An Open Letter To Senator Sanders


They say you want a revolution… 

Senator, I wanted to take this time to reach out to you to help you make all of your ideas come to fruition.

I don’t need to tell you that you and your campaign have done better than anyone could have ever imagined. You went up against the ‘Clinton Machine’ and came very close.

I think you’re focusing on this presidential election is short sighted. You have awakened a sleeping giant of unsatisfied people who want change. Now is not the time to abandon them, now is the time to embrace them and move your movement forward.

You don’t have to be president to keep your movement going. There are so many things that you could accomplish to help the Democratic party and the American people.

Your bringing income inequality to the front of the line in conversation has been essential.  I agree with you that we have a deeply flawed economy that truly works only for the most well off. Your voice can be a loud and longterm one that can address and fix this issue.

But, there is so much more. If you continue your movement you can help get excited Dems to show up and vote in the midterm elections. I think congress is much more of a danger than the presidency. You have peoples’ ears, use that to get people motivated to change the congress to Democratic majorities so we can get things done that need to be done for the American people.

One area I do not agree with you is that the system is rigged. I do not think it is rigged toward helping anyone to win or lose. But, you have brought this major issue to peoples attention. Now is the time to relook at all of the ‘rules’ and make changes. For instance, getting rid of superdelegates is probably a good idea. Changing primary states to winner take all makes sense to me. The open/closed primary states I don’t know enough about to know if they can be changed or if every state must rule on the changes.

Mr. Sanders, now is your time to rise above the political fray and make a huge contribution to our country.  You have spoken about so many things that need changing, now you can have the voice to change them. Don’t let yourself go down a false road of scorched earth antics.

Know that you have the ear of many Americans who are frustrated and unsatisfied with the status quo. Know that most Americans would like single payer healthcare, higher wages and vacations. Knowing and wanting this doesn’t mean we can get it in the course of 6 months. I am sure you have noticed during the last eight years the GOP blocking everything president Obama has tried to do.

A real revolution sounds great, but it takes time. Be patient stick with your goal and it can happen.

Continue to be the leader of the movement you started. Keep it all positive and be in it for the longterm. This can really happen.


Media Bias, Calling Out Falsehoods in 2016


I just noticed it’s been a long time since I have posted so it’s time for my input into what’s going on right now in the media and 2016 election cycle.

So much is wrong, factually incorrect and biased I hardly know where to begin.

Of course I know, let’s start with Sen. Sanders:

When he first came on the scene I liked what he was talking about, I liked that he was moving the conversation to income inequality and fairness for all. I liked the ideas of free healthcare, free college and free everything. Upon doing research and finding out this would add $18 trillion to our debt I took a step back. When Sanders was asked how he would accomplish this without adding to the debt he had no viable plan, answer, solutions, except that other countries do it. That’s not good enough.

The day I lost all respect for Sen. Sanders was when he stood on the streets of my city, Manhattan, and said NY voters have been disenfranchised of their vote because of the state rules about who could vote in the NY primary. This to me was a complete lie and a desperate way to try to get sympathy for himself.

Every state sets its own rules about who can vote in primaries. Some are ‘Open’ meaning both Dems and GOP can vote for either a Dem or GOP candidate. Some state laws rule that you must be registered as a GOP/Dem to vote for GOP/Dem candidates in a primary.

Mr. Sanders this is not voter disenfranchisement. These are sates laws. Being ignorant of the laws isn’t an excuse for your claims. You have been in congress for over 25 years, you should know the rules and should have advised your base what they needed to do.

Instead you didn’t do your homework and then cried a ‘rigged’ election when it was you, yourself who was way in over his head and crying for mercy when losing so badly.

On another note of misinformation (lying) coming out of the Sanders campaign has to do with Superdelegates. Bernie has claimed that the Superdelegates are unfair and have been against him from the start. He claims the deck was stacked against him before he got in the race.

There is nothing I hate more than a liar, this SD charge is an out and out lie Sen. Sanders. You know, or should know, SDs don’t cast their votes until after all of the primaries. No one stacked any deck against you. No one. If you don’t like the SD system work on changing it in the future, not during an election.

Your ‘electability’ argument isn’t worth talking about. Polls this far out have zero relevance. At this time in 2012 Romney was up 8 points over Obama, we saw how that turned out.

Hillary Clinton: As Hillary herself has pointed out, she is not the best politician. However, even with 25 years of unproven negative publicity she still has achieved more than 3 million votes more than Sanders and 2 million more than Trump.

This should alert people to her ability to turn out the vote and invoke excitement.

When elected president Mrs. Clinton will be the most experience and tested president to take office in modern history. Her grasp of knowledge from knowing how deals are done in congress to knowing global leaders on a first name basis is breathless.

Clinton being compared to Trump by Sanders is preposterous. I can’t think of anything more absurd.

The most qualified should win for a change rather that the buffoon in a cowboy hat that people ‘wanted to have a beer with.’

Donald Trump: Perhaps the most dangerous candidate in the history of the United Stated. Trump isn’t in this election to make the world a better place, he is in the election to satisfy his ego. Yes, it’s all about him. How he can make himself feel and look better.

His followers are mind boggling. They don’t care that he lies all the time, has no business aptitude or success; has no caring about suffering people in the US and around the globe. He just wants the biggest trophy he can put on his wall.

It is time that Dems and sane Republicans come together to literally save the world. It’s time for us all to back Hillary as president. Sanders has lost. Trump is an unacceptable candidate.

PS For you #BernieOrBust people, get a life.