Panetta, Obama, Gates, Clinton ** War ** What Is The Best Path Forward?

LRAs everyone knows Leon Panetta has written a book that is highly critical of President Obama’s decision to leave Iraq, his not wanting to hear recommendations from the military and just wanting to ‘get out.’

It surprised me, although I know it shouldn’t, that so many DEMS  dismissed Panetta’s observation as a ploy to sell books. This, to me, is close-minded thinking which I thought the DEMS were above that. You can’t listen to a 40 year loyal public servant, who had lead the Pentagon and the CIA? You think he would tarnish his impeccable reputation for the sale of a few more books? That just blows my mind.

To me, smart people look at every angle, look to see how they can improve, look to see how to make the Country more secure. In my mind people need to stop thinking Obama walks on water and can do no wrong. When you have a strong message like this from an insider it’s time to learn what can be done better. It really shouldn’t be political, but that is a pipe dream and will never happen. And, people who don’t want to know anymore information just go back to their partisan base.

This is a tragedy for our Country; now and in the future. We must learn from successes and failures. We are one Nation and we all want to be safe and secure. Villainizing disagreements will in the end only hurt us.

What Mr. Panetta wrote echoes what Bob Gates, Ryan Crocker and Hillary Clinton have said. If you can’t listen to the top security team around a president, who can you listen to? No one. Open your minds.

What Sec Panetta has said is that President Obama and his team were so eager to get out of Iraq that they ignored the military’s advice of leaving 24K troops in the Country and also the Obama administration abandoned political ties with Iraq. Those are both devastating accusations. Now we hear that the Prime Minister of Iraq was marginalizing the Sunni population, much like Saddam had with the Shia. Where was the United States to help change this?

My goal is for peace in the Middle East and peace everywhere in the world. Ignoring glaring mistakes will never get us there. What if, as the military recommended, Obama left those 24,000 troops. What if those troops were able to squash ISIL immediately and the U.S. didn’t have to go to yet another war and invade yet another Muslim State?

This is the entire point of this piece. Learn from mistakes, understand what is going on and get what will make our Country safer in the future. If you can’t imagine Mr. Obama being wrong you should consider yourself as intelligent as the tea party.

The Left and Right both need to drop their partisan leanings and deal directly with what will make our Country safe, economically stable and not be at war with each other.


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