An Open Letter to Sec. Clinton and a Serious Warning


Let’s all be realistic and look at what’s going on right now in politics and the presidential election. Sec. Clinton will win and be the first female president of the United States. This is a huge accomplishment and a well deserved historic and congratulatory moment in our history.

Sec. Clinton I beg you to take the anger in the country seriously. We saw extreme anger on the left, which led to the huge success of Bernie Sanders. We also saw it on the right with the even more hugely success of Donald Trump.

This anger cannot and must not be ignored.

If you do get to the Oval Office your first main priority must be to understand and deal with the anger that is going on. Ignoring it won’t make it go away; it will just make people even more angry.

What do I think you should focus on immediately?

  • The economy. As your husbands advisor James Carville said “It’s the economy, stupid.” That was true back then and it’s even more true today. There are tens of millions of people who can’t find a job, can’t find a job that can support their family and many millions who have given up.
  • The lackluster/failing economy is what fuels most people’s anger. People can’t find jobs, can’t get ahead and justifiably are very angry about that. You’re first priority is to get a job creation bill going. Not just for ‘infrastructure’ but also for all jobs. Young people can’t find employment and neither can people over 45. This must immediately be addressed.
  • Don’t make the mistake of the Obama administration of flaunting all of the job creation. Everyone knows that the jobs created are subpar and have not helped the economy grow. Under GWBush the economy was growing at over 5%; Obama’s average is under 2%. That can’t continue.
  • Another thing I think people are very angry about is the complete lack of faith in the government. You must try to make the government work for people. All everyday Americans see are politicians who earn way more than they do, do nothing all day but block bills. That makes people furious and not want to participate in the voting process because, does it make a difference?
  • You can prove it does make a difference.

Bernie Sanders is correct in many of his views about how dysfunctional our government actually is. He does not give many details about how to change it, that will fall on you Sec. Clinton.

The anger, the income inequality, the corporate greed at the expense of the people are going to explode. You, as our hopeful next POTUS, need to put these issues front and center to start changing them.

Lip service won’t work, we have a public that is about to explode in their anger. You need to not only acknowledge the anger of the people and accept responsibility for the governments role in it but you must address and work to fix the issues.

Now is the time to leave no one behind. Now is the time to address the public anger. It is critical that you do this as the anger is so high on both sides of the aisle.

Sec. Clinton, I know you can do this as long as you focus on the immediate priorities. Call me, I have many ideas to fix things.

Prove people wrong, you aren’t a corporate owned politician and that you have the peoples best interest at heart.

You can rise higher than anyone would have guessed or not. Your choice


A Second Open Letter To Bernie Sanders



Mr. Sanders, I see that you have ignored my first open letter to you as to how best to use what you have accomplished to the best for the country.

What I have seen you do in recent weeks is a desperate and pathetic posturing to try to make yourself be the president. Your claims of wanting to make the country better seem to have vanished.

Your goal has changed from helping our country to helping yourself. This is something you might not see as being too caught up in the moment. This is definitely something your blindly faithful fans are unable to see. They trust you. They are inspired by you.

They aren’t able to see that you are leading them down the path of fraud and destruction. This is tragic as that many of your fans can’t afford to send you $27 donations and your claims of electability are fraudulent.

Senator Sanders, you have lost the 2016 Democratic primary. It is time someone called you out on it and let the truth be told.

Mrs. Clinton will secure the nomination on Tuesday before the polls close in CA. Yes, that’s right, she won fare and square.

You have two fatal flaws in your strategy that few understand:

  1. You’re whining for months about the rigged system and then admitting that you knew the rules going in is inexcusable. You have a group of very faithful followers who thought your (lying) stance on a rigged system gave them hope you could be their real savior. Had you been honest about the rules and just told people you didn’t win I could have some respect for you. Lying to millions of people saying you were unfairly treated then a few months later saying you knew the rules but thought they were stupid is inexcusable. You have zero creditability.
  2. Now, your argument is that because of a few polls you are beating Trump more than Sec. Clinton is. This stance is beyond absurd. As you and anyone educated know hypothetical match ups at this early date have no accuracy. Knowing that your argument  to the  superdelegates has no basis, what you are asking for is even more outrageous. You want the superdelegates to override the pledged delegates and also the popular vote of 3 million voters more that you have received is not only preposterous it’s outrageous.

Mr. Sanders, the good will you had created is being ruined by your irrationality. You had started a good movement. Now I fear you will not only alienate all Republicans but also all Democrats too. Your sore loser attitude is going to sink everything you gained.

