When You Piss Off the Left and the Right I Must be Doing Something Right!

IMG_0489Over the last several months I have really grown to love twitter. Its fun, I’ve met a lot of nice people; lots of people have had such positive feedback about my tweets and my blog its really been a nice experience. I have noticed something interesting over the last few months; some of my tweets are attacked from the right; others are attacked from the left. The other day someone said to me to get out of my GOP bubble. If you have ever read any of pieces on this blog you will know how ludicrous that is to say to me. I like to think of myself as open minded on most subjects, I like to hear all sides of an issue or argument then make up my mind. I have no problem calling out DEMS or the GOP if I feel they arent doing enough or if I dont like what they are doing. I have never liked the idea that belonging to one political party meant you had to agree with everything that party did. Does saying Obama was a complete disappointment make me unable to be a DEM. Does saying the tea party and GOP that obstructed Obama at every turn should be tried for criminal acts and possibly treason does that make me a DEM?

I think what is going on in Washington right now is disgraceful, we as a country should be embarrassed with how our elected officials are acting and how little they are getting done. The fiscal cliff has been known for 18 months or longer; why didnt President Obama show some leadership earlier rather than get us in an unnecessary down to the wire outcome. This is so reminiscent of the debt ceiling fiasco its frightening. When our credit rating was lowered the main reason was because the United States was seen as not being able to govern itself. And yet here we are again doing the same thing. Both sides are to blame and both sides disgust me at this moment. We have a world in turmoil, the Middle East is on the verge of collapse; we have a jobs and longterm unemployment crisis that is being ignored for the daily theatrics of the fiscal cliff. Anyone taking a clear look at whats going on would realize what we are arguing about is pretty pointless. Obama wanting to raise the taxes on the top 2% is a start, but by no means will it solve any major debt problem. One of the main drivers of our long term debt is the Bush tax cuts; eventually they will all have to go. The GOP not wanting to raise rates is just absurd. Of course rates have to go up; and the higher your salary or take home pay the higher the tax bracket you will fall into. Thats a must.

President Obama has been, and continues to be a very weak leader. He might be extremely bright and have decent policies but he doesnt know or is unable to articulate them to the country. Thats an essential talent for a politician. He is not showing leadership now, all he is basically doing is saying I won the election and have a mandate to raise taxes on the top 2%. Like I said earlier that wont do much good anyway and also the election was much closer than it appeared. Obama beat Romney by a slight edge in lots of different locations. What seems like an electoral college landslide was much closer. Obama also gets a failing grade for not having developed working relationships with the GOP and even DEMS. As I said earlier the behavior of the GOP should have them behind bars. That doesnt let Obama off the hook for not reaching out more.  I am quite pleased Obama won, Romney would have been a disaster in my opinion. But Obama is failing to get the economy moving and hasn’t done one thing for the unemployed since September of 2011. That is unacceptable.

Life is complicated, its not black and white; it comes in many shades of gray. I wish other people could see the good and the bad in things and not just have a partisan view. That will get us right where we are; gridlock. Its time to see everything thats going on so we can make our lives better.


If Ronald Reagan Was Alive Today He Would Be A Democrat – And Supporting Obama

Oh no you dii’int; oh YES i did!  Ronald Reagan is seen by the right as a conservative hero, a transformative president.  You could play a drinking game with the number of times the Presidential candidates invoke his name.  If Ronnie was running in this cycle I think he would have been out of the race before the buffoon from Texas, seriously I think the far right/tea party groups would have looked at his record and deemed him not committed enough or conservative enough.  Ronnie is famous for saying “if we agree 80% of the time we can work out the 20%”  In today’s world that statement and whomever said it or agreed with it, would be driven out of Washington.  So, we know that Reagan could compromise.  Imagine what we could get done today if both sides compromised?  Instead we have a congress where “its my way or the highway” as Olympia Snowe pointed out as one of her reasons for not seeking reelection.  A government can’t run with no compromise; thats called a dictatorship.  People always say Obama had both houses of congress the first 2 years of his administration.  While this is technically true, many of the Democrats were the so called Blue Dog Dems who were too afraid to vote for Obamas agenda, they were afraid of losing their jobs.

The problems facing this country are huge, staggering unemployment, unseen numbers of long term unemployed, poverty, the stability of social security and medicare, the health care epidemic and of course the national dept.  Imagine if Ronnie was alive now and went to tackle all of those issues with the 80/20 mindset.  You can’t negotiate with people that say no to everything.  All of you Reagan loving people, follow his example of compromise.  Don’t forget Ronnie raised taxes 17 times during his administration.  SEVENTEEN TIMES!

I think the situation in Washington is even worse than it seems.  I think the Republican party decided before Obama was inaugurated that they would block everything he tried to do.  And thats exactly what they have done.  What if they were willing partners in 2009; what if we had had that $1.8T stimulus and today we were at full employment with a growing GDP and economy.  I am disgusted, as I am sure many Americans are, about the lack of accomplishments in Washington.  The Republicans need to study Ronnie more, learn from his successes and how he won them.  If Ronnie was alive he would be supporting Barack Obama today.