President Obama a War Criminal? ** The White House Not Secure** Still Too Big To Fail

IMG_2194Kinda seems like the world is in complete chaos right now. Is there any where on earth where things are going well? From Russia and Ukraine, Syria/Iraq/ISIL, fence jumpers getting deep into the White  House and recently revealed from 2011 another intruder shot 11 bullets some going into the Presidential residence to banks that are still around, still too big to fail and still no investigation into exactly what happened in the crash and meltdown of 2008.

The Wall Street Journal says the crash of 2008 was more severe than the Great Depression. That tidbit of news was ignored by all media outlets.

The latest screaming allegation, from Democrats, is that Barack Obama has committed war crimes, just as George W. Bush did, by invading and bombing Syria without a UN resolution. However convoluted Bush’s invasion of Iraq was, he had strong backing of both branches of Congress. Mr. Obama has not chosen to call Congress back for an immediate vote on authorizing our efforts in Syria. Why? I don’t know, most likely it’s political. That being the worst reason in the world to go to war. Is Obama a war criminal, was Bush, I don’t know I am not a constitutional lawyer. I’d love to hear from one.

What is one to think when the Generals past/present from the DoD say that a) ISIL is not a threat to the United States of America and b) The plan of bombing alone will never result in victory? Whose idea is this?

Why are we all screaming about the threat from ISIL when the intelligence says they pose no threat. Why do we hear from the intelligence community that the threat of ISIL was told to the President over a year ago, and we hear from Mr. Obama the other night on 60 Minutes that the intelligence was faulty and inaccurate?

Doesn’t leave one with much confidence in anyone.

Then we have the very disturbing news of someone jumping the fence at the White House and getting deep into the mansion. Why did the Secret Service feel the need to outright lie to us, telling us that the intruder was tackled immediately upon entering the mansion; when in fact he got all the way to the East Room. The White House should be the most secure place in the Country. We have a President who has unfairly been accused of everything that has gone on, including the weather, and the White House isn’t secure?

That is completely and totally unacceptable.

So, it does seem like we really have a world at war. Any and every place is in turbulence or violence or threat of disease. Then, today’s New York Times has an article about the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the catalysts of the financial crash and meltdown of 2008 that cost so many so much.

Since that crash we have seen no investigations. We have seen no one jailed. We have done nothing to prevent it happening again. That, to me, is a disgrace. We should know what caused it to happen, how to prevent it and charge those that were behind so many trillions of dollars of wealth that disappeared. Why hasn’t this happened?

And today, 6 years later the biggest anxiety of the American public is the economy and keeping their jobs. It is obvious that there is no one looking out for the American people and their future interests. I think two voices have been heard wanting to make real change: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

My challenge to you is to think about what would make our world a better place and do you see anyone trying to do that? I don’t. We need major change and it doesn’t come from drinking the kool-aid, it comes from having the right people in place.

Let’s change this. It’s us, and only we can make it better. Let’s do it!


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