So, my advice to you is to salvage as much as you can. Try to be a voice of a future movement and not act like a 5 year old boy having a tantrum. No matter what you do it might be too late for you to regain respect.

But, you must try.

An Open Letter To Senator Sanders


They say you want a revolution… 

Senator, I wanted to take this time to reach out to you to help you make all of your ideas come to fruition.

I don’t need to tell you that you and your campaign have done better than anyone could have ever imagined. You went up against the ‘Clinton Machine’ and came very close.

I think you’re focusing on this presidential election is short sighted. You have awakened a sleeping giant of unsatisfied people who want change. Now is not the time to abandon them, now is the time to embrace them and move your movement forward.

You don’t have to be president to keep your movement going. There are so many things that you could accomplish to help the Democratic party and the American people.

Your bringing income inequality to the front of the line in conversation has been essential.  I agree with you that we have a deeply flawed economy that truly works only for the most well off. Your voice can be a loud and longterm one that can address and fix this issue.

But, there is so much more. If you continue your movement you can help get excited Dems to show up and vote in the midterm elections. I think congress is much more of a danger than the presidency. You have peoples’ ears, use that to get people motivated to change the congress to Democratic majorities so we can get things done that need to be done for the American people.

One area I do not agree with you is that the system is rigged. I do not think it is rigged toward helping anyone to win or lose. But, you have brought this major issue to peoples attention. Now is the time to relook at all of the ‘rules’ and make changes. For instance, getting rid of superdelegates is probably a good idea. Changing primary states to winner take all makes sense to me. The open/closed primary states I don’t know enough about to know if they can be changed or if every state must rule on the changes.

Mr. Sanders, now is your time to rise above the political fray and make a huge contribution to our country.  You have spoken about so many things that need changing, now you can have the voice to change them. Don’t let yourself go down a false road of scorched earth antics.

Know that you have the ear of many Americans who are frustrated and unsatisfied with the status quo. Know that most Americans would like single payer healthcare, higher wages and vacations. Knowing and wanting this doesn’t mean we can get it in the course of 6 months. I am sure you have noticed during the last eight years the GOP blocking everything president Obama has tried to do.

A real revolution sounds great, but it takes time. Be patient stick with your goal and it can happen.

Continue to be the leader of the movement you started. Keep it all positive and be in it for the longterm. This can really happen.

Media Bias, Calling Out Falsehoods in 2016


I just noticed it’s been a long time since I have posted so it’s time for my input into what’s going on right now in the media and 2016 election cycle.

So much is wrong, factually incorrect and biased I hardly know where to begin.

Of course I know, let’s start with Sen. Sanders:

When he first came on the scene I liked what he was talking about, I liked that he was moving the conversation to income inequality and fairness for all. I liked the ideas of free healthcare, free college and free everything. Upon doing research and finding out this would add $18 trillion to our debt I took a step back. When Sanders was asked how he would accomplish this without adding to the debt he had no viable plan, answer, solutions, except that other countries do it. That’s not good enough.

The day I lost all respect for Sen. Sanders was when he stood on the streets of my city, Manhattan, and said NY voters have been disenfranchised of their vote because of the state rules about who could vote in the NY primary. This to me was a complete lie and a desperate way to try to get sympathy for himself.

Every state sets its own rules about who can vote in primaries. Some are ‘Open’ meaning both Dems and GOP can vote for either a Dem or GOP candidate. Some state laws rule that you must be registered as a GOP/Dem to vote for GOP/Dem candidates in a primary.

Mr. Sanders this is not voter disenfranchisement. These are sates laws. Being ignorant of the laws isn’t an excuse for your claims. You have been in congress for over 25 years, you should know the rules and should have advised your base what they needed to do.

Instead you didn’t do your homework and then cried a ‘rigged’ election when it was you, yourself who was way in over his head and crying for mercy when losing so badly.

On another note of misinformation (lying) coming out of the Sanders campaign has to do with Superdelegates. Bernie has claimed that the Superdelegates are unfair and have been against him from the start. He claims the deck was stacked against him before he got in the race.

There is nothing I hate more than a liar, this SD charge is an out and out lie Sen. Sanders. You know, or should know, SDs don’t cast their votes until after all of the primaries. No one stacked any deck against you. No one. If you don’t like the SD system work on changing it in the future, not during an election.

Your ‘electability’ argument isn’t worth talking about. Polls this far out have zero relevance. At this time in 2012 Romney was up 8 points over Obama, we saw how that turned out.

