Media Bias, Calling Out Falsehoods in 2016


I just noticed it’s been a long time since I have posted so it’s time for my input into what’s going on right now in the media and 2016 election cycle.

So much is wrong, factually incorrect and biased I hardly know where to begin.

Of course I know, let’s start with Sen. Sanders:

When he first came on the scene I liked what he was talking about, I liked that he was moving the conversation to income inequality and fairness for all. I liked the ideas of free healthcare, free college and free everything. Upon doing research and finding out this would add $18 trillion to our debt I took a step back. When Sanders was asked how he would accomplish this without adding to the debt he had no viable plan, answer, solutions, except that other countries do it. That’s not good enough.

The day I lost all respect for Sen. Sanders was when he stood on the streets of my city, Manhattan, and said NY voters have been disenfranchised of their vote because of the state rules about who could vote in the NY primary. This to me was a complete lie and a desperate way to try to get sympathy for himself.

Every state sets its own rules about who can vote in primaries. Some are ‘Open’ meaning both Dems and GOP can vote for either a Dem or GOP candidate. Some state laws rule that you must be registered as a GOP/Dem to vote for GOP/Dem candidates in a primary.

Mr. Sanders this is not voter disenfranchisement. These are sates laws. Being ignorant of the laws isn’t an excuse for your claims. You have been in congress for over 25 years, you should know the rules and should have advised your base what they needed to do.

Instead you didn’t do your homework and then cried a ‘rigged’ election when it was you, yourself who was way in over his head and crying for mercy when losing so badly.

On another note of misinformation (lying) coming out of the Sanders campaign has to do with Superdelegates. Bernie has claimed that the Superdelegates are unfair and have been against him from the start. He claims the deck was stacked against him before he got in the race.

There is nothing I hate more than a liar, this SD charge is an out and out lie Sen. Sanders. You know, or should know, SDs don’t cast their votes until after all of the primaries. No one stacked any deck against you. No one. If you don’t like the SD system work on changing it in the future, not during an election.

Your ‘electability’ argument isn’t worth talking about. Polls this far out have zero relevance. At this time in 2012 Romney was up 8 points over Obama, we saw how that turned out.

Hillary Clinton: As Hillary herself has pointed out, she is not the best politician. However, even with 25 years of unproven negative publicity she still has achieved more than 3 million votes more than Sanders and 2 million more than Trump.

This should alert people to her ability to turn out the vote and invoke excitement.

When elected president Mrs. Clinton will be the most experience and tested president to take office in modern history. Her grasp of knowledge from knowing how deals are done in congress to knowing global leaders on a first name basis is breathless.

Clinton being compared to Trump by Sanders is preposterous. I can’t think of anything more absurd.

The most qualified should win for a change rather that the buffoon in a cowboy hat that people ‘wanted to have a beer with.’

Donald Trump: Perhaps the most dangerous candidate in the history of the United Stated. Trump isn’t in this election to make the world a better place, he is in the election to satisfy his ego. Yes, it’s all about him. How he can make himself feel and look better.

His followers are mind boggling. They don’t care that he lies all the time, has no business aptitude or success; has no caring about suffering people in the US and around the globe. He just wants the biggest trophy he can put on his wall.

It is time that Dems and sane Republicans come together to literally save the world. It’s time for us all to back Hillary as president. Sanders has lost. Trump is an unacceptable candidate.

PS For you #BernieOrBust people, get a life.


Dems: Wake Up, Listen Up and SHOW UP

1990 Bernard Belair  rock the vote  copy


I read a very disturbing piece in the New York Times this morning that should give all Democrats a chill up their spines.

Dem voter turn out in primaries is way down from 2008. In Texas the voter turn out was more than 50% below 2008 levels.

We cannot win this election if Dems don’t show up and vote. It’s that simple and that clear. This is an alarming turn of events because our not turning out to vote might hand the presidency to Donald J. Trump. I can’t think of a more horrid thought than that.

What is also extremely alarming is that Trump is inspiring people to vote. Yes, there have been record turnouts at the GOP primaries while Dems aren’t showing up. What happened to the alleged Bernie revolution? You can’t have one if you can’t get voters to show up.

