Changes Needed for Voting to Help American Democracy Part II

election101-logo1A lot has happened since I wrote part one of this series. Most of what happened proved my points in spades from part one. As everyone knows, the voter turn out for the 2014 mid term elections was the lowest in 72 years.

I have seen so many so called high and mighty DEMS ridicule and chastise those that didn’t vote and saying they are getting what they deserve with a GOP majority in Congress. I have seen many of these so called armchair pundits say that those that didn’t vote are “whiny” and their opinions aren’t valid.

This is the most blatantly irresponsible and self righteous response that is making matters worse. To those of you that think the people who didn’t show up to vote are lazy, whiny and deserve what they get from elections are not only missing the point but are also ignorant and part of the basic problem in this Country.

Yes, voter turn out was abysmal, but if you just point fingers and say, well I voted you should have too. You are completely missing the point and creating an atmosphere that will doom the electorate.

An intelligent person asks the questions that need to be asked; without judgment. Why didn’t people vote? Why didn’t young people vote. Listen to what they say. Learn from what they say. Get off your alleged high moral ground and deal with reality the way it is and try to change it. Preaching to people turns them off, turns them away.

What we have heard and learned is that people didn’t vote because they see that neither party speaks to them. Neither party addresses their day to day issues and concerns. So, in their reality, why vote? Both parties will let you down in one major way or another so why come and vote.

This question is essential to the very fabric of our democracy. When people feel like their vote doesn’t matter you risk losing the core of how our Country was founded, how it prospered.

Why does a candidate like Barack Obama, who seemed like the perfect voice of the people bail out banks and large corporations but doesn’t help the actual people whose lives were destroyed in 2008 with the Housing and Financial Meltdown. If you can’t trust someone like him to be on your side, whom exactly would you trust?

Enough of the ‘Happy Talk’ the American people are suffering and suffering big time. We hear about the job growth, we hear about the GDP, we see the stock market at record highs. So, why are the American people, by a percentage of 91, so anxious about the economy. Our president tells us that is because the people haven’t felt the gains yet. That’s total bullshit. The American people are not stupid, they are practically screaming about how they feel unsure.

Why do they feel unsure after the longest job creation in the nations history? It would be nice if we heard the truth from our leaders, but we don’t. The reason no one feels better about the economy, the reason the economy and jobs have been top priority for the American people since 2008 is because of what kind of jobs are actually being created.

The jobs that are being created now are about equal with full and part time jobs. There are 72 million people forced into working part time jobs because there are no full time jobs to be found. Most of the full time jobs that are being created are in the hospitality and healthcare fields. Both extremely low paying. Why are people anxious? Why do they feel their vote doesn’t matter? Because the people are being force fed a load of crap. They know there are almost no good paying full time jobs out there. They are forced into working low paying jobs and or part time jobs. It’s not that the people haven’t felt the gains in the economy. It’s that they have had no gains.

One would hope the new GOP majority in Congress would come in and address this issue immediately and win over all of the anxious people about the employment situation. But, no. The GOP wants to start by repealing ACA. A complete waste of time since Obama will veto it. Again, adding to the peoples disillusionment of our government, Another example of the power elite not caring about the public in general.

You wonder why people don’t show up to vote? Wonder no more. DEMS and GOP have both failed the American public. So, many look at the situation and say what difference does it make. When 72% of the public doesn’t show up to vote this should sound extremely loud alarm signals.

But, unfortunately it doesn’t. So, the next time you want to feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back for voting don’t. Think about the people who didn’t vote and understand why they didn’t. If you think they are whiny and don’t understand, it’s you that has it all wrong. And you are the problem.

The best voting reform is getting people to vote. In order to get people to vote they need to see that their vote means something. It’s up to us to not point fingers and partake in name calling, but to hold elected officials to their promises so people know it does matter if they vote.


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