Our Pathetic Supreme Court and the Religious Freedom that is all #BS

The White House is lit up in rainbow colors in commemoration of the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage on Friday, June 26, 2015, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
The White House is lit up in rainbow colors in commemoration of the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage on Friday, June 26, 2015, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

So, last Friday gay people were finally elevated to being like everyone else in the Country with equal protection under the Constitution, and the ability to marry.

The original definition of marriage was that the woman would become property of their husbands.  The original definition of black people was that they were slaves and unequal to white people. And, women did not have the right to vote.

This must have been the way it was back in the 18th Century, because everyone celebrated the Constitution. Times have changed and we really shouldn’t be surprised it took so long for gay people to get further along to the way of equality. Gays and lesbians can still be fired just for being homosexual and they can also be denied housing for the same reason.

The Supreme Court’s ruling was quite unusual. The opponents of same sex marriage, especially Chief Justice Roberts was incoherent, made no sense and went against the Constitution. His argument being that having the Court rule in favor of same sex marriage would hurt gays in the long run since they had the decision made by the Court and not by popular vote.

How words this ridiculous could coming out of a Chief Justice’s mouth is beyond comprehension and in my belief grounds for removal. Mr. Roberts, you should know that the purpose of the Courts in the US government is to protect the minority from the majority as in a mob rule type circumstance.

The role of the Court is to interpret the Constitution for protection for all. The courts have decided most all civil rights cases. Most recently in 1967 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing inter-racial marriage. At that time 70% of the Country was against it. There was no call for ‘waiting until the public accepted these unions.’ The Court did its job in Constitutional fairness to all.

An independent body to explain what his words meant and why he is justifying going against the judicial system of the United States should question Roberts. As I said, his ignoring the purpose of the courts is grounds for removal.

Religious freedom? Depends on how it is defined. In my mind, if you own a business you have no right to turn any customer away. If you use the religious freedom copout, you can legally discriminate and you cannot serve black people, inter-racial couples and/or gays.

Everyone has the right to practice his or her individual religious freedoms on his or her own. When you become a for-profit business I believe you lose the right to discriminate and decide whom you will serve, cater, or make floral arrangements for.

The business world is different than your personal life. In your own home if you don’t agree with same sex marriage and don’t want to invite a couple to dinner, that’s your propagative. If you own a business no you don’t get to decide who you will work with and who you won’t. If you want to stay in business you must work with anyone that comes into your place of business and asks for your services.

The United States of America does not allow discrimination. The days of ‘separate but equal’ are over. When you run a for profit business you do not get to choose your clientele. You help people as they come in the door.

So, if you are a priest, rabbi or imam and have sacred holy issues with performing a same sex marriage and you work in a non-profit religious organization I believe you shouldn’t have to perform same sex marriages. Just like you don’t have to perform marriages for adulterers and divorced people. There should be no penalty for that.

If you are some homophobic person who owns a bakery, no, you don’t get to decide who your customers will be. Your business is there in the public sector to make money. That’s not denying you any religious freedom. It is denying the customer from discrimination.

It is a great time for gays in America. Most importantly it’s a great time for the youth of the Country who know they can grow up and get married. To have them know there is no discrimination against them; they are equal to their heterosexual peers.

And, like Bill Maher said the other night, same sex marriage is not mandatory!


Even The 0.01 Percent Are Feeling It

12ae7efc74ab95a573504f6e509c1dfd_largeThere was an article today that I found to be good news, in an off handed way. The article went in to great detail about how high end luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and Prada are seeing significant declines in sales of their staple logo items.

You can read the full article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/louis-vuitton-and-guccis-nightmares-come-true-wealthy-shoppers-dont-want-flashy-logos-anymore/2015/06/15/e521733c-fd97-11e4-833c-a2de05b6b2a4_story.html?hpid=z5

One of the main reasons for the decline in sales is that wealthy customers feel uncomfortable wearing such flashy and ostentatious items when others around them are getting laid off and could never afford a bag that costs $5,800.

Why do I think this is good news? Because the most fortunate, economically, around us are starting to feel the great divide in wealth. They are starting to understand how others might feel. This is shown in the drastic slowing down of sales from these stores.

Perhaps, if the wealthiest people of the Country start feeling uncomfortable then maybe they will help solve income inequality. Wouldn’t that be great, having everyone try to solve the problem.

It was Henry Ford who once said that he had to pay his employees well. Why? Because, otherwise they couldn’t afford to buy his cars.

There has to be a better way to get America working again. Yes, we have seen job gains. But, those job gains pay nowhere near the jobs that were lost. Every news publication has stated that the vast majority of the recovery has gone only to the top 1%. It is also widely known and documented that aside from the youth unemployment, there are 10s of millions of 45 year olds and over who can’t find work.