Worse still is that Dems can’t keep the White House with such low voter turn out.

We Must Stop This Now. We must do everything we can do get Dems to go out and vote. Not only in the primary but more importantly the general election.

Spread the word, this can’t continue. This country can’t afford another Republican president. We haven’t recovered from the last one. The economy is lousy for the 99%; the Middle East is on fire and America’s place in the world is being severely diminished.

It’s up to each one of us to encourage, belittle, shame our fellow Dems to vote. Do it however you can.

Do I have ideas that can help? Yes, of course I do. I have tons of ways to make voters actually vote. I’ve said them all many many times.

  • We should vote by mail
  • We should vote online
  • We should be able to vote in places other than our assigned precincts
  • We should have a week to vote

My ideas are endless, but won’t be accomplished this year. Feel free to share your ideas in how to get Dems to show up and vote.

In the meantime, let’s focus on now. Let’s get people out there to vote Dem now in the primaries and most importantly in November in the general. This includes all levels of government, not just POTUS

The Death of the US Democracy, Presidency and Imperialism



Looking around at what’s going on in the presidential race makes me embarrassed to be an American citizen. What we have going on here is not a democracy, far far from it. Everything must change if we ever want a government that is ‘for the people and by the people.’

If you have read this blog over the years some of what I am about to say might sound familiar. But, it is imperative that it be heard again.

I don’t even know where to start, being that everything is such a mess. From a media that doesn’t focus on facts, but instead focuses on sensationalism and ratings; to a rigged format of unqualified people narrowing down the presidential candidates; to a completely fact free group of candidates that no one questions.

Let’s start with one of the things that irritates me the most: the order of the primary states. Not only are the people of NH and Iowa not representative of the country they also allow years of pandering by potential candidates. The primary states schedule should be released at the first day of the election year. They can be chosen at random, lottery style, anyway that sounds good.

Time to end the grip of New Hampshire and Iowa, they have no business being the first threshold candidates go through. This would also make potential candidates speak to the entire country, not just these 2 sates.

The caucuses need to go, period. It’s archaic and makes no sense. Vote in primaries.

The electoral college needs to go also. This is not the way to choose a president. It should be chosen by the majority of Americans. No more kissing up to Ohio, Florida, and the other  swing states. Let the majority decide as would be expected in a democracy.

Mid term elections must be ended. The day a person starts work in the House they need to start raising money for their reelection, a mere 2 years later. Our congress people should be there working for us, not fundraising.

Here’s how this would happen; House seats would change from 2 to 4 years. Senate seats would change to either 4 or 8 years. This way more people will vote which will mean more people will be represented.

Voter turn out is an embarrassing disaster. My way of fixing it is not by shaming the non voters it’s be making voting easier. I have been saying this for years. Voting should be done by mail with the government sending a receipt to each voter confirming their vote. We would have so many more people voting if people were offered this convenience. Voter fraud would be off the table because people’s ballots would be sent to their registered addresses. The ‘Get Out to Vote’ effort can change to ‘Learn what they say and who you agree with.’ I would also add that postage return be paid for.This will allow for people who can’t afford the postage won’t have an issue.

There is so much more that needs immediate changing:

  • All money must be taken out of politics; the government should give an allotted amount to each candidate and that’s what they can spend. Period.
  • Senate seats must be changed from 2 per state to a per capita system. If CA has 4 times as many people as Iowa, CA should have 4 times as many people in the Senate.
  • There must be some kind of reform on congress. If they refuse to do their jobs and or refuse to show up for work they should not be paid a salary, benefits and pension by the American tax payer.
  • I’d propose a war tax, as we had for every war before Iraq. Our country will be much less likely to go to war if everyone had skin in the game.
  • Taxes must change. Companies must no longer be able to hide their money overseas to avoid paying taxes. We do have one of the highest business tax rates in the world, but no companies pay them. Time for them to pay up. High income earners must also pay more in taxes. Our government is bankrupt, it needs an infusion of money so we can regain our leadership in the world.

