Fame Money Addiction Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Death


Whitney-Houston-R.I.P The tragic news of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, being found in a bathtub face down in the water was tragically horrify to learn about. As we all know, Whitney was found face down in a bathtub three years ago, dead. Her daughter is still alive, and I know everyone hopes she will fully recover. That’s my hope.

Addiction is something we don’t know enough about. Yes, we say it’s a ‘disease’ but what do we do about it. How do we help people who are suffering with it. I think much much more research needs to be done in this field. We need an answer for the question of why some people can kick an addiction and others can’t. Willpower is not the answer.

With Michael and Whitney, I believe they experienced something very few people on earth have experienced. Fame. Infamy. Wealth beyond belief. Success. Their every move watched, analyzed, reported on, rumored about.

I think no one knows what it’s like to be a global celebrity and all that entails. I know I certainly don’t. I can come and go and do as I please, the only people who might notice are my doormen, and I am sure they have more  interesting things to watch.

It sickened me a few weeks ago to see that there was a Lifetime movie on the life of Whitney Houston. Why? Because a movie about her life on some lame channel, for the purposes of profit, won’t do anyone any good. We all know the tragic ending. That’s not what we need to learn about.

What we need to explore and learn more about is the devastating impact on a person who is a global celebrity. What their lives are like; their anxieties are, what it’s like to have that. Like I said, I don’t think anyone could understand it until they have experienced it. But, maybe we could all be educated as to what it’s really like. Celebrities don’t live like you and I do. What sounds like vast, endless supplies of money can easily be spent by lifestyles we don’t know. We don’t need security; publicists, managers, stylists, etc.

Celebrity thrust upon someone is something we need to understand more. Yes, performers are public people, yes they put themselves out there. But, once there very few know the intense pressures. Whereas most people worry about employment, mortgage or car payments celebrities have none of those issues. But they have their own unique challenges we should know more about.

Both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died of drug overdoses after being longterm drug addicts. Both of their families had many interventions to try to help them get off the drugs they were abusing. Neither family was successful. But, what we have to understand is what it’s like to be a global superstar. Especially for someone like Michael who had been a household name since childhood.

More must be done to understand about addiction. It’s not just the rich and famous who suffer from it. It is also the people who can’t afford their rent/car/child payments. Knowing that the lack of money is not the reason for plunging into a life of drugs should really tell us a lot. Many people want to get break from their lives; you just never think it would be a global, very wealthy superstar.

The reason we need more answers on addiction is because of the unthought of casualties like Bobbi Kristina. But there are many more. The people who were briefly on top then saw their careers sink. No, maybe they didn’t try to end their lives, but knowledge would help all.

The reason the Lifetime movie about Whitney nauseates me is because it’s about the wrong topics. What we need to know is what it’s like to be a young girl and have world wide attention on everything you do. What it’s like to not be able to kick the addiction.

I want to see a deeply investigated and researched documentary on these topics. It could help so many people. In the meantime let’s keep our thoughts with Bobbi Kristina and her recovery.


America Hasn’t Been The Same Without Jackie O and Her Son John

Does anyone miss real celebrities, ones who were as mysterious as they were glamourous?  I do. Todays culture is filled with trashy people with cameras following them around, giving us way too much info, putting out sex tapes, arranging fake marriages.  I remember a day, not that long ago, where the celebrity was the one who was sought after, per sued and wouldn’t give any information out at all.  Of course Jackie O comes to mind, she was the epitome of a legend.  She never spoke to the media, granted interviews, wrote her memoirs.  She was true American royalty.  I miss that, people you want to know more about.  John Kennedy, Jr. was the same kind of royalty that his mother was.  He was humble, gracious and never over exposed his life – his body yes, he was an exhibitionist!  Caroline Kennedy is also American royalty, she lives a life out of the public eye, she comes out when there is some sort of charity event or something to do with her father’s legacy. But she is a true celebrity too; we don’t have pics of her house, or apartment; she’s not being interviewed and exposing her life.  I miss the class and dignity that once was.  The other example I am thinking of is Leona Helmsley, she was the queen of New York.  She and her husband, real estate magnate Harry Helmsley, were the talk of the town, invitations to their parties were highly sought after.  I think she had a yearly celebration for him called ‘I’m just wild about Harry.’  She and Harry redefined Manhattan, the skyline, the views, putting their names on buildings.  Her ad campaign was brilliant and legendary: ‘The only palace where the queen stands guard’ We all know about her downfall, her being charged with tax evasion and went to prison.  But still, like Jackie, you wanted to know more about Leona, her life wasn’t shoved in your face.  Diana Ross is another legend celebrity who you wanted to know more about.  In the 70s and 80s it was the celebrity who people were attracted too, being on the cover of a magazine was a big deal, the public wanted more. Now we have no true celebrities, no legends.  We have Snookie who we can see way too many intimate details of her life. We have the Kardashian’s who luckily I know nothing about. We have Paris Hilton, who really started this idea of being a celeb for no reason at all.  Just a sex tape and a dumb persona and she was a ready made celeb.  Of course she is probably having the last laugh with making a fortune, but I am talking about true legends who have class.  I can think of very few, only older ones who didn’t do the over exposed thing to get noticed. They got noticed for their talent. Now I am thinking of Tyne Daily, Sharon Gless, Meryl Streep, Stockard Channing, Clint Eastwood.  Today there are no legends. The end of the 1990’s marketed a time when 2 of the worlds biggest legends both tragically died.  Diana, Princess of Wales and JFK Jr.  I hope in the future we have more people to want to know about, want to be inspired by.  But I do miss Jackie, I was in the same room with her one time in my life. I also talked to JFK JR. once, both times were exciting. Lets bring up the caliber of celebs so we can have more legends.