Hillary Clinton: As Hillary herself has pointed out, she is not the best politician. However, even with 25 years of unproven negative publicity she still has achieved more than 3 million votes more than Sanders and 2 million more than Trump.

This should alert people to her ability to turn out the vote and invoke excitement.

When elected president Mrs. Clinton will be the most experience and tested president to take office in modern history. Her grasp of knowledge from knowing how deals are done in congress to knowing global leaders on a first name basis is breathless.

Clinton being compared to Trump by Sanders is preposterous. I can’t think of anything more absurd.

The most qualified should win for a change rather that the buffoon in a cowboy hat that people ‘wanted to have a beer with.’

Donald Trump: Perhaps the most dangerous candidate in the history of the United Stated. Trump isn’t in this election to make the world a better place, he is in the election to satisfy his ego. Yes, it’s all about him. How he can make himself feel and look better.

His followers are mind boggling. They don’t care that he lies all the time, has no business aptitude or success; has no caring about suffering people in the US and around the globe. He just wants the biggest trophy he can put on his wall.

It is time that Dems and sane Republicans come together to literally save the world. It’s time for us all to back Hillary as president. Sanders has lost. Trump is an unacceptable candidate.

PS For you #BernieOrBust people, get a life.

The Media Still Trying to Kill a Clinton Presidency

Hillary and Bill Clinton at Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa, in September


The media failure and complete bias was worse than ever this weekend. The media proved again that they will do anything they can to kill a Hillary Clinton presidency. Even if they need to stoop to lies, half truths and delinquent reporting.

As I have said in the past, the media and the GOP have been out to get Sec. Clinton since 1992 when she said something about not being the stay at home and baking cookies kind of mother. Ever since then we have heard a continuous feed of accusations, from murdering people to being dishonest to putting National Security at risk.

Years, decades of accusation and not one has been proven to be accurate. Nothing. The media never says “oh yeah, we accused Hillary of murdering people, but turns out we had no proof so therefore she is innocent.”

The media being complicit with the GOP has led to decades of false charges, negative press and character assassination. And, no one is held responsible.

What is different today is that many Dems now believe this narrative; they sound like they are reading GOP talking points. All being led by Bernie Sanders.

Let’s start with the last few days. Sanders ignorantly and arrogantly tried to label Clinton as being bought and owned by large donors at the Clooney fundraiser. Sanders was outraged at the obscene amount of money being raised. Cut to Clooney himself being interviewed on Meet the Press.

Clooney agreed the amounts of money were obscene but told a global TV audience that the bulk of the money from his fundraisers was going to the down ticket Dem races, not to Hillary. He also stated that in order to get money out of politics a major amount of money was needed to fight off the influence of GOP members like the Koch brothers.

Clooney went on to say that he liked Sanders a lot and thought Sanders should stay in the race until the end. When asked why he was backing Clinton over Sanders Clooney spoke in depth about his experience in working with Sec. Clinton and how knowledgeable she was on issues and his confidence that Mrs. Clinton would be the best and most qualified  person to get things done.

Post interview, Sanders response: Clinton is indebted to these big money people. CNN response: to play a clip that stops the Clooney interview at “it’s an obscene amount of money” while cutting off why the money is needed. Countless other media sources reported that Clooney said (only) the money raised was obscene.

It should be noted loudly and clearly that Clinton is raising money for senate and house races while Sanders refuses to. This, another point the media won’t report on.

Minimum Wage, Sanders/GOP Media report that Clinton is flip flopping about what she would like to see as the target. The media doesn’t report this and Sanders and his Zombie followers can’t seem to understand a simple fact. Leading economists think $15/hour could seriously damage many county economies. So, Mrs. Clinton is striving for a $12/hour wage for everywhere and those that can afford go as high as possible.

This is the same position Elizabeth Warren has taken. Recently NY State has instituted a $15/hour wage to take effect over 5 years. Each year they will evaluate if the higher wages hurt economic growth and adjust the wages by economic realities.

This isn’t a hard concept to understand. But when you have the media ignoring the facts and Sanders erroneously stating Clinton is changing her stance it’s almost impossible to get the facts out. Primarily because no one wants to hear the facts.

The meme of the super delegates are stacked against Bernie is preposterous.  If you do some research you’ll know that those super delegates don’t vote until all primaries are over, so nothing is stacked in anyone’s favor. Again, hard to get facts out when both Bernie and media are misrepresenting facts.

