New Law Passed: Freedom To Discriminate Against Women, Gays, Blacks, Or Anyone You Want


Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, just signed a ‘religious freedom’ act that allows anyone in  Indiana to not do business with or work with anyone that might offend their ‘religious freedom.’ This is the exact same method that was used to discriminate against blacks, allow segregation and entitle bigoted people to not work with people they didn’t like.

The law has deep historical meaning. It was used for decades to keep black people out of restaurants, hotels and anywhere white people did not deem fit for black people to be. It was the reasoning behind the illegality of interracial marriage.

Today the law is being used to target the LGBT community. Bakers shouldn’t have to make a wedding cake for 2 gay men getting married. Florists shouldn’t have to work with 2 women getting married. To me, in this day and age with the horrible economy that has been with us since 2008 it seems implausible to me that any vendor would decline any business they can get.

But, the Indiana law that was signed today opens the door to a slippery slope that we might never recover from. As mentioned earlier, this exact law was used to segregate blacks from whites. Who is to say that that won’t happen in Indiana? The law freely allows ‘religious freedom’ for anyone in the state to not allow black people in their restaurant, to cater their weddings, to treat them like equals. It’s not just the gay community, it reaches to everyone.

‘Religious freedom’ can also clamp down on women; after all according to religious doctrine women are the property of their husbands. Period. That means there is no such thing as spousal abuse, rape and denies women of all rights.

Spreading the ‘religious freedom’ further who would be able to deny Muslims of their religious beliefs, no matter how radical? Killing your wife for disagreeing with you, fine. Stoning a rape victim for being a slut, fine.

Where does it end? Religion says no one can work on a Sunday. Is killing a neighbor who cuts his lawn on a Sunday ok? Maybe. ‘Religious freedom’ is a very very slippery slope. Are we going to go back to the days when black people were the equivalent of 3/5 of a white person?

The possibilities are endless. Killing adulterers? This law that was signed today by Mr. Pence opens the door for any kind of segregation, bigotry and pits one group against the other. This must be stopped.

Today you think it’s just gays that are able to be openly discriminated against by a bill like this. Stop being so naive, the road is paved for women, Jews, Catholics, Blacks. Anyone that could so-called be an infringement on ‘religious freedom’.

So many backwards thinking people want to take this Country back to how it was 100 years ago. We need to stop them. Today


4 thoughts on “New Law Passed: Freedom To Discriminate Against Women, Gays, Blacks, Or Anyone You Want

  1. Andrew. Tyvm for bringing this to lite. There should be no acceptance for these discriminatory practices in any form. I thought this was 2 015 not 1888′. To me and other readers as well should be abhored by this. When will this world be able to accept people for who they are without discriminatory practices regardless of religious beliefs sexual orientation and all forms of discrimination ?

  2. The Uber-Right, realize they can’t occupy the White House, so they’ve struck at the state level. The amount of states controlled by a Republican Legislature and Governor, are astounding. And even if this law makes it to SCOTUS, there’s no guarantee it will get overturned with the present makeup of the court. This will be how America dies, death by a Trillion paper-cuts! Thanks for the info Andrew! Great Job!!

    1. I guess that depends on who you classify as “We” Mr. Williams. THIS Progressive, had my fill of this garbage under Reagan, when he abolished most of the laws put into effect during the “New Deal” and “Great Society” eras.

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