where they were and if they had been in Syria or Iraq deny them access to the Country. You could give those people in-depth extra scrutiny, but no longer can just a passport into this Country allow you immediate access.  There are many other things the government could do, in applying pressure to our so called allies to stop funding ISIL to the occasional drone attacks like we do in other Countries.

Now, if you want to intervene, what president Obama is suggesting is laughable. The DoD, past and present, has said there is no chance of this plan working without people on the ground. They also say, and I completely agree, stop saying ‘no boots on the ground.’ Don’t ever tell the enemy what you have taken off the table. Because of George Bush’s massive fuck up in not only invading Iraq but also completely mishandling the aftermath the world no longer sees the U.S. as a powerful enemy to fear. They see us as bungling idiots. Because of Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama feels he constantly has to say ‘not boots on the ground.’

President Obama is not blameless here, not in the least. Why are we, the American public, just hearing now that the government in Iraq had been systematically discriminating against and alienating the Sunni population? If that was the case why didn’t the Obama administration step in 2 years ago. And there is always the lingering question of why Obama didn’t leave the 24,000 troops in Iraq that his generals recommended. Yes, I know, Iraq objected, but, could he have tried harder.

Getting back to my point. If you are going to intervene in the current crisis you need to go big or go home. Meaning, send 500,000 American troops into Iraq, get the situation done with and bring them home. Set clear goals and a clear time table that the troops would return. Three months, 6 months. No unending commitment, just go in and do the job. Like in the early 1990s, that much American force is a game changer and will get quick results.

This half way approach is basically a handoff to the next U.S. president since the air attacks are supposed to take at least 3 years. Again, do it right or stay out of it.

I find it particularly appalling that the other Middle Eastern states won’t commit any money or ground troops. Firstly, this is their fight, it’s in their neighborhood and they have the most to be worried about. Also, the U.S. paid for most of the militaries in the region and they are rolling in money. The absolute least Saudi Arabia could do is bankroll the U.S. efforts.

Hearing the UK say that they won’t stand for this and will bring the guilty to justice, but won’t offer any help. What is that? Put up or shut up.

The last place we want to be in as a Country is where we are baited by thug terrorists who release nauseating videos. We are the most powerful nation in the world. Anything we do should be at the time of our choosing and with the strategy we see as best.

POLITICS: Can You Handle Hearing The Truth Digesting and Learning From It?

IMG_2183This is a question I ask myself of most people. Can you take in the facts and learn from them? Not dispute or argue with them, but actually have an open mind and see the world in a different light and be able to say “Yeah I was wrong?”

I think so few people can do that that it’s very unfortunate. I try to surround myself with people who are like that. We are all here to learn and none of us is always right. I am the first to admit if I am wrong, or didn’t look at an issue from enough sides. I wish others were too.

Today’s politics is a sickening example of how 99% of the people are unable to do this. To open your mind and see everything from all angles and hopefully learn from it. The zealots on the right demonize and obstruct everything president Obama tries to do. Their goal? Make his presidency a failure. As I have said in the past many many times, this kind of behavior, acting against the good of the American people, should be treated as treason. But, what it is is a close-minded political point of view that doesn’t allow for new ideas or the good of the Country.

You think it’s just the right? It’s not. The left is just as bad. Currently president Obama is floundering with his worst poll ratings since he took office. What does the left say about this? “Oh, the polls are wrong,” “the poll was biased,” “the questions asked in the poll were misleading.” This is pure bullshit. The latest ABC News – Washington Post poll found 52% of Americans feel the Obama presidency has been a failure. This, coming from one of the most respected polls in America is how people feel. Trying to dispute/discredit it shows people who don’t understand the broader world. 

It’s the close mindedness of the left and right that really piss me off. Can the right understand that their behavior is not helping the United States? Can the left understand that Mr. Obama is not seen favorably? Unfortunately the answers to these questions seems to be a resounding NO. This is tragic for the future of our Country. People so close-minded that they can’t see facts in front of them and learn from them. Grow from them. Alter policy from them. It’s a tragedy.

Whereas most people will tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to know. I am not speaking to gain followers and have no fear of losing any. I am here to point out what should be the obvious, to look at our longterm future and find suggestions to make it better for all of us. 

Now is a rare time in the world when there is so much chaos, war and economic anxiety. I believe the president’s poll ratings are so low because people don’t think he has a grasp on the domestic and global issues. Now, a poll is a moment in time. Rather than trying to say the poll is wrong a wiser course of action would be to say polls change. Open mind v closed mind. 

With all of the turmoil in the world the American economy is still the number one issue on Americans minds. Why? Economic insecurity. The official unemployment rate leaves out about 30-40 million people who aren’t counted because they aren’t ‘looking for a job.’ If you calculate this number with the official number the unemployment rate is more like 29%. Even worse, the people who have to work part time and the lack of wage growth over the last 40 years. 

Like it or not the president gets blamed or praised for the state of the economy. People blame president Obama for the economy. They don’t really understand that the close-minded GOP obstructing Obama’s plans has been a strong reason for the state of the economic anxiety. Close minded people don’t open their minds to listen to the truth, they look for information that verifies their views.

Is Obama in over his head? Does he just want to get out of the White House and go home? Or, does he have a plan to deal with the world’s problems? We don’t know because one of his known weaknesses is the lack of being able to articulate what he is doing. We saw this with ACA, we saw this with Syria 3 years ago, and we continue to see a president unable, or uninterested in, telling the Country and the world his vision for a plan. 

My hope and goal is that everyone reading this will try to open their minds and start to try thinking of a bigger picture. No, Obama does not walk on water, neither is he the anti-Christ. A challenge for Blue and Red America: pull together for the benefit of all.