The White Woman Who Got The Wrong Sperm And Now Has A Black Child

Image 10I had the most interesting conversation in my elevator of my apartment building with a woman who is a lead reporter for one of the top 3 TV News Networks, on this subject.

She told me that she had personally spoken with the mother of this baby. She also informed me that this baby is over 2 years old. So, why the lawsuit now?

I’ve never been with a woman I wanted to have kids with and know very little about how the entire situation works. But, from what I have heard from tidbits on TV over the last many years, I do know that when women, or couples choose a sperm donor they have lots of choices.

I know that they can pick from donors who went to Ivy League Colleges, what their heights, weights and family medical history are. This doesn’t mean the child will have any/all of the attributes of the donor, but logic would say it’s more likely that they would rather than wouldn’t.

So, when I first heard of this story and read briefly about it I thought of Doris Duke. The billionaire heiress who inherited the largest tobacco fortune in history; and her predilection for Hawaiian men, and having still births of babies that weren’t as ‘white’ as she was.

Back to the case at issue. I learned today from the reporter in my building that the woman who is suing, her child is over two years old. To me, that makes no sense at all. As I do think you should get what you pay for, you should get the exact donor you chose, but suing 2 years later is not the way it should be.

If the mother in question had a problem with this situation, as soon as she learned about it she should have taken action. Whether they can tell race in the womb I don’t know. But if the baby was born TWO years ago and the mother filed no claim, she has no right to now.

As I said, everyone has a right to receive exactly what they order and are paying for. It is much easier when dealing with ordering in food than a human being. But, this woman has lost total respect in my analysis by waiting two years to file a claim. Sounds like it’s all about money.

To the woman in question, from me: drop your lawsuit today. It will only serve to cause your daughter pain in her life in the future. If you and your partner are having financial difficulties, find another way to solve them. Look for the best interest in your child.

I really wish more and all parents could put their children’s best interest first, most don’t. They don’t know how to.


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