Why Is The Media Out To Kill A Hillary Presidency?

Hillary and Bill Clinton at Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa, in September

I have wondered this question for a while, but the way the news was reported today really showed me how biased our so called news media is. How they don’t report facts, and how utterly falsely they report on Sec. Clinton.

Yes, I am aware that this media bias affects everyone and everything, however, I think the way Mrs. Clinton has been treated is a scathing account of media credibility in the United States.

The polls had shown for weeks that Clinton and Sanders were tied in Iowa. The running meme was that if there was high turn out Mr. Sanders would win with large margins. There were extremely high turn outs and Bernie Sanders did not win by large margins. He lost. Sec. Clinton won by a tiny margin.

Did the media point out she did better than expected? No. Did the media point out that Sen. Sanders failed to perform as expected with a large turn out? No. Why? Bias against Hillary.

What really pisses me off about this is the lack of fairness. The media can, and does, create winners and losers. The fact it isn’t done factually is unacceptable. This post is not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it is about our complete failure of having a news media that we can look to for factual, non biased straight information.

On the other side of the aisle, when I learned today that Cruz sent out a statement last night saying Dr. Carson had dropped out of the race so Cruz could win Carson’s supporters it infuriated me. I think Carson would be a horrible POTUS, but, again, everything needs to be above board and fair.

Back to the war between the press and Hillary Clinton. I feel like it started back in 1991 or 1992 when she said something about not baking cookies. The media lambasted her for that.

People always talk about the shadow of doubt over Mrs. Clinton. Why is that? Since 1992 to 2016 the right wing has been trying to take her down. From Whitewater to emails. Has the media ever clarified that Sec. Clinton has not once been found to have done anything wrong, illegal, questionable or scandalous? No. The media has fanned the flames of all the accusations without ever once going back to look at what happened and clarify that there was no wrong doing. The media has let, and promoted, the shadow of doubt over Hillary Clinton.

The narrative of the story is what the press controls. They can report that yesterday was a victory for Clinton with the very high turn out of Sanders supporters, or they can and are reporting a stinging loss for Mrs. Clinton in the virtual tie that incurred. This is extremely important because it will influence the way people vote in New Hampshire. And, in the rest of the primaries.

We allegedly live in a democracy. Forgetting about the fact that we don’t and actually live in an Oligarchy some things must be sacrosanct. If Mr. Sanders beats Mrs. Clinton in primary states he deserves to be the Democratic nominee for POTUS. The same is true if Mrs. Clinton wins.

What is unacceptable is the media bias in their reporting. Whether it’s Clinton or Carson, everything must be reported factually and in context.

My belief is the media has been out to get Hillary Clinton since her husband ran for the presidency in 1992. The media has continued to fail in its reporting. In the end, one might wonder why they are so against her; but that is another conspiracy theory out there.

So, in summing up, I want to see more fairness in reporting. Hillary won last night even with a huge turn out. That’s good for her.

Now let’s get back to the race, everyone please #vote. And, as a good friend said earlier today #GameOn



31 thoughts on “Why Is The Media Out To Kill A Hillary Presidency?

  1. Hillary and I are only two months apart in age so I identify with her and the bias she is facing and has had to face her entire life. I am a fan of President Obama, however, I believe he stole (maybe too harsh of a word) the presidency from Hillary in 2008. It was her time. Now she’s trying again and Bernie Sanders is getting all the attention. I like what Bernie is saying but he will never be elected. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a gender bias against Hillary. She is strong, outspoken, very smart and opinionated, and that’s not acceptable in a woman. The country needs her as president at this crucial moment of our history. She is ready and she deserves the honor of being our first female president.

    1. Beautifully expressed, Gloria! For some reason, the “friendly” side of the media seem oddly unwilling to say what is REALLY GOING ON — that Hillary is being lambasted and bullied BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN! A smart, educated, experienced, fearless and powerful woman at that!! The fact that no one seems willing to call the media out on their outrageous sexism is tremendously worrying because sexism SHOULD NOT EXIST ANYMORE, *especially* in a society that [loudly] prides itself on being advanced!!

    2. Thanks for responding Gloria, I appreciate it. I hadn’t really thought about a gender bias, but your points are well taken and might be more on target than someone that’s not a woman!

      My view has been all about the media bias and negative narrative the media has portrayed. I definitely agree this played a major part in 2008 as well. It was very clear to see the media preferred Obama over Clinton. And, I am sure you haven’t forgotten, Hillary got one million more primary votes than Obama did.

      Thanks again for reading and adding your input!

