More Extreme Media Bias to Kill a Clinton Presidency



As you know I hate any kind of media bias, spin or completely inaccurate ‘reporting.’ I like hearing the truth and what actually happened. Today, again, the media completely failed to report an accurate version of what happened yesterday.

Instead, they reported in such a way to create drama; and most of all to create readership, clicks: profit.

I looked at the headlines this morning and all I saw was the ‘devastating blow to Hillary Clinton,’ would she be able to recover?’ ‘the huge upset that Sanders had caused by winning Michigan.’

Not one media outlet reported that the win by Mr. Sanders was in the one percent range, not exactly a defeating triumph. More importantly, not one of the news media outlets reported that MI has what is called an ‘open’ primary system. What that means is that Republicans can vote for Democratic nominees; thus using the GOP to once again try to get rid of Hillary by voting for Bernie.

This is extremely important. Rather than every major news outlet having blaring headlines about can Clinton survive this loss, not one pointed out how minute the loss actually was and, more importantly, that the GOP could very easily have been responsible.

The facts are that Sec Clinton won the majority of Dem voters in MI last night. What made Sen. Sanders pull slightly ahead was the votes of the GOP and IND. No one is reporting on who pushed him over the edge. If it was the INDs this is a big win for Sanders. If it was the GOP, this has nothing to do with Sanders, it’s all about trying to take down Hillary.

No, we don’t know which is true and we will find out more next Tuesday. But, to jump to such drastic breathless conclusions is not only wrong it’s completely irresponsible news reporting. It is just presenting one side of the story.

We need to demand better.

What also sickened me was to see the so called BernieBots out in full force declaring complete victory. Many foolishly said the race could be over in less than a week. I do think it is so wrong for twitter users to so distort what is going on. I have personally found most of the BernieBots unnecessarily hostile and inaccurate. I have rarely heard such nonsense from a particular group; that includes from Trump supporters too.

There is very good reason for this. Many of these BernieBots are actually GOP trying to turn Dems against Clinton by pretending to be Bernie supporters. Their objective? To crucify Sanders in the general election.

I am calling on all true Democrats to stop this petty nonsense of trying to vilify Mrs. Clinton on unsubstantiated claims. This is what we do in democracy, we fight it out. But, let’s do it only with facts and not speculation.

In the end what every true Dem should want is a Dem POTUS in 2016. Whether that is Hillary or Bernie, we shall see. But, the hysterical headlines, the complete lying on twitter need to stop.



Dems: Wake Up, Listen Up and SHOW UP

1990 Bernard Belair  rock the vote  copy


I read a very disturbing piece in the New York Times this morning that should give all Democrats a chill up their spines.

Dem voter turn out in primaries is way down from 2008. In Texas the voter turn out was more than 50% below 2008 levels.

We cannot win this election if Dems don’t show up and vote. It’s that simple and that clear. This is an alarming turn of events because our not turning out to vote might hand the presidency to Donald J. Trump. I can’t think of a more horrid thought than that.

What is also extremely alarming is that Trump is inspiring people to vote. Yes, there have been record turnouts at the GOP primaries while Dems aren’t showing up. What happened to the alleged Bernie revolution? You can’t have one if you can’t get voters to show up.

Worse still is that Dems can’t keep the White House with such low voter turn out.

We Must Stop This Now. We must do everything we can do get Dems to go out and vote. Not only in the primary but more importantly the general election.

Spread the word, this can’t continue. This country can’t afford another Republican president. We haven’t recovered from the last one. The economy is lousy for the 99%; the Middle East is on fire and America’s place in the world is being severely diminished.

It’s up to each one of us to encourage, belittle, shame our fellow Dems to vote. Do it however you can.

Do I have ideas that can help? Yes, of course I do. I have tons of ways to make voters actually vote. I’ve said them all many many times.

  • We should vote by mail
  • We should vote online
  • We should be able to vote in places other than our assigned precincts
  • We should have a week to vote

My ideas are endless, but won’t be accomplished this year. Feel free to share your ideas in how to get Dems to show up and vote.

In the meantime, let’s focus on now. Let’s get people out there to vote Dem now in the primaries and most importantly in November in the general. This includes all levels of government, not just POTUS