Does Anyone Listen to the Entire Story, Or Just What You Want To Hear?

IMG_2182To me it seems like most people listen only to the headline, or the headline they want to hear and not the entire story. Not the background behind the story and what can be done in the future to improve things for the American people.

Right now I am specifically talking about the economy of the United States. I see so many people posting how far we have come, how good things are, all because of President Obama. To me, this is overkill. If people felt good about the current state of the economy there would be no need to post accomplishments every 15 minutes.

I, for one, hope the latest round of statistics are true. That the U.S. is on solid footing to finally recover from the devastating crash of 2008. That crash was, according to The Wall Street Journal, worse than the crash from the the Great Depression in the 1920/1930s. That is in itself is almost impossible to imagine. But, it’s true.

The relentless posturing from the Left about how spectacular the recovery has been is not only out of touch it’s incorrect. Like I said, if everything was great, no one would have to say it.

You have to look deeper. You can’t listen to the talking points and not do more research. Yes, we have had unprecedented job creation. But, you need to ask what kind of jobs were created? What kind of salary do those jobs have? Are they full or part time jobs? If you don’t ask and know the answers to these questions, you really don’t know what is going on in the economy.

Unfortunately, up until now, the jobs created are low paying and part time jobs. That doesn’t help the average person. The ‘unprecedented’ growth and economic boom has almost entirely gone to the top 1% of the Country. This also does not help the average person trying to get by.

Why does everyone make this about President Obama? In general, job growth and the economy have very little to do with a sitting president. Yes, things seem to have improved since Mr. Obama was sworn into office in 2009, but you have to ask yourself why things have improved. And whom they improved for. That’s the key.

Seventy percent of the Country is unhappy and wants a change in direction for the future. This is not good news for any Democrats nor president Obama. So, rather than bragging about how different things are today from 2009 we must see to, and make sure that the gains go to the right people.

I have always been against any kind of wealth distribution. I don’t think it’s right or part of the American values. However, I do believe that those who have been more fortunate should pay a larger share in taxes. Yes, if your income was in the 7 or 10 figure category part of it should be taxed at 90%.

We need to make sure everyone prospers from good economic news and real life figures. It helps no one if our GDP is 5% but the bulk majority of the gains go to billionaires. You need the working people to earn more. That will actually drive and stimulate the economy. Our GDP comes 70% from consumer spending. If consumers aren’t spending, the economy isn’t growing and no new jobs will be created.

My biggest hope for 2015 is that the current economic numbers continue to grow. Instead of bragging about President Obama’s accomplishments, I’d rather see people, policy makers, future politicians, focus on how we can continue to have a thriving middle class. I want to hear ideas, proposals and solutions. Saying the stock market doubled is very unimpressive for anyone that knows about finances. When the market dropped in half most knew it would recover. Many made a fortune knowing what would happen.

We are at a crossroads now. We can either rest on the laurels of President Obama and let someone from the GOP swoop in and take the White House. Or, we can stop the happy talk and find some one who will take all of the country forward to a prosperous and enlightened future.

It’s our choice. Speak the truth and make a plan for better days; or watch someone in the GOP do it.


One thought on “Does Anyone Listen to the Entire Story, Or Just What You Want To Hear?

  1. Hi Andrew. Great post! I am not a redistributionist either, but I liked your point about tax rates for the top few percentage earners. Tax rates used to be much higher, say in the Reagan era, and the rich for still fabulously wealthy, but we had money for infrastructure and education. Good jobs existed for the middle class, and a family could actually live on one salary, so that someone could raise the children. So many families are caught right now in a spot where they need two incomes, but even with two of the current jobs, they cannot afford childcare. We need some people in government (You are right, any president cannot do it alone…), whether they are Democrat or Republican, who care enough about the country and the people in it to move away from the big money and to make policy changes that will allow a resurgence of the middle class.

    The way things are trending, we are becoming a country with a permanent upper class, and much as I hate to say it, serfs, with just a small professional/merchant class between. This should sound familiar. It is what many of our forebears left behind when they came to this country a few generations ago…

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