  2. Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, And The Impossible American Dream
    The United States was built on dreams. Dreams of a new life in a new world. Thats why we call it The American Dream.
    From the pilgrim’s dream of a heaven on earth, to the dream of going to the moon and beyond, attempting to make the ‘impossible dream’ a reality has always been a part of the magic of being an American. This is really what is meant by the term American Exceptionalism.
    But there has also been another side to this dream, a side that has included slavery, exploitation, and an expansionism that meant walking over the dreams of some others, like the Native Americans who lived on this continent long before the white man came with his dreams of a new life in a new world.
    Dreams and reality have often clashed in the building and growth of the United States, where one man’s dreams sometimes became another man’s nightmare. From the American Revolution to the fight against ISIS, the American Dream has often included nightmares of either it’s own creation or ones that were created by others.
    In the midst of these American dreams and nightmares, there has also been an internal struggle between it’s citizens, over what the American Dream should look like to it’s people.
    Some have promoted and fought for fairness, equality, and equity, above all else, while others have promoted and fought for individual success, and the acquisition of wealth and power, above all else.
    Today we are living at time in United States history where the imbalance between these two tendencies is especially pronounced. A very few at the top are enjoying wealth and power not seen since the time of the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age, while the majority of middle class and working class Americans are seeing what looks to them like the slipping away of all their hopes and dreams for a better life, both for the themselves and their children.
    Many young Americans see no future in the ‘haves and have nots’ situation that they now see themselves maturing into. They feel that their grandparents and parents have not left them a world that will allow them to find success, fulfillment, and happiness. To them, the world looks polluted and corrupted – environmentally, economically, and politically. They feel that they have been left with nothing to look forward to, other than a meaningless drudgery, that will lead to nothing substantial, not even a Social Security cushion in their old age.
    The young of today have been taught about the American Dream, but The American Dream appears to them to be a vacuous apparition, with no more substance than a puff of smoke, easily blown away by the wind. To them, The American Dream is just that: a dream, and nothing more.
    Then, along comes an old dreamer, with another angle on the American Dream. He is an old man, but he carries with him a dream that he has harbored since he was a young man, and the young of today have taken notice. This old man is telling the young that he can ‘do whats never been done and win whats never been won’ and he has sparked a fire within them. He brings the young hope and promise of a possible future of fairness, equality, and equity – and they like it.
    But this old dreamer is not the only seller of sweet dreams inhabiting the political landscape in this election year. On the other side of the political divide, there is another Pied Piper of hope, and he is rekindling the other side of the American Dream – the one that promises individual success, and the acquisition of wealth and power, and he has all three to prove it.
    Dreams are a funny thing. We know that dreams are amorphous, and we know that we should balance them with reality. We are taught that believing in Santa Claus, for example, is a nice thing for children, but not for adults. Even the Bible talks about “putting away childish things.” And yet, we all tend to sometimes hold onto false hopes, long after we have learned that real dreams only come true with good planning and hard work, and even then they sometimes don’t come true. We forget that the dream is only the beginning.
    Well, there is a third dreamer in the mix today. But this dreamer has learned, through hard work and struggle, what the difference is between a dream that can be made real and a dream that is just a dream. She has learned that no matter what your dream is, it can only be made manifest if one is willing to work hard in the real world – which means making sacrifices and compromises, in and with that world, because that is what the real world demands. She has learned to follow her dream and never give up on it, but she has also learned that the world would only follow her dream with her, if she learned how to play the games the world plays. And she knows that, even then, it can take a long time to make a dream come true.
    This is a hard lesson for all of us to learn. It is especially hard for young dreamers to learn. Young dreamers are naturally idealistic. For them, what is right or wrong is easy to see. They cannot understand why sometimes their parents and other adults cannot see it too. To them, many adults appear to have sacrificed their dreams and ideals for wealth or security, or some other vain or fearful reason. They are told by some adults that their dreams and ideals are immature and impossible. They are told to grow up and be realistic. They are told to compromise.
    Then comes Bernie Sanders, promoting free college and healthcare, and telling the young that he can make their dreams come true. And a wealthy and successful Donald Trump comes along and tells others, adults included, that he can save what they think they are losing and give them what they thought they could never have. So, across the political spectrum, dreamers from all sides, are abandoning reason, grabbing for the golden rings of hope, and ignoring the realities that await them as they follow their respective Pied Piers to nowhere.
    Meanwhile, our third dreamer keeps telling everyone that she has been down all the roads, learned all the lessons, played all the games, and knows how to get things done to make dreams become real. But many do not believe her. Many do not trust her. And many do not want to follow her. Why is this?
    Perhaps it is because Hillary Clinton is not selling false hope. But neither is she telling everyone to give up their dreams. What she is telling everyone is that dreams are great, but reality is real, and in order to even get close to fulfilling your dreams, you must face reality first. You must face what is really possible and what can really be done, before you can move in the direction of making your dreams manifest, because manifesting a dream is impossible, unless you approach it in the right way. You cannot just wish your dreams into reality, you must work hard to make them real, by learning how reality works, and then by working with reality, not against it.
    I’m reminded of how, at the beginning of the 20th Century, some said flight was impossible for humankind. The Wright Brothers proved them wrong. They did it by learning how reality works, and then by building a flying machine that worked with reality, not against it.
    Hillary Clinton knows how reality works and she knows how to get things done in reality, by working with reality, and not against it.
    Problem is, doing the hard work, and knowing when to be tough and when to make compromises, in order to make incremental changes, is not sexy enough, or pretty enough, or fast enough to fulfill the desires and dreams of young liberal idealists or frustrated conservative workers. So a Bernie Sanders and a Donald Trump, promising huge and immediate change, look and sound real good to these frustrated American voters.
    Ironically, it is the very assets that make Hillary Clinton the best choice for the presidency that are unattractive and unexciting to some people. She has the knowledge, experience, and the ability to work with all sides, that are necessary to be a good president. But, to the chagrin of some, she is not selling sweet dreams of immediate gratification. She is, instead, selling the idea of accomplishment through hard work, compromise with reality, and a slow progress to get where we want to go. Most importantly – and this is something that is not mentioned often enough – she is promoting the idea that we are all Americans, together, and, as such, we should work together to find common ground – a common ground that will move all of us forward, in a progressive way that is good for everyone. As she puts it, “for the struggling, the striving, and the successful.”
    Bernie Sanders is making promises to the left that he will not be able to keep. Donald Trump is making promises to the right that he will not be able to keep. But Hillary Clinton is promising all Americans a positive and real way forward. It’s a promise that I believe she will be able to keep, if we citizens of the United States give her the chance. I say, lets give her that chance!


