What Would It Be Like If The U.S. Turned Out The Way The Founding Fathers Wanted


Everything in politics is such a mess, I can’t even imagine if this Country turned out how the ‘Founding Fathers’ wanted it to. When I say it’s a mess, I mean that most, if not all, of the entire government has been bought and paid for and has no interest in the good of the American people.

In the days of the Founding Fathers the behavior that goes on today would be called treason and people would be put to death for it.

Country first isn’t just an old campaign slogan of John McCain’s it is actually how this Country was intended to operate. At no point in the history of this Country was the intention for political gains and self interest to be encouraged, accepted or tolerated.

The goal was to have checks and balances and people in government being trusted to work for the American people. To help improve their lives, to make the U.S. the strongest Country on earth.

What we have seen lately is a complete disgrace to those Founding Fathers and to our entire Country. When you have one party, the GOP, outwardly trying to embarrass the President of the United States? When that same party won’t sign off on a child sex trafficking act until a non related anti abortion act is agreed to; and will let child sex trafficking continue until they get their way. Those are just a few examples of the complete breakdown of our government.

What we have now are politicians who only want to keep their jobs and keep collecting illegal money from corruption. We do not have a government for the people, run by the people. We have a government run by large corporations and their financial assistance. This goes all the way up to the President of the United States.

Yes, Barack Obama has sold out the American people. His latest tax proposal closes most loopholes except for his major donors. This is unacceptable. This is also made a necessity because of various Supreme Court rulings; allowing money to buy elections.

And, we look at Afghanistan and say they are corrupt. What a joke. Everyone knows, but no one fixes the extreme influence big money buys in Washington. Big Tobacco, Oil, Pharma, Farming, Sugar Industry. It’s endless. But, no one confronts it or wants to change it.

I don’t see one branch of government that is non corrupt and acting solely for the best interests of the American people. Not one. This is a disgrace. Where to go from here? I can honestly say I don’t know. Our system is so polluted with greed and self interest I am not sure how to change it.

I’d love it if a consulting firm could come in and evaluate the government, how it works, how honest it is, what kind of results are they getting for the American people. That’s a pipe dream.

The Founding Fathers of this Country would be horrified to see what is going on today. This was not the intention nor the goal.


4 thoughts on “What Would It Be Like If The U.S. Turned Out The Way The Founding Fathers Wanted

  1. I totally agree, but what does one do. Have a war against the government, that would be nuts the rule the military. The only way is to ( with tons of help) grassroots people convince people not to vote for the LAST IDIOT they heard on the tv.. I also believe high school/college age people NEED TO VOTE .. It truly a Honor & Responbility . Look forward to hearing back from you. God help our freedoms

    1. Thanks for reading and responding to my blog. Part of the central theme of this piece is what can we do about this complete failure of government? I, for one, would love to lead a movement of people that want change. I don’t think the differences between progressive liberals and tea party conservatives are as different as the media and politicians make it out to be. No one want corruption. No one wants more war. No one wants to be held hostage by pandering political hacks and their sponsors.

      Yes more voting is needed. Another change I would make: make it easier for people to vote. By mail, by iPhone, bring voting to the people.

      I’d love to hear any suggestions you have as well. I think right now most people are so beaten down and disillusioned they think neither party would help them.

  2. I must admit that I have never in my lifetime seen congress undermine the president abroad the way this one just did, but it should make you stop and wonder – what conditions exist right now that leads congress to take such a drastic action? While the snap reaction to that question may be for many that its such poor foreign policy of the president, but its much more nuanced than that. The reason congress is resorting to such crazy tactics to oppose the president is that they have taken impeachment off the table. They have made it clear that no serious consequences will ever come of Obama’s actions. To answer YOUR question of how it would turn out if the founders had their way, Obama would already be impeached, or at the very least impeachment would still be a looming threat to Obama.

  3. Actually, corporate forces would be less powerful, but Congress would be in charge.the president would be in charge of diplomacy(so those idiots would be criminals) Oh! and slaves would still be slaves and the 99% would be more broke than they are now.

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