If You’re Going to Do It, Do It Right ** On ISIL, Go Big or Go Home

photoSorry, had to throw in a quote from George Michael! After hearing non stop relentless coverage of ISIL and the American strategy to defeat it I am not impressed and need to speak out.

When you see or hear of a sickening group like ISIL you can take one of two options: the first being, they are not currently a threat to the United States of America, so let them keep killing themselves and let the Middle East fight its own war. Or the second option is to intervene.

Now, leaving them alone and letting the Middle East handle it could entail lots of changes to American policies. For instance, track people who are flying into the U.S. see where they were and if they had been in Syria or Iraq deny them access to the Country. You could give those people in-depth extra scrutiny, but no longer can just a passport into this Country allow you immediate access.  There are many other things the government could do, in applying pressure to our so called allies to stop funding ISIL to the occasional drone attacks like we do in other Countries.

Now, if you want to intervene, what president Obama is suggesting is laughable. The DoD, past and present, has said there is no chance of this plan working without people on the ground. They also say, and I completely agree, stop saying ‘no boots on the ground.’ Don’t ever tell the enemy what you have taken off the table. Because of George Bush’s massive fuck up in not only invading Iraq but also completely mishandling the aftermath the world no longer sees the U.S. as a powerful enemy to fear. They see us as bungling idiots. Because of Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama feels he constantly has to say ‘not boots on the ground.’

President Obama is not blameless here, not in the least. Why are we, the American public, just hearing now that the government in Iraq had been systematically discriminating against and alienating the Sunni population? If that was the case why didn’t the Obama administration step in 2 years ago. And there is always the lingering question of why Obama didn’t leave the 24,000 troops in Iraq that his generals recommended. Yes, I know, Iraq objected, but, could he have tried harder.

Getting back to my point. If you are going to intervene in the current crisis you need to go big or go home. Meaning, send 500,000 American troops into Iraq, get the situation done with and bring them home. Set clear goals and a clear time table that the troops would return. Three months, 6 months. No unending commitment, just go in and do the job. Like in the early 1990s, that much American force is a game changer and will get quick results.

This half way approach is basically a handoff to the next U.S. president since the air attacks are supposed to take at least 3 years. Again, do it right or stay out of it.

I find it particularly appalling that the other Middle Eastern states won’t commit any money or ground troops. Firstly, this is their fight, it’s in their neighborhood and they have the most to be worried about. Also, the U.S. paid for most of the militaries in the region and they are rolling in money. The absolute least Saudi Arabia could do is bankroll the U.S. efforts.

Hearing the UK say that they won’t stand for this and will bring the guilty to justice, but won’t offer any help. What is that? Put up or shut up.

The last place we want to be in as a Country is where we are baited by thug terrorists who release nauseating videos. We are the most powerful nation in the world. Anything we do should be at the time of our choosing and with the strategy we see as best.


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