In summation, we do not live in a democracy and that needs to change. We must make big changes in order to survive in the world. Everything I have just said needs to be considered, and in my mind implemented.

Smart, common sense solutions will make us prosper. Going down the same road we have been will make us the fallen empire.

2106 The Candidates The Issues The Media The Fiasco


I was watching Meet the Press this past Sunday and saw Chuck Todd interview Jeb Bush. The entire interview was about Jeb’s drop in the polls. Why was he dropping, why wasn’t he the frontrunner, what does this say about his future Todd kept asking. I kept longing for Todd to ask “how would you safely get us out of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria?” Or, “the numbers look good on the economy but they aren’t good for every day Americans, they are earning less working more and tens of millions of uncounted unemployed people, how specifically would you address this?”

But, no. All he asked were unimportant irrelevant questions. This is what our media has become. No substance, just about producing ratings. It is very much a shame in that the American people aren’t being educated so they can make informed make decisions. And, the candidates don’t have to talk about anything specific.

Everyone is talking about the CNBC debate and the GOP candidates getting together to make demands of the media before the next debate. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The news media is supposed to be the 4th estate of the U.S. government. They should never give in to the demands of any candidate. As President Obama said last night, how could these crybabies ever deal with Putin if they can’t deal with CNBC moderators?

So true.

The CNBC debate wasn’t as much of a fiasco as everyone has made it out to be. But, the debate itself was set up very poorly. Five or 6 different people asking questions? That’s too many people. Asking Trump if his candidacy was like a comic book character, asking Jeb why his numbers are dropping. See above. The audience wants substance, not BS.

The point is really no longer about if George Bush made the wrong decision invading Iraq (YES he did) or if Obama’s seemingly lack of strategy has made the situation worse (probably); the point is how do we fix it. How would each candidate fix the messes we are involved in. Sorry Mr. Trump, staring down your rivals won’t change anything.

If you look at the candidates from the GOP I am hard pressed to find one acceptable candidate. Sure, Trump and Christie make me laugh with the ridiculous things they say, but they aren’t suitable. Carly? How many times does this woman have to lie for people to get it. She shamelessly plays the gender card by saying ‘Hillary’ ever other word. Carson, Huckabee, Jindal, Cruz all just so full of bigoted hate and pandering to their bases. Unsuitable. The rest? Forgettable.

On the Dem side it’s a bit different since so few are running. Really the only two meaningful people left are Clinton and Sanders. Whereas I have not decided yet, Bernie talks a great game but can he win in a general election? Hillary is probably the most prepared and competent person to ever run for the presidency. It would be nice to see a strong experienced leader that doesn’t need the learning curve Obama and Bush needed.

There are so many things going on today that choosing our next leader is vitally important. Even if you just look at the Supreme Court, a Dem must win.

There are so many other issues as well. Actually being able to create real jobs that can pay enough for a family to live on. There is a reason why we have more people living in poverty than any other time in our history: because the newly created jobs, while impressive in numbers, are low paying, part time, and unacceptable. A dire warning to Hillary, if you keep up the Obama happy dance about the economy you will look out of touch and uncaring.

There are so many other issues from income inequality to education to legalized discrimination to Climate Change. And many many more. But we aren’t hearing any substantial conversations on any relevant issues, and, we probably won’t.

Right now this is a fiasco. Candidates running wild, trying to bully the news media. The news media unable or unwilling to ask candidates the questions to move our country forward and the worst of all; I don’t think there is one candidate running who has the American peoples best interest and the country’s best interest as their first priority. It’s all about them.

So, where does that leave us? In a shitty place. This is definitely not what our founding fathers wanted for the future of this country.  Together we must change everything.

#MediaFail: We Might As Well Be In North Korea With State Run TV News


Seeing what’s been going on so far this election is outrageous. Our so called ‘news media’ is anything but. They do not ask the tough pertinent questions, they don’t inform viewers and most outrageously they are deliberately trying to change the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election by spinning negative stories about certain candidates.

