It Could Have Been Camelot 2, What Went So Drastically Wrong?

UnknownJackie Kennedy was brilliant, in her way, as shaping the legacy of JKF’s time in office as glamorous, the perfect time in history and something we should all long for in the future. She was asked shortly after the assassination, how she would describe the thousand days that President Kennedy was in office. Instead of answering, she said there was a song Jack always loved; from Camelot. Jackie wrote the everlasting impression of that time period. As we know from the years to come, Mrs. Kennedy was a master at using the media for her benefit and also the benefit of others.

2008 comes along, the American people are shell-shocked about what’s going on with the economy. We are in the midst of 2 failing wars and everyone is frozen; not knowing what to do.

As we know, 2008 was a presidential election year. It was presumed that Hillary Clinton would win. She had everything going for her, but one fatal error. Out comes Barack Obama who ends up winning not only the nomination but the election. Having Teddy and Caroline Kennedy both compare him to JFK had a huge impact. A young attractive couple, a man with lots of goals to better the Country and set it on a new path were extremely helpful in his winning the election. Probably more important was Hillary’s vote on the Iraq war. That vote lost her the presidency.

I should note here that the Bush administration did a brilliant job convincing the public of the looming threat from Saddam.  Mr. Bush deliberately held a vote in Congress right before a political election. What no one knew at the time was Mr. Bush wasn’t being honest with the American people; including Mrs. Clinton.

So, January 2009 was such an exciting time for our Country. Could it be Camelot 2? Barack Obama really started his presidency the day he was elected. He was in full force with the economy, trying to stop a second Great Depression. But that day, January 20, 2009 was invigorating. It felt like our Country was moving forward. We had elected an African American president, with a young attractive family and Mr. Obama was already working to fix our severe economic problems.

Everything seemed possible and positive that day. To most of us.

At that time the GOP was thought to be a party that was in free for all and wouldn’t survive. What we didn’t know at the time was that they were planning their comeback. They had no interest in what was best for the American public, they enacted a scorched earth policy to regain power. Mitch McConnell even said publicly that the main goal of the GOP was to make President Obama a one term president. He said this as the stock market was dropping almost in half. As the economy was in severe economic crisis. He and the GOP wanted to defeat Obama, not help the Country. As I have said many times, I see this as nothing short of treason.

Over the years the economic meltdown had devastating consequences. More and more people lost jobs, lost unemployment insurance. The next few years were miserable for many Americans. Every attempt Mr. Obama made for more stimulus, more job creation was obstructed by the GOP/tea party in Congress. They didn’t care about the American people, they just wanted the President to fail.

As more years went by many more jobs were created and the unemployment rate fell dramatically. What few people realize is that the newly created jobs payed much less than the jobs that were lost and a huge amount of those new jobs were part time. Why has the unemployment rate dropped so much? Because if you are a person who wants a job but are too discouraged to look you aren’t counted as unemployed. The Wall Street Journal has estimated that there are some 40 – 50 million people who fall in this category. That alone is devastating for the future of our Country. When you add in that the newly created jobs pay less and aren’t full time you must realize the devastating situation the U.S. is in today.

Where did it all go wrong? From a possible Camelot 2 to a crippling economy that both the news media and the White House ignore. Did Obama give up on Congress too soon? Did the tea party sink the economy? Is Mr. Obama just not the right personality fit for a POTUS?

And then there is race. Are the GOP trying to marginalize everything President Obama does because they want to regain power or because they can’t stand the thought of a Black man being POTUS? Or, both?

I saw a student from Harvard College on Bill Maher last night talking about why her generation doesn’t vote. Her response was very telling. She said that our government is controlled by outside interests and her generation doesn’t feel like who they would vote for would matter. Think about that. You know what? I feel the same way sometimes. Too many special interest groups have more power than what the American people want.

It’s time for all of us to stand up and take our Country back. We need to keep this Country a democracy and not a plutocracy. It will be a long hard fight. But we can do it!


Can the Pope Make Religion Relevant In The 21st Century?


I see lots of people who go to church every Sunday and I also see many people who think organized religion is evil and the cause of most every war.

Religion is one of those things people are never supposed to talk about. Yet, here I am, opening it up to a full and complete debate.

I see many who go to church on Sundays, listen to sermons, then feel good about themselves for having gone and listened. I see many people who cherry pick from the Bible to decide their beliefs. Divorce is ok, gay marriage a deal breaker. Worse yet, I see many preachers like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and many others preach hatred and discrimination against those they don’t approve. This is for gay people, divorce, adultery, working on Sunday, etc, they can all live with. Gays? That crosses their line. Falwell said at the time the 9/11 attacks were due to gays being out of control.

Helping the poor and needy? Never. Looking out for others? Why?

Then, out of nowhere comes the new Pope Francis with shocking statements to those had given up on any modernity in religion. Be more inclusive? Stop focusing on greed and self gratification and focus on the needy? End war? Treat people equally? Encourage all to participate? Foreign words in the United States.

