A Dire Warning For Hillary and the Democrats

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy is seen receiving a bouquet of red roses as she and President Kennedy arrive at Dallas Airport on Nov. 22, 1963. It was the start of a tragic day, as the president would be assassinated a few hours later. (AP Photo)

Mrs. Clinton, I was just reading your plan to reign in Wall Street and was not particularly impressed. You mention companies engaging in criminal behavior yet you mention nothing about criminally prosecuting those that have committed crimes.

That may be a bit over too many peoples heads but the drastic mistake you are making is talking up the economy and doing a victory lap over the success of president Obama in bringing the country back to life.

This is a lethal position to take since all independent research shows the only gains that have been made under Obama have gone to the upper 0.1 percent. Every day Americans have felt no relief. Many quote the unemployment figure at close to 40%.

Yes, it is that many people who have dropped out of the so called ‘workforce’ and stopped looking for a job. The 5% unemployment figure is laughable. When you look at the workforce participation rate it is as low as it was in the 1970s.

There are so many Americans struggling today. Our GDP rate has been barely 2%. That means people don’t have money; when they don’t have money they don’t spend. 70% of GDP is from consumer spending. We no longer have that since most can’t afford to get that special something they might want.

A huge portion of the public can’t even find a job. Any job. The others work 2 or 3 jobs and still can’t make ends meet. The hard numbers prove this correct. We had more people on government assistance, including food stamps, than in any time in our history.

Hillary, if you want to ignore all of this and do the ‘happy dance’ about how many jobs Obama has created (part time, low paying) you stand a significant risk of losing the general election and very possibly the primary.

We have been warned a recession is coming it the U.S. next year. If that happens it will be an exact replica of the crash of 1929 and the first Great Depression. World War II is what got us out of the first Great Depression, are you wanting WWIII to get us out of this one?

You need to learn more from Bernie Sanders and speak the truth to people. Bragging about today’s economy is the worst thing you could do.

Be honest, address the problem and how you would fix it.

This message is a warning for Mr. Sanders as well. If the economy goes down next year Dems will have a very hard time winning the presidency. Bernie, you also need to continue talking about how to improve the economy for everyone.

My message? Parties almost never hold the White House for 12 years, and 16 years is highly unlikely. The GOP has candidates that are Neanderthals at best. But a bad economy will make voters look for change.

It’s time to speak the truth and give solutions to fix it.

Hillary, Bernie it is time to step it up. I would be happy with either one of you as president. Earn it


2 thoughts on “A Dire Warning For Hillary and the Democrats

  1. Andrew,
    Do you feel that Hillary has a solution, and has not shared it yet? Bernie seems to stay on his top ten issues, but he will need to address this as well. Regarding your message; Don’t we need to wait to see who the nominees are first before we discuss holding the White House? Also, do you feel that the economy will go south next year, continue to improve, or remain the same?

    1. Thanks for reading and responding to my blog, I appreciate it. I haven’t heard a message from Hillary about the real state of the economy; just the happy talk of all of the low paying and part time jobs that have been created under Obama. To me, that is a losing strategy for her.

      Bernie does stay more on point and I think he understands that the economy is not good now.

      No, we do not need to wait and see who the nominees are. We are the ones that decide who the nominees will be, that’s why we need all info out on the table before making a decision.

      Since 2009 I have neither seen nor heard of any improvements in the economy. There are still 30 people applying to each job opening. As far as what will happen next year, I don’t know. The warnings of recession have been coming from many people and many publications; including WSJ, WaPo, NYT, to name a few

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