The United States Political System Is So Broken It Might Never Be Fixable

IMG_1327I really like politics. I like hearing different ideas of how to make our Country a better place to live in. I like hearing how both the left and right want to pave a path to a better future for our fellow Americans.

This is about the exact opposite of what is going on in this Country of ours. ‘Politics’ has changed from a way to make the citizens lives better to the other meaning of ‘politics’ which is how to out maneuver your opponents. How to make yourself and your party look better with absolutely no regard for the ramifications those actions have on every day working people.

This observation and analysis is directed at everyone in todays’ political world. DEMS have used many of the same tactics that the GOP has to stop their nemesis’s. But, in the history of The United States of America there has never been such negligent behavior from the party not in power to simply ruin the party, and the parties President as we have witnessed for the past six years.  Never have we seen an opposing party, the GOP, have a scorched earth policy to demean and discredit the President; while at the same time making life for hard working or unemployed people even more difficult.

The goal of the GOP has been to make President Obama a failure. The GOP has blocked unlimited numbers of job creation bills which has led to the extremely weak economy we have now. The GOP motivation? Lynch President Obama. The 10s of millions of unemployed and even more underemployed were of no interest to the GOP.

Now, I am completely aware that the DEMS when not in power were no angles. But the Democratic party seems to always have the best interest of the Country as a whole as their baseline. Who passed TARP, the bill that kind of avoided another Great Depression? The DEMS working together with a GOP President for the good of the Country.

It sickens me to see the fringe rightwing conservative nut jobs saying anything they can to gain attention. They aren’t saying, ‘how can we make the Country better for all’ no, they are saying how can we never compromise and have no interest in other peoples’ suffering. To me, this is sickening.

People are not on welfare or food stamps because life is a dream when living well below the poverty level. Yes, some people do abuse the system. But, for the most part, the vast majority want to be able to find a job where they can support their families.

How can this all change? Is it too late? I honestly don’t know. In my lifetime it seems every year things get worse for people in need. People who want to contribute to society, want to do it on their own. This is very difficult when you have a GOP party that blocks all help for people that are in need. And, don’t forget what I am saying, these people are in need of a chance to make it on their own. To have an income where they can live the ‘American Dream.’ The GOP needs to understand these people can’t find jobs; there are no jobs. No one wants to live on government assistance.

Can this all be changed? Can we as a Country put out to help out those in need so they can be contributing members of society – members that pay their taxes, don’t have to have government assistance and their earnings will help reduce our long term debt. When you have one party that actively resists the efforts to help people when they are in need; and so short sighted not to know the longterm benefits of having those same people doing well, feeling good AND reducing longterm debt it is hard to see how things can get better.

Today, right now, I am disgusted with our political process. There is so much change needed. Hillary is criticized for her speaking fees; when her husband, Ronald Reagan and many others weren’t. This is not a sign of a Country that’s moving forward. It’s a sign of a Country with double standards for men and women. Not to mention the entire Ferguson debacle where the Country is focused on past race relations. But, never a way to move forward.

Today I am disgusted with my Country. I would love to be proven wrong and see things get better for all. I am waiting for that day.


One thought on “The United States Political System Is So Broken It Might Never Be Fixable

  1. Amend the constitution: amendment 28 – 1 senator for each state – serve 4 year term – 1 class – all to be elected every 4th year at the general election — amendment 29 – No more than 217 Representatives – 1 class – to be elected every 4th year at the general election . — Repeal 1929 apportionment act – it is unconstitutional as it did not amend the constitution. — shows the above in fine detail. Non Partisan Non political — the millennial & y2k generations will eventually make these amendment changes

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