*** Recently named in the Top Political Influencers in Boston by The Boston Globe


Seasoned Executive redefining how sales, client partnerships and revenue generation works; being able to ask the right questions to find out what clients really want.  Strong Leadership skills as well as understanding the value of powerful Business Relationships and people skills are essential talents that have lead to tremendous successes.  Highly successful work in digital, print, mobile and mutli-platform strategies and sales; creating custom client solutions, sponsorships and revenue generation. 

 Always at the forefront of all platforms of media and ways to strengthen revenue growth, client relationship management and loyalty using the power of social media. Currently heading Social Media Strategy Consultancy with successful results from deep entrenchment and knowing how to use social media to draw attention and a strong loyal audience. Social media is essential for successful selling. Experience includes an engaged globally recognized and respecting twitter following of over 65,000 followers, a blog that is read in 129 Countries globally; a strong a loyal following on Pinterest, Instagram,, to name just a few.


Ginsburg Media Group

2011 – present

FOUNDER & CEO — Ginsburg Media Group is a Sales and Social Media Services Company that navigates the terrain of the ever-changing media landscape to fulfill client objectives. To Best harness The power of Social Media you first must devise a tailored strategy, customized to every business objective, whether selling a book, introducing a new product or promoting a service.  Two-way social media communication will result in much improved methods of obtaining customer feedback and loyalty.

Sample Clients And Partners

  • BBC

The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones & Co.

1998 – 2010

Digital Media Strategist specializing in Sales, Marketing, Relationship Management and all emerging media platforms. Twelve years of being the top rated National Sales Representative; creating new and creative client solutions and being known in the Industry as creating a new way of selling; partnering with clients.

Sample Accomplishments

  • $420,000 from for one day’s worth of advertising
  • $2.5 million contract with The Ladders
  • $500,000 sponsorship package to PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • 300% increase in Michael Page International’s spend in 2 years

Senior Digital Sales & New Business Executive

2008 – 2010

Responsible for creating client solutions, new business development, print and digital advertising revenue for Global Wall Street Journal,, Barron’s Online and All Things D.

  • Managed portfolio of financial services, technology and recruitment clients
  • Created 2010 integrated cross platform plan for that included Front Page Buy Out and Roll Down Units on in conjunction with full page 4color ads print ads in The Wall Street Journal, initial campaign totaling over $400,000
  • Secured Michael Page International to fund a series of full page ads in WSJ new section, Greater New York, this campaign also included targeted digital components
  • Ranked #1 in revenue generation including winning all contests, pay outs and incentives
  • Created and sold $2.5m Wall Street Journal Franchise Contact to including the print Journal and WSJ Digital Network campaigns
  • New business in 2009 and 2010 includes six figure campaigns from Computer Associates,, WorldQuant,
  • Integral part of launching new Dow Jones Website FINS
  • Participated in development of new products and services
  • Worked with clients directly and product agencies such as Ogilvy, Target Cast, Mediaedge:cia, Universal McCann, Doremus, Deutsch and OMD

Senior Digital Sales Representative, NY

2003 – 2008

Responsible for all recruitment advertising in the NY DMA, including new business development, continuing client relationships and Wall Street Journal print and digital editions. 

  • Grew existing business for Michael Page International over 300%
  • Created online campaign for Merrill Lynch to reach top tier female audience
  • Secured major commitments from UBS, Unisys, Standard & Poor’s, Charles Schwab and GlaxoSmithKline
  • Created new program for Merrill Lynch including cross promotion of online, print, diversity exposure and in-person event
  • Worked on campaigns including cross site promotions, front page Black Outs, expanding Corner Stone ads, podcasts.
  • Cross site promotions included behavioral and geo targeting viewers on The WSJ Digital Network

Senior Digital Sales Rep Eastern Region,                                                                                   

2000 – 2003


Promoted to Senior Sales Rep with additional responsibilities including mentoring and training sales staff, working with Director for Special Sections and creating customized client solutions. 

  • New business included national accounts such as Arthur Andersen, Booz Allen Hamilton and Wells Fargo Bank
  • Devised, sold and created live online event on The WSJ Digital Network and Merrill Lynch Website
  • The chat event was created in response to client’s goal of attracting senior level job seekers
  • Promotion of the event included advertising campaigns in the print Journal, The Wall Street Journal Online and online sponsorships
  • Increased Merrill Lynch spending by over 100%
  • Worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and senior agency contacts to secure $500,000 sponsorship of
  • Trained and managed all new digital sales reps
  • Won every sales contest, incentive and payout.  Ranked Top Sales Rep

Digital Sales Representative Eastern Region,                                                                         

1998 – 2000

Responsible for all new business on newly launched Website, East Coast Territory.

Increased territory revenue over 240%

  • Brought in new accounts including American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch,
  • Generated 51% of all corporate membership advertising on site
  • PaineWebber, MCI, KPMG, and Citigroup
  • Trained print staff regarding online product
  • Won every contest for highest sales nationally

Prior Experience



Skidmore College

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Business Administration



  1. I’m impressed! I had a desire to enter into the world of business and marketing before I started pro-creating at an early age. Took a job at Ford Motor Co instead and recently quit after 18yrs to pursue another dream of working for myself. I also have a strong compassion for the world & all that inhabits it. Not sure why you’re following me but I know I will be well informed by following you. Thanks, and keep up the great awareness.

  2. It’s nice to see someone this entrenched in the business, marketing, and social media world who has managed to keep their integrity and values, and not sell their soul to the highest bidder (like the current GOP presidential candidate…) Keep up the good work, really enjoying your blog posts.

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