Fox News Won and Other Political Realities

afternoon capture of new york midtown

In my unscientific, anecdotal evidence I have seen that Fox News has won the ‘War on Christmas.’ I have seen every talking head on every network say ‘Merry Christmas.’

This includes everyone whom I have seen on @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABCNews,  @CBSNews etc all have all of their anchors and guests say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Yes, I know Hanukkah is over, but the point is so much deeper.

Fox said we have a war against Christmas because people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Guess what? Fox has won that battle, they have everyone on every network not saying Happy Holidays.

Is this the end of the world? No! But, it is an extremely dangerous precedent that Fox is setting. They make up whatever they want to and all of the rest of the media stands in line and does what they are told.

Not a news flash — not everyone celebrates Christmas. Sometimes people say Happy Holidays to include New Years and any other holiday people celebrate.

Fox called everyone out on that and everyone pathetically capitulated to their inane observations. Having Fox call the shots is an embarrassment to this Country.

Other notes of matter that have gone unnoticed, and/or ignored by the media include what Hillary Clinton has been accused of. It is commonplace for Mrs. Clinton to be blamed for the invasion of Iraq because she voted to authorize it. It is also commonplace to say she is responsible for Libya because of her recommendations.

These are both false. The fact our media lets people get away with these insinuations shows the lack of knowledge and research by our media.

Yes, Sec Clinton did vote for the authorization of force to remove Saddam Hussein. What no one pays attention to is that she never voted to approve of one of the most ill-fated and poorly planned wars in U.S. history. Mrs. Clinton cannot, and must not, be blamed for the complete ineptitude of the Bush administration’s conduct of that invasion. I can’t imagine anyone foreseeing President Bush overseeing such a fiasco that has tarnished American strength and power maybe forever.

Libya? She doesn’t have to explain why the commander in chief of the United States of America did what he did. His choice was his choice. Any advice and counsel he received is not known by the public. As is Sec Clinton’s advice for her entire 4 year term working for President Obama.

As far as the debate schedule allegedly created by Debbie Wasserman Schultz on her own? If she was in fact, like so many speculate, was trying to protect Mrs. Clinton, she backfired more than possibly imaginable. I see no benefit to Mrs. Clinton to seem unable to debate openly with her contenders. I also see no advantage to Senator Sanders to have less on the air debate time.

Whatever the motive, it has been a complete failure. If the motive was to favor one candidate over the others I believe Ms. Shultz should be investigated and held responsible if her intention was to deceive.


  • Donald Trump is imploding. He goes lower every week. Talking about Mrs. Clinton’s time in the bathroom is a non-starter and a reason to push out the adolescent.
  • Ted Cruz rising in the polls? If that is what the GOP wants, that is what they deserve. A self serving hypocrite who has no redeeming qualities.
  • If Senator Sanders is really doing well and receiving a media black out our Country really has turned into Russia or North Korea. If people are supporting a man that wants true change and people are supporting him, or media ignoring that is more than shameful.

It is time for us to stand together, Dem and GOP alike, to find the best candidate to lead or Country forward. The last 8 years have been a complete disaster for 99% of the American public.

It’s time to come together to once again make America the “Shining City on the Hill.”


The Way To Ensure Dem Defeat in 2016 is to Keep Up the Blue on Blue Fighting


I was looking at a lot of tweets today, something I don’t normally get a chance to do because my timeline moves so fast. I took a long hard look at what was being tweeted and I was completely appalled.

Almost every tweet had to do with Dems attacking other Dems. Not the GOP, but the Dem party self destructing.

As we have all seen for many years the GOP is imploding, but one thing they excel at is messaging. Dems have never learned how to properly, effectively and succinctly get their message out. Do we know yet, after almost 8 years what is in ACA? No.

The tweets and re-tweets I was reading today were about 90% against Mrs. Clinton. I did not see one tweet that discussed any issues, I saw many tweets talking about GOP talking points.

One tweet that came up many times is that Hillary is a war monger and will bring our country to war. This is a baseless cowardly and inaccurate view of her experience. Yes, Hillary voted to give president Bush authorization to invade Iraq. She did not, however, authorize one of the biggest blunders in US Military history. Hillary did not conduct, oversee or plan that war. Blaming her for the unacceptable outcome is a fox news worthy view of the situation.

