Lack of Voter Turn Out? The Reason Might Surprise You

BESTPIX  Homelessness Reaches All-Time Record In New York CityI hear so many people on social media talking about voter apathy, lack of voter turnout. How, if only all the Dems turned out to vote everything would be better. I hear many belittle the people who don’t turn out to vote, as if all they can do is stand on a perch and lecture how the people who don’t turn out are the ones responsible for the state of American politics.

I see this view as both naive and incorrect. I see the lack of turnout as the people of this Country saying ‘it doesn’t matter who wins, everything remains the same.’ Both parties are owned by donors, special interest groups and our laws are written by lobbyists.

Case in point: Barack Obama, who we all originally thought had the best of intentions for helping the American public, the middle class, people in poverty has proven to do the exact opposite. Mr. Obama’s recent tax proposal, which included closing loopholes was really a sham. He left all of the loopholes open for his biggest donors. How is that helping the average American? It’s not. Obama’s new trade deal he is working on will cause Americans a great deal of harm in the future.

So, president Obama has sold himself to the highest bidder. His behind the scenes mega-rich donors. How would Mitt Romney have been any worse? It’s hard to say if he would have been.

But, voter turnout out for presidential elections is far higher than for midterms and Congress. If you look at the state of Congress over the last 5 years it is pretty simple to see why people don’t turn out to vote. Congress is a global disgrace with nothing getting done to help the American people. Instead the body is filled with people who have only their own interests in mind; their jobs, their donors and their viability to run for higher office.

President Obama did a fantastic job in getting people out to vote in 2008 and 2012. His contribution to our society will have positive long lasting benefits. His standing up for gay rights and equality had been unheard of. Flash back to the 1980s when Ronald Reagan wouldn’t do a thing to fight the spreading of AIDS; he wouldn’t even say the word AIDS out loud until 1987. Yes, Reagan is one of the primary reason for the global spread of AIDS. He did nothing because this was just a disease gay people got. Wrong. Contrast that with Obama’s stance for gay rights, equal rights for all.

But, election Obama wasn’t enough. The Congress is where the trouble is. Congress is where all bills go to die. Everyone mistakenly says that Obama had a supermajority his first term in office. This is absolutely incorrect. With the death of Teddy Kennedy in August of 2009 there was no more supermajority.

What no one knew at the time was that the GOP had a plan, a scorched earth approach to destroying Mr. Obama. Their only goal was, and still is, to make President Obama’s term in office a failure.

You ask why people don’t show up to vote? I believe many see no difference in the slight majority of GOP or DEM in Congress. Everything is filibustered, everything is stalled, nothing moves forward. I think most Americans feel screwed over by both parties so their ‘get out to vote’ motivation isn’t too high.

Now, what I am saying is an opinion I have of why potential voters don’t turn out. I have done no scientific studies that prove this hypothesis; however, to me this makes complete sense.

Our government is broken. So many changes need to be made. When 20 radical right-wingers in the House are able to bring the government to a halt you should know something is wrong. Very wrong.

I can think of about a million changes I would make, from voting by mail to no midterms, to  completely updating the way our government runs. Unfortunately, I am not a dictator that can make these changes and the very people that can makes changes, Congress, has no interest in change. We need to make changes in order to get more people engaged enough to want to vote.

Next time you belittle people for not going out and voting, ask yourself, is the system working for them? Is there any reason or motivation for them to vote? Look at the problem at the very root, not from your Ivory Tower


Fame Money Addiction Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Death


Whitney-Houston-R.I.P The tragic news of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, being found in a bathtub face down in the water was tragically horrify to learn about. As we all know, Whitney was found face down in a bathtub three years ago, dead. Her daughter is still alive, and I know everyone hopes she will fully recover. That’s my hope.

Addiction is something we don’t know enough about. Yes, we say it’s a ‘disease’ but what do we do about it. How do we help people who are suffering with it. I think much much more research needs to be done in this field. We need an answer for the question of why some people can kick an addiction and others can’t. Willpower is not the answer.

With Michael and Whitney, I believe they experienced something very few people on earth have experienced. Fame. Infamy. Wealth beyond belief. Success. Their every move watched, analyzed, reported on, rumored about.

I think no one knows what it’s like to be a global celebrity and all that entails. I know I certainly don’t. I can come and go and do as I please, the only people who might notice are my doormen, and I am sure they have more  interesting things to watch.

It sickened me a few weeks ago to see that there was a Lifetime movie on the life of Whitney Houston. Why? Because a movie about her life on some lame channel, for the purposes of profit, won’t do anyone any good. We all know the tragic ending. That’s not what we need to learn about.

What we need to explore and learn more about is the devastating impact on a person who is a global celebrity. What their lives are like; their anxieties are, what it’s like to have that. Like I said, I don’t think anyone could understand it until they have experienced it. But, maybe we could all be educated as to what it’s really like. Celebrities don’t live like you and I do. What sounds like vast, endless supplies of money can easily be spent by lifestyles we don’t know. We don’t need security; publicists, managers, stylists, etc.

Celebrity thrust upon someone is something we need to understand more. Yes, performers are public people, yes they put themselves out there. But, once there very few know the intense pressures. Whereas most people worry about employment, mortgage or car payments celebrities have none of those issues. But they have their own unique challenges we should know more about.

Both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died of drug overdoses after being longterm drug addicts. Both of their families had many interventions to try to help them get off the drugs they were abusing. Neither family was successful. But, what we have to understand is what it’s like to be a global superstar. Especially for someone like Michael who had been a household name since childhood.

More must be done to understand about addiction. It’s not just the rich and famous who suffer from it. It is also the people who can’t afford their rent/car/child payments. Knowing that the lack of money is not the reason for plunging into a life of drugs should really tell us a lot. Many people want to get break from their lives; you just never think it would be a global, very wealthy superstar.

The reason we need more answers on addiction is because of the unthought of casualties like Bobbi Kristina. But there are many more. The people who were briefly on top then saw their careers sink. No, maybe they didn’t try to end their lives, but knowledge would help all.

The reason the Lifetime movie about Whitney nauseates me is because it’s about the wrong topics. What we need to know is what it’s like to be a young girl and have world wide attention on everything you do. What it’s like to not be able to kick the addiction.

I want to see a deeply investigated and researched documentary on these topics. It could help so many people. In the meantime let’s keep our thoughts with Bobbi Kristina and her recovery.