The Hate Speech Must Stop Yes I am Talking to You: Trump, Santorum, Palin


Our Nation has lost its way. We have politicians who will say anything, pander to the worst elements of our Nation. Just to get elected into office. This is a stain on our Country and shows a complete lack of values.

It is killing people.

What did that nameless blonde boy say as he slaughtered 9 innocent people? He said, ‘it’s time to take our Country back.’ Where have we heard that before? Too many places to mention. Sarah Palin, Donald Trump just to name a few.

Now, I am not blaming your idiotic and callous words for the murder of innocents but it’s time we all took a good look in the mirror and see where these radical views come from. You can’t casually say, ‘let’s take our Country back’ and not understand that there are people you are motivating by your words. You, in fact are, in my mind, an accessory to the crimes.

If you are a candidate and want to express your views of how to make things better. By all means, express yourself. If you are insecure and shallow enough that you can’t say ‘my ideas are better’ but instead say our Country is filled with rapists you have no business being on the political stage. And, if you are a competitor of that kind of thought process and language and refuse to condemn it. You are as much to blame as the Donald speaking like an un-watched over child and saying anything he wants to get attention.

Donald, you are encouraging violence but your moronic words and need to think about what you say. To you, this is a big ego boost. To many in this Country who are hurting from our lousy economy your words validate their feelings and encourage them to violence.

What was the inspiration of today’s blog post? Rick Santorum. Rick, in a pathetic attempt to stay relevant with the ever shrinking base has called for a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. Yes, we have heard the same old story from him for more than a decade. Yes, he is a 3x loser in trying to become POTUS. Yes, his state voted him out of office in staggering percentages, rarely seen.

So, Rick, since you are such an alleged bible thumper and want everything in that text to be law why have I never heard you talking about ways to curb divorce. To curb infidelity. Instead of the shameless pro life stance you take where is your call for sexual education for young people so they will know their options and help reduce unwanted pregnancies?

Never once have I heard you talk about any subject as passionately as you do about denying gay rights. What you probably don’t understand is that you are, through your hatred, encouraging not only violence against the LGBT community but also making the community think there is something wrong with them. The number of suicides in the LGBT community is staggering.

Your posturing to gain votes could possibly be costing people their lives.

I won’t go into the implications of those that protest too much have something to hide. Or Bill Maher’s comments of your being more obsessed with gay men than gay men are.

I will say this. You are a despicable human being. Religion should teach love, not hatred