Is Hillary a Hawk? Would we have done better off the last four years if we had a president who clearly stated what her goals are and backed them up by taking decisive action when an enemy crossed a line set by the President of the Unites States.

No, I do not think Hillary is a war hawk. I think that she is a serious person who would take the right effort to keep our country safe. We want the word of our president to echo through the world. And, the most effective way to do that is to have a leader that will follow through on her promises.

So, Bernie-Only fanatics, Hillary is not a war monger and won’t bring us into any unnecessary conflicts.

I say Bernie-Only because I don’t see the venom and hatred towards Bernie as I do towards Hillary. To me it is absurd for infighting among Dems. We need a Dem president in 2016, and all of you anti-Hillary people are just going to make it easier for the GOP to make a caricature out of her.

Another common theme I saw today was many many tweets about voting for the Oligarchy (allegedly including Hillary) or the people (allegedly being Bernie).

This is more nonsensical than most arguments against Sec. Clinton. First off, if people knew anything about Oligarchs they have at least 10x the amount of money the Clintons do. Secondly, one must look at one of the wealthiest families in American history: The Kennedy’s.

The Kennedy’s did more for the common person than any other family in history. Whether it was Teddy, worth billions, spending every waking hour looking to get underprivileged people healthcare, tax breaks. We all know that Teddy was not faultless, but he did fight as hard as he could to help the common people.

In closing, we need the entire Dem party behind the candidate who wins the primary. All of this immature tweeting must stop. If you really think Hillary is an Oligarch who wants to start war, vote for Donald Trump.

Your pettiness in putting Hillary down will only help the GOP. Why am I focusing on the Bernie lovers that hate Hillary? Because I have seen zero evidence of any Hillary lovers that hate Bernie.

So, it’s time to grow up and decide if you want a Democrat or Republican in the White House in 2016. If you want a Dem, stop the immature conversation. It won’t help Bernie get elected, it will ensure a GOP in the White House in 2017.

It’s time to lead.


A Dire Warning For Hillary and the Democrats

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy is seen receiving a bouquet of red roses as she and President Kennedy arrive at Dallas Airport on Nov. 22, 1963. It was the start of a tragic day, as the president would be assassinated a few hours later. (AP Photo)

Mrs. Clinton, I was just reading your plan to reign in Wall Street and was not particularly impressed. You mention companies engaging in criminal behavior yet you mention nothing about criminally prosecuting those that have committed crimes.

That may be a bit over too many peoples heads but the drastic mistake you are making is talking up the economy and doing a victory lap over the success of president Obama in bringing the country back to life.

This is a lethal position to take since all independent research shows the only gains that have been made under Obama have gone to the upper 0.1 percent. Every day Americans have felt no relief. Many quote the unemployment figure at close to 40%.

Yes, it is that many people who have dropped out of the so called ‘workforce’ and stopped looking for a job. The 5% unemployment figure is laughable. When you look at the workforce participation rate it is as low as it was in the 1970s.

There are so many Americans struggling today. Our GDP rate has been barely 2%. That means people don’t have money; when they don’t have money they don’t spend. 70% of GDP is from consumer spending. We no longer have that since most can’t afford to get that special something they might want.

A huge portion of the public can’t even find a job. Any job. The others work 2 or 3 jobs and still can’t make ends meet. The hard numbers prove this correct. We had more people on government assistance, including food stamps, than in any time in our history.

Hillary, if you want to ignore all of this and do the ‘happy dance’ about how many jobs Obama has created (part time, low paying) you stand a significant risk of losing the general election and very possibly the primary.

We have been warned a recession is coming it the U.S. next year. If that happens it will be an exact replica of the crash of 1929 and the first Great Depression. World War II is what got us out of the first Great Depression, are you wanting WWIII to get us out of this one?

You need to learn more from Bernie Sanders and speak the truth to people. Bragging about today’s economy is the worst thing you could do.

Be honest, address the problem and how you would fix it.

This message is a warning for Mr. Sanders as well. If the economy goes down next year Dems will have a very hard time winning the presidency. Bernie, you also need to continue talking about how to improve the economy for everyone.

My message? Parties almost never hold the White House for 12 years, and 16 years is highly unlikely. The GOP has candidates that are Neanderthals at best. But a bad economy will make voters look for change.

It’s time to speak the truth and give solutions to fix it.

Hillary, Bernie it is time to step it up. I would be happy with either one of you as president. Earn it