The Way To Ensure Dem Defeat in 2016 is to Keep Up the Blue on Blue Fighting


I was looking at a lot of tweets today, something I don’t normally get a chance to do because my timeline moves so fast. I took a long hard look at what was being tweeted and I was completely appalled.

Almost every tweet had to do with Dems attacking other Dems. Not the GOP, but the Dem party self destructing.

As we have all seen for many years the GOP is imploding, but one thing they excel at is messaging. Dems have never learned how to properly, effectively and succinctly get their message out. Do we know yet, after almost 8 years what is in ACA? No.

The tweets and re-tweets I was reading today were about 90% against Mrs. Clinton. I did not see one tweet that discussed any issues, I saw many tweets talking about GOP talking points.

One tweet that came up many times is that Hillary is a war monger and will bring our country to war. This is a baseless cowardly and inaccurate view of her experience. Yes, Hillary voted to give president Bush authorization to invade Iraq. She did not, however, authorize one of the biggest blunders in US Military history. Hillary did not conduct, oversee or plan that war. Blaming her for the unacceptable outcome is a fox news worthy view of the situation.

Is Hillary a Hawk? Would we have done better off the last four years if we had a president who clearly stated what her goals are and backed them up by taking decisive action when an enemy crossed a line set by the President of the Unites States.

No, I do not think Hillary is a war hawk. I think that she is a serious person who would take the right effort to keep our country safe. We want the word of our president to echo through the world. And, the most effective way to do that is to have a leader that will follow through on her promises.

So, Bernie-Only fanatics, Hillary is not a war monger and won’t bring us into any unnecessary conflicts.

I say Bernie-Only because I don’t see the venom and hatred towards Bernie as I do towards Hillary. To me it is absurd for infighting among Dems. We need a Dem president in 2016, and all of you anti-Hillary people are just going to make it easier for the GOP to make a caricature out of her.

Another common theme I saw today was many many tweets about voting for the Oligarchy (allegedly including Hillary) or the people (allegedly being Bernie).

This is more nonsensical than most arguments against Sec. Clinton. First off, if people knew anything about Oligarchs they have at least 10x the amount of money the Clintons do. Secondly, one must look at one of the wealthiest families in American history: The Kennedy’s.

The Kennedy’s did more for the common person than any other family in history. Whether it was Teddy, worth billions, spending every waking hour looking to get underprivileged people healthcare, tax breaks. We all know that Teddy was not faultless, but he did fight as hard as he could to help the common people.

In closing, we need the entire Dem party behind the candidate who wins the primary. All of this immature tweeting must stop. If you really think Hillary is an Oligarch who wants to start war, vote for Donald Trump.

Your pettiness in putting Hillary down will only help the GOP. Why am I focusing on the Bernie lovers that hate Hillary? Because I have seen zero evidence of any Hillary lovers that hate Bernie.

So, it’s time to grow up and decide if you want a Democrat or Republican in the White House in 2016. If you want a Dem, stop the immature conversation. It won’t help Bernie get elected, it will ensure a GOP in the White House in 2017.

It’s time to lead.



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