    1. Thank you for your clarity of thought on these important matters and for communicating them so eloquently to your readers. You have given me a new and valuable perspective.

  3. Love your blog post, Andrew! It’s totally transparent how the media is biased against Hillary and I’m so glad you’re pointing it out! Thank you!!!!

  4. the media has assumed hillary clinton to be the 2016 democratic nominee for years, while giving almost zero attention to the other democrats running against until an outsider candidate could not be ignored, and you honestly believe the media is biased against clinton? what alternate plane of reality are you living in???

  5. The numbers of Democratic voters caucusing in Iowa trended lower in 2016. Democratic turnout doubled between 2004 and 2008, when it reached 2220,000 voters, but Iowa Democratic officials say that 171,000 votes were cast in the 2016 Democratic caucuses, which is a 22% decline over 2008 (there was no Democratic presidential caucus in 2012. (Source: Real Clear Politics)
    Republican turnout rose by as much as 50% over the same period.

  6. Out to kill Hillary?!? That’s funny. They portray Bernie as a insane socialist hell bent on giving everything away. Tough on Hillary…that is funny. Did you watch the debates for god sake! They give Hillary these easy questions and turn the screws on Bernie. Do your homework for god sake. FAIL!

  7. When will the whining stop. All things are her own doing, not the fault of the media. Further, it’s nothing more than I heard out of her against Obama, where she screamed in indignant outrage that he was running a smear campaign (while he merely spoke the truth), which was her attempt to smear him.

  8. It is very interesting to hear such complaint that after all once Hillary is getting some criticism, their supporters cannot stand it. It was always to our surprise that after every debate, even though Sanders did by far much better, the main media without any exception (especially in the beginning debates) always declared Hillary the winner! all of us were shocked to hear that and all the analysis to justify the victory of Hillary in the debates! … Also worthy to note, For every minute that someone like Sanders got on the air, Hillary got 18 times more positive coverage. That is basic statistics, not an opinion that can be expressed in a way to defend one candidate’s position

  9. ‘the media is trying to kill Hillary Clinton’? the media have been building her up and ignoring Saunders … Hilliary and her friends are so disconnected with reality, every time they open their mouths just puts another nail in her coffin … the people who like seeing the comedy in American politics (and some serious nut jobs) enjoy Trump … however, there is (thankfully) an awakening of the American people that look past the facade, weight up what is said against what is done; that is the America I knew when I was a youngster (in Australia in the 60’s)

    Bernie Saunders needs a good sized bodyguard detail; you know what corporate America did to JFK and 9-11 and to most of the rest of the countries around the world …

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