I’d like to see a media that reported facts, not just snippets to boost their ratings. I’d like to think fellow Dems would want to know the whole truth, not just listen to fairytales they want to hear. That is not reality in our world today.

My advice? Get out and Vote that is the best way to move things forward. Also, try to be curious and want to learn more information.

More to come


More Extreme Media Bias to Kill a Clinton Presidency



As you know I hate any kind of media bias, spin or completely inaccurate ‘reporting.’ I like hearing the truth and what actually happened. Today, again, the media completely failed to report an accurate version of what happened yesterday.

Instead, they reported in such a way to create drama; and most of all to create readership, clicks: profit.

I looked at the headlines this morning and all I saw was the ‘devastating blow to Hillary Clinton,’ would she be able to recover?’ ‘the huge upset that Sanders had caused by winning Michigan.’

Not one media outlet reported that the win by Mr. Sanders was in the one percent range, not exactly a defeating triumph. More importantly, not one of the news media outlets reported that MI has what is called an ‘open’ primary system. What that means is that Republicans can vote for Democratic nominees; thus using the GOP to once again try to get rid of Hillary by voting for Bernie.

This is extremely important. Rather than every major news outlet having blaring headlines about can Clinton survive this loss, not one pointed out how minute the loss actually was and, more importantly, that the GOP could very easily have been responsible.

The facts are that Sec Clinton won the majority of Dem voters in MI last night. What made Sen. Sanders pull slightly ahead was the votes of the GOP and IND. No one is reporting on who pushed him over the edge. If it was the INDs this is a big win for Sanders. If it was the GOP, this has nothing to do with Sanders, it’s all about trying to take down Hillary.

No, we don’t know which is true and we will find out more next Tuesday. But, to jump to such drastic breathless conclusions is not only wrong it’s completely irresponsible news reporting. It is just presenting one side of the story.

We need to demand better.

What also sickened me was to see the so called BernieBots out in full force declaring complete victory. Many foolishly said the race could be over in less than a week. I do think it is so wrong for twitter users to so distort what is going on. I have personally found most of the BernieBots unnecessarily hostile and inaccurate. I have rarely heard such nonsense from a particular group; that includes from Trump supporters too.

There is very good reason for this. Many of these BernieBots are actually GOP trying to turn Dems against Clinton by pretending to be Bernie supporters. Their objective? To crucify Sanders in the general election.

I am calling on all true Democrats to stop this petty nonsense of trying to vilify Mrs. Clinton on unsubstantiated claims. This is what we do in democracy, we fight it out. But, let’s do it only with facts and not speculation.

In the end what every true Dem should want is a Dem POTUS in 2016. Whether that is Hillary or Bernie, we shall see. But, the hysterical headlines, the complete lying on twitter need to stop.


Dems: Wake Up, Listen Up and SHOW UP

1990 Bernard Belair  rock the vote  copy


I read a very disturbing piece in the New York Times this morning that should give all Democrats a chill up their spines.

Dem voter turn out in primaries is way down from 2008. In Texas the voter turn out was more than 50% below 2008 levels.

We cannot win this election if Dems don’t show up and vote. It’s that simple and that clear. This is an alarming turn of events because our not turning out to vote might hand the presidency to Donald J. Trump. I can’t think of a more horrid thought than that.

What is also extremely alarming is that Trump is inspiring people to vote. Yes, there have been record turnouts at the GOP primaries while Dems aren’t showing up. What happened to the alleged Bernie revolution? You can’t have one if you can’t get voters to show up.

Worse still is that Dems can’t keep the White House with such low voter turn out.

We Must Stop This Now. We must do everything we can do get Dems to go out and vote. Not only in the primary but more importantly the general election.

Spread the word, this can’t continue. This country can’t afford another Republican president. We haven’t recovered from the last one. The economy is lousy for the 99%; the Middle East is on fire and America’s place in the world is being severely diminished.

It’s up to each one of us to encourage, belittle, shame our fellow Dems to vote. Do it however you can.

Do I have ideas that can help? Yes, of course I do. I have tons of ways to make voters actually vote. I’ve said them all many many times.

  • We should vote by mail
  • We should vote online
  • We should be able to vote in places other than our assigned precincts
  • We should have a week to vote

My ideas are endless, but won’t be accomplished this year. Feel free to share your ideas in how to get Dems to show up and vote.

In the meantime, let’s focus on now. Let’s get people out there to vote Dem now in the primaries and most importantly in November in the general. This includes all levels of government, not just POTUS