I am NOT Cait; But Time For Serious Change


Let me first say that I think what the former Bruce Jenner has done is extremely brave. Those that think only military forces in combat are the only brave people around couldn’t be more incorrect.

Let me also start by saying I am not a part of the ‘trans’ community so I don’t speak for them nor do I pretend to know what they are going through. But, I can offer lots of feedback for them, ‘them’ like they are different than ‘we.’ We are all the same, so it’s time we faced it.

Firstly, I think a superstar like Bruce Jenner coming out as trans changes the whole ballgame. In my generation he was the epitome of male masculinity. Winning the Olympics, being on the cover of the Wheaties box. For today’s audience that’s being Kim Kardashian/ Taylor Swift times 10,000.

To younger generations he might have been almost more popular in the Kardashian show. I have never watched it, don’t plan to, but many do and know him for his fame from that.

Coming out on the Diane Sawyer interview saying he was actually a she and a woman took tremendous courage. This should let every day people know that being trans is a medical condition that needs to be dealt with. It’s not some fetish. It’s real.

Ok, so you have never felt like you were trapped in a body of a different sex. Neither have I. This does not make their pain and confusion lessen. This is where we, who haven’t felt it, come in to try to make the transition easier. We need not judge, we need to reach out and help, as much as we can. That is our purpose.

What I find unsatisfactory about the I am Cait program is that it tries to make Caitlyn the everything of trans. She gets ridiculed because of her wealth and celebrity. No, she didn’t have to sell her body to get by or pay for surgery. But Cait is just one of millions of trans people.

Caitlyn’s story should not be an all size fits one type of deal. She is who she is. She can’t be held to the standard of being the spokesperson of trans people. No more than Ellen can be the spokes person for all gay people.

I see this whole thing, Jenner telling his inner story, coming out and holding her head up high trying to help others. So, let’s stop with the petty ‘she’s rich’ crap and realize the light she has shined on this community. At no other point in my life have I seen so much positive attention being focused on the trans community.

We have Caitlyn for that. She is the pioneer. There will be more, we will see different aspects of the trans world in the future. What we need to realize and demonstrate are compassion, an open heart and respect.


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