Let’s start with Sec. Clinton. I have never seen so many unnecessarily negative articles about one person. The media is planting the seed that she is ‘untrustworthy’. They report on her high negative ratings, but fail to mention all of the candidates have high unfavorables. They never clarify that the years of investigation over Benghazi, longer than Watergate, were a witch hunt solely for the purpose of destroying Mrs. Clinton. The emails? Have we heard one article speak the truth that there was no wrong doing, there was no breaking the rules and this is a non-story. No, they report on it daily, as if something was there. No research done to show this was a non story. President Obama said her using private email was a mistake?  Where was he when he was receiving emails from her private account for 4 years and said nothing?

One of the favorites of the press is to say how Bernie Sanders is such a big threat to Clinton. They show poll numbers showing her lead diminishing. What they don’t tell you is that they are talking about polls in just New Hampshire and Iowa. In the rest of the Country Sec Clinton is dominating all of her competition by large margins.

That brings me to Bernie Sanders. It does seem like the media either completely ignores him or looks only for issues he is vulnerable on. Yes Senator Sanders is a non traditional candidate, but it seems like that’s what the Country wants. The only articles I see about him are about his trouble with black people, guns, and his temper. I have yet to see an article talking about his policy, how effective he could be. What kind of changes he could make in this Country and how our Country could be better off. Just like with Hillary, it’s all negative.

Instead of news, research and information our so called news media centers solely around ratings. Getting the candidates to fight with each other, getting them to have a gaffe or being caught flat footed.

Martin O’Malley. Who? Zero media coverage.

On the GOP side it’s even worse. All any of them report on 24/7 is Trump. Good for ratings, but informing the public? No.

Trump is a character and I have to admit I enjoy watching him. He is like the car crash you can’t look away from.

I know since the media really only talks about Trump that has forced Walker and Perry out of the race. I predict Jindal to be next. But, just like with Hillary and Bernie, is the media covering what positions each candidate has and how they would implement them? Do they fact check Carly and let us know she lies about everything? There was no Planned Parenthood video. She continues to double down on her original lie. Does the media tell us that when she says she doubled the earnings of HP it is because she bought Compaq? No.

Do we ever hear about Huckabee’s consistent hypocrisy? His coming to the side of the clerk in KY who broke national laws just so he could pander? Does the press ever talk about his sons who tortured and killed innocent puppies? No. Why is that important? How your kids turn out is a direct result of how you are as a parent.

All of our news does come from 6 media conglomerate. It certainly seems like they want a Republican in the White House. The media has the power to manipulate things: Hillary is untrustworthy, Sanders we will ignore until he goes away in the meantime piling on with negative press about both of them.

If we aren’t getting valuable, impartial, in-depth news on each and every candidate we all might as well be living in Iran or North Korea where the government decides what information people here.

They are dictators, we are Oligarchs. Not much difference, really.

The Hate Speech Must Stop Yes I am Talking to You: Trump, Santorum, Palin


Our Nation has lost its way. We have politicians who will say anything, pander to the worst elements of our Nation. Just to get elected into office. This is a stain on our Country and shows a complete lack of values.

It is killing people.

What did that nameless blonde boy say as he slaughtered 9 innocent people? He said, ‘it’s time to take our Country back.’ Where have we heard that before? Too many places to mention. Sarah Palin, Donald Trump just to name a few.

Now, I am not blaming your idiotic and callous words for the murder of innocents but it’s time we all took a good look in the mirror and see where these radical views come from. You can’t casually say, ‘let’s take our Country back’ and not understand that there are people you are motivating by your words. You, in fact are, in my mind, an accessory to the crimes.

If you are a candidate and want to express your views of how to make things better. By all means, express yourself. If you are insecure and shallow enough that you can’t say ‘my ideas are better’ but instead say our Country is filled with rapists you have no business being on the political stage. And, if you are a competitor of that kind of thought process and language and refuse to condemn it. You are as much to blame as the Donald speaking like an un-watched over child and saying anything he wants to get attention.

Donald, you are encouraging violence but your moronic words and need to think about what you say. To you, this is a big ego boost. To many in this Country who are hurting from our lousy economy your words validate their feelings and encourage them to violence.