This must change. Hopefully a new president and a new administration will make it happen. President Obama was unable to and he quit trying years ago. The financial advice he was given to boost the economy in 2009 was not to his backers liking, so he chose not to employ it.

This is something I read a while back that I absolutely love. John Rockefeller back in his day was the richest man on earth. In todays dollars and GDP the man was worth $340 Billion. Making people like Bill Gates look middle class. After Rockefeller built Rockefeller Center in Manhattan he and his sons ran their empire from there.

Years later John D. Rockefeller was in the process of handing over the reigns of his empire to his sons. His sons renovated their offices, with 20 foot ceilings, dynamic views and everything top notch luxury.

When John D. walked in and saw what was done he asked his son: “Just who are you trying to impress?”

I love that, the richest man ever on earth not interested in impressing others. Secure people are not interested in impressing others. Which brings me back to those tacky logo LV, Gucci and Prada items. Who do these people want to impress?

I do think it’s a great start if the  0.01% of the Country starts to understand the plight of others there might be, just might be, attainable progress that can be made in ending the Gilded Age.

What’s Coming Up and What Has Already Happened for 2016 POTUS

historical-united-states-presidential-election-popular-vote-results-by-partyThe 2016 presidential race is in full swing, even though not everyone has officially joined in.   Here’s what I see, you tell me if you agree or if you disagree and why.

Let’s start with Hillary. In my eyes Hillary is acting like she is the heir apparent for the Democratic nominee. As if, we all owe this to her because she lost the 2008 nomination. Now, I don’t think this is a good strategy. I think it’s a fatal mistake. However, the GOP field are screwing things up so much Hillary does look better by keeping her mouth pretty much shut.

I think Mrs. Clinton is making a mistake. She should get out there and tell the American people what exactly the difference is between donating to the Clinton Foundation is to donating to the Clinton family is. You think she has already done this? No, she has not. She needs to come out and talk straight about what donations to the Foundation mean, how they are separated from personal payments and more importantly, how they are separated from her work as Secretary of State.

Her not doing this leads one to think their is something she is hiding. She must come out, clear the air on this and the emails then most importantly speak of her vision for the future of this Country.

How will she be different than Barack Obama? Or her husband, president Clinton? Hopefully this is all to come, but she must clear up what most people see as her less than open and honest comments on the role money plays.

Jeb Bush. I am shocked at how poorly he is doing. To me, he is the only threat the Democrats have of losing the White House. Why? He is the only GOP candidate who is not bat-shit-crazy. But, every time Jeb opens his mouth he sounds worse and worse. Knowing what we know now he would have still invaded Iraq in 2003? Seriously?

It wasn’t his brother that over spent and sent the Country into Trillions of dollars in debt, it was the Congress? Ok, Mr. Bush, you sound like a complete idiot digging your own grave. You mad a comment just today that made you sound not only out of touch but also unaware.

Mr. Bush, I believe your candidacy will be short lived. You not only have no ability to field expected questions, you have no vision to move the Country forward. Also, you look miserable on the campaign trail. You don’t look like you are enjoying yourself or that you want to be president. Do us all a favor and drop out of the race.

Bernie Sanders. Yes, I like what you are saying about improving income equality. I love what you are saying about the people on Wall Street not going to jail after the reckless stunts they pulled that brought the economy down. We do need that kind of vision for the future of this Country. When a black kid with a joint goes to jail for dozens of years and the big banks gambled with our economy and went unchallenged. That is an injustice.

My question for you, Mr. Sanders is what would you do with a Congress who rejects every bill you suggest and blocks you at every turn. We have seen this travesty the last 7 years with president Obama. This, of course, is a question for any candidate for 2016.

And on to the rest. Martin O’Malley. Who? We don’t know you and your announcement speech sounded just like president Obama’s in 2008. You need to tell us why he couldn’t do it and you can. Huckabee? In his hatred for gays wants people to ignore the Constitution. That invalidates him immediately. Santorum, with similar and personal hatred towards gays also would contest the Supreme Court. You, Mr. Santorum have also just invalidated yourself.

Rand Paul, playing with National Security for your own political benefit makes you not only unworthy of the presidency it makes you a traitor of this Country.

The also-rans, the 30+ I haven’t mentioned. You have all shot yourself in the foot some how or another.

What are we left with? Hillary Clinton and no sane viable GOP candidate. Mrs. Clinton, I sincerely hope you take my advice so all Dems can be behind you.

We have a long way to go before November 2016. You will be hearing a lot more from me.