Democrats As Close Minded as Tea Party? Read On…

IMG_0126In today’s world I think of the Democratic party as the ones who will listen to ideas before forming an opinion; and conversely I think of