What was the inspiration of today’s blog post? Rick Santorum. Rick, in a pathetic attempt to stay relevant with the ever shrinking base has called for a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. Yes, we have heard the same old story from him for more than a decade. Yes, he is a 3x loser in trying to become POTUS. Yes, his state voted him out of office in staggering percentages, rarely seen.

So, Rick, since you are such an alleged bible thumper and want everything in that text to be law why have I never heard you talking about ways to curb divorce. To curb infidelity. Instead of the shameless pro life stance you take where is your call for sexual education for young people so they will know their options and help reduce unwanted pregnancies?

Never once have I heard you talk about any subject as passionately as you do about denying gay rights. What you probably don’t understand is that you are, through your hatred, encouraging not only violence against the LGBT community but also making the community think there is something wrong with them. The number of suicides in the LGBT community is staggering.

Your posturing to gain votes could possibly be costing people their lives.

I won’t go into the implications of those that protest too much have something to hide. Or Bill Maher’s comments of your being more obsessed with gay men than gay men are.

I will say this. You are a despicable human being. Religion should teach love, not hatred

How Did We Go From “Ask Not..” To Trickle Down Economics? Learn from the Kennedys’

A1-SUb-Pink-articleLarge-v2The other day I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw Chris Wallace interviewing Kathleen Kennedy (Bobby’s oldest child) and Patrick Kennedy (Teddy’s younger son). They both were so inspiring and positive it really made me wonder what has happened to this Country. Kathleen said her Father wrote her a note on the day JFK was buried telling her she was the oldest Kennedy grandchild and that she should carry on the family message of doing work to help people. Bobby wasn’t filled with anger, hate and revenge on the day his older brother, who had been gunned down and killed in broad day light, was to be buried. He wanted to make sure their message of helping others stayed alive. Patrick Kennedy, who wasn’t born until 1967, 4 or so years after the assassination, talked about his Father Teddy Kennedy and his endless fight for helping those in need, giving universal healthcare. Teddy always struck me as a type of hero. Not because I agreed with everything he did, or paid attention to all of his bills, or getting away with Chappaquiddick,  but because here was a man probably worth over a billion dollars and he spent his life trying to make things better for the average person.

Of course it was Jack Kennedy who asked to Country to pitch in and help out. He created the Peace Corps, inspired a generation to want to work in government for their country, pursued Civil Rights for African Americans. The Kennedy message was give back to society. How on earth did we go from a true member of the 1% with that message to a has been actor whose “Trickle Down Economics” (or as George Bush called it at the time “Voodoo Economics”)? The change in the Country and the Country’s leader could not have been more different. As a society back in the 60s people helping others was the goal. That was the message from a president who also, in today’s dollars, was probably a billionaire but his goal was to get the Country to work together, help the needy. Fast forward to 9/11; George Bush didn’t ask the Country for anything; he started the first wars in our Country’s history that did not have a war tax to pay for the wars. Now maybe that’s not a fair comparison because 9/11 was something we had never seen before, vulnerability on U.S. soil. Perhaps Mr. Bush thought having people get back to their everyday lives “going shopping” was his way of saying everything would be ok.

I wasn’t born when JFK was gunned down so I can’t say which was more impactful, his assassination or 9/11. What I can say is that the message of the Kennedy family was to help others. Give back. They were living proof of that. What was Ronal Reagan’s message? Greed is Good. We have had so many years since JFK that it’s virtually impossible for someone like President Obama to talk about giving back, helping others and our Country.

Now should be a time to look at the Kennedy family, follow their lead from the 1960s and extend a hand to those that need it. Change the culture from “give me” to “let me help you”. I am sure everyone knows the way the Kennedy family earned its money was dubious to put it nicely, we also know many of them have been reckless, ignored the law, gotten away with things no other family could get away with. But think of the good most of them have done. Teddy spending his life working for healthcare, helping the needy. Our billionaires of today, the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump, they have disgusting messages of greed, profit, and literally starving the poor.

We need another leader like John F. Kennedy.