More Changes To Our Electoral Process To Add Fairness and More Participants

IMG_2044As I have outlined in other postings, I think much needs to change in order for the United States of America to be a truly democratic place.

It is far from it now. We are owned and controlled by billionaires, big business, big companies and lobbyists. We are living in a world that is called an Oligarchy: where the rich run the world and the rest play by the rules.

All money out of politics would help drastically. The ending of gerrymandering districts and voter restriction would be completely necessary.

Today I want to discuss a few other things. What I wrote above is extremely essential to a better place for all, and I want it all addressed. Now I am talking about our outdated political process. The primaries in specific.

As I have said, many times, our primary schedule needs to change. Immediately. We have a pathetic process where the same states, year after year, decade after decade, get to be the ones to choose, narrow down, the nominees. In concept this isn’t a bad idea. What is a devastating concept is that it is the exact same states, every decade, century, that gets to decide on candidates.

Why is this so? I can’t think of any fathomable reason why. Why, on earth, would Iowa get such a big decision in this process? Then New Hampshire? Why? As I have said many times before: who are they to decide what the rest of the American people want? More deeply, having a set schedule allows would be and potential candidates to troll these states for years before any primaries.

Is this democracy? Not in my book. The times/dates/schedules of the primaries should be changed every election. Let Nevada, New York, California, Connecticut be the first to decide. The way we have it now is a mockery of hearing the voices of the people. We need more input from other sources to make a good decision.

Changing the order would be huge. No more Iowa Steak Fries 2 years before a presidential campaign. Come to Massachusetts and see how you fare. I want this changed immediately.

Other things that need to change for a more representative president? Let’s start with getting rid of the electoral college. It serves no purpose. Presidents should win a majority of the people’s vote; otherwise we end up with George W. Bush.

Next, change the architecture of the Senate. Replace 2 Senators per state to an equation where the number of Senators per state has to do with the population per state. In a true democracy majority should rule. It doesn’t today and that is a smear on our Country.

Start with these simple and easy measures to make a better democracy. As these go, we will learn more about what changes need to be taken next.

By doing what I have outlines above we can change our Country for the better; we can also, by example, change the World for the better.


2 thoughts on “More Changes To Our Electoral Process To Add Fairness and More Participants

  1. Changing Senate would require a constitutional amendment. Changing primary process bucks tradition and is even harder to achieve.

    1. This series of pieces deals with how to strengthen our democracy, remove unfair advantages, and to have more people participate in the process. It’s time we did buck many traditions, what we have now is broken.

      Easy? No. Doable? Absolutely

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