POLITICS: Can You Handle Hearing The Truth Digesting and Learning From It?

IMG_2183This is a question I ask myself of most people. Can you take in the facts and learn from them? Not dispute or argue with them, but actually have an open mind and see the world in a different light and be able to say “Yeah I was wrong?”

I think so few people can do that that it’s very unfortunate. I try to surround myself with people who are like that. We are all here to learn and none of us is always right. I am the first to admit if I am wrong, or didn’t look at an issue from enough sides. I wish others were too.

Today’s politics is a sickening example of how 99% of the people are unable to do this. To open your mind and see everything from all angles and hopefully learn from it. The zealots on the right demonize and obstruct everything president Obama tries to do. Their goal? Make his presidency a failure. As I have said in the past many many times, this kind of behavior, acting against the good of the American people, should be treated as treason. But, what it is is a close-minded political point of view that doesn’t allow for new ideas or the good of the Country.

You think it’s just the right? It’s not. The left is just as bad. Currently president Obama is floundering with his worst poll ratings since he took office. What does the left say about this? “Oh, the polls are wrong,” “the poll was biased,” “the questions asked in the poll were misleading.” This is pure bullshit. The latest ABC News – Washington Post poll found 52% of Americans feel the Obama presidency has been a failure. This, coming from one of the most respected polls in America is how people feel. Trying to dispute/discredit it shows people who don’t understand the broader world. 

It’s the close mindedness of the left and right that really piss me off. Can the right understand that their behavior is not helping the United States? Can the left understand that Mr. Obama is not seen favorably? Unfortunately the answers to these questions seems to be a resounding NO. This is tragic for the future of our Country. People so close-minded that they can’t see facts in front of them and learn from them. Grow from them. Alter policy from them. It’s a tragedy.

Whereas most people will tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to know. I am not speaking to gain followers and have no fear of losing any. I am here to point out what should be the obvious, to look at our longterm future and find suggestions to make it better for all of us. 

Now is a rare time in the world when there is so much chaos, war and economic anxiety. I believe the president’s poll ratings are so low because people don’t think he has a grasp on the domestic and global issues. Now, a poll is a moment in time. Rather than trying to say the poll is wrong a wiser course of action would be to say polls change. Open mind v closed mind. 

With all of the turmoil in the world the American economy is still the number one issue on Americans minds. Why? Economic insecurity. The official unemployment rate leaves out about 30-40 million people who aren’t counted because they aren’t ‘looking for a job.’ If you calculate this number with the official number the unemployment rate is more like 29%. Even worse, the people who have to work part time and the lack of wage growth over the last 40 years. 

Like it or not the president gets blamed or praised for the state of the economy. People blame president Obama for the economy. They don’t really understand that the close-minded GOP obstructing Obama’s plans has been a strong reason for the state of the economic anxiety. Close minded people don’t open their minds to listen to the truth, they look for information that verifies their views.

Is Obama in over his head? Does he just want to get out of the White House and go home? Or, does he have a plan to deal with the world’s problems? We don’t know because one of his known weaknesses is the lack of being able to articulate what he is doing. We saw this with ACA, we saw this with Syria 3 years ago, and we continue to see a president unable, or uninterested in, telling the Country and the world his vision for a plan. 

My hope and goal is that everyone reading this will try to open their minds and start to try thinking of a bigger picture. No, Obama does not walk on water, neither is he the anti-Christ. A challenge for Blue and Red America: pull together for the benefit of all. 


3 thoughts on “POLITICS: Can You Handle Hearing The Truth Digesting and Learning From It?

  1. One very important skill that seems to be lost today is a willingness to compromise to reach decisions that benefit the majority. Politics have become so infantile that if people don’t get exactly what they want they are willing to hurt everyone else. It is time for us as a country to grow up. You are very right. There is a bigger picture.

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