Now, today, the Pope and Vatican are saying to accept gays. To accept divorce. This in itself is a revolutionary stance to take. When just yesterday the so-called religious man Mike Huckabee said ‘people should stiffen their spine and be more anti gay.’ This man is disgusting, promoting hatred, basically condoning violence. Why is he given a platform to listen to his ignorant opinions?

Is the Pope turning his back on Church Doctrine or is he adapting it for a new world? He is adapting it for a new world. People no longer want to discriminate against others. The Pope is spreading the word of inclusiveness and community. Greed is not good. Help others when you can. Treat everyone with the same respect you want to be treated with. Don’t objectify the rich and successful and shame those in poverty. And, certainly, don’t go to church on Sundays to make yourself feel better.

The world is changing and it’s nice to see a world leader like the Pope embracing the change to invite new people into his following. Long life and good health is my wish for him. My wish for everyone else? Open your minds and learn from him.

Panetta, Obama, Gates, Clinton ** War ** What Is The Best Path Forward?

LRAs everyone knows Leon Panetta has written a book that is highly critical of President Obama’s decision to leave Iraq, his not wanting to hear recommendations from the military and just wanting to ‘get out.’

It surprised me, although I know it shouldn’t, that so many DEMS  dismissed Panetta’s observation as a ploy to sell books. This, to me, is close-minded thinking which I thought the DEMS were above that. You can’t listen to a 40 year loyal public servant, who had lead the Pentagon and the CIA? You think he would tarnish his impeccable reputation for the sale of a few more books? That just blows my mind.

To me, smart people look at every angle, look to see how they can improve, look to see how to make the Country more secure. In my mind people need to stop thinking Obama walks on water and can do no wrong. When you have a strong message like this from an insider it’s time to learn what can be done better. It really shouldn’t be political, but that is a pipe dream and will never happen. And, people who don’t want to know anymore information just go back to their partisan base.

This is a tragedy for our Country; now and in the future. We must learn from successes and failures. We are one Nation and we all want to be safe and secure. Villainizing disagreements will in the end only hurt us.

What Mr. Panetta wrote echoes what Bob Gates, Ryan Crocker and Hillary Clinton have said. If you can’t listen to the top security team around a president, who can you listen to? No one. Open your minds.

What Sec Panetta has said is that President Obama and his team were so eager to get out of Iraq that they ignored the military’s advice of leaving 24K troops in the Country and also the Obama administration abandoned political ties with Iraq. Those are both devastating accusations. Now we hear that the Prime Minister of Iraq was marginalizing the Sunni population, much like Saddam had with the Shia. Where was the United States to help change this?

My goal is for peace in the Middle East and peace everywhere in the world. Ignoring glaring mistakes will never get us there. What if, as the military recommended, Obama left those 24,000 troops. What if those troops were able to squash ISIL immediately and the U.S. didn’t have to go to yet another war and invade yet another Muslim State?

This is the entire point of this piece. Learn from mistakes, understand what is going on and get what will make our Country safer in the future. If you can’t imagine Mr. Obama being wrong you should consider yourself as intelligent as the tea party.

The Left and Right both need to drop their partisan leanings and deal directly with what will make our Country safe, economically stable and not be at war with each other.

The White Woman Who Got The Wrong Sperm And Now Has A Black Child

Image 10I had the most interesting conversation in my elevator of my apartment building with a woman who is a lead reporter for one of the top 3 TV News Networks, on this subject.

She told me that she had personally spoken with the mother of this baby. She also informed me that this baby is over 2 years old. So, why the lawsuit now?

I’ve never been with a woman I wanted to have kids with and know very little about how the entire situation works. But, from what I have heard from tidbits on TV over the last many years, I do know that when women, or couples choose a sperm donor they have lots of choices.

I know that they can pick from donors who went to Ivy League Colleges, what their heights, weights and family medical history are. This doesn’t mean the child will have any/all of the attributes of the donor, but logic would say it’s more likely that they would rather than wouldn’t.

So, when I first heard of this story and read briefly about it I thought of Doris Duke. The billionaire heiress who inherited the largest tobacco fortune in history; and her predilection for Hawaiian men, and having still births of babies that weren’t as ‘white’ as she was.

Back to the case at issue. I learned today from the reporter in my building that the woman who is suing, her child is over two years old. To me, that makes no sense at all. As I do think you should get what you pay for, you should get the exact donor you chose, but suing 2 years later is not the way it should be.

If the mother in question had a problem with this situation, as soon as she learned about it she should have taken action. Whether they can tell race in the womb I don’t know. But if the baby was born TWO years ago and the mother filed no claim, she has no right to now.

As I said, everyone has a right to receive exactly what they order and are paying for. It is much easier when dealing with ordering in food than a human being. But, this woman has lost total respect in my analysis by waiting two years to file a claim. Sounds like it’s all about money.

To the woman in question, from me: drop your lawsuit today. It will only serve to cause your daughter pain in her life in the future. If you and your partner are having financial difficulties, find another way to solve them. Look for the best interest in your child.

I really wish more and all parents could put their children’s best interest first, most don’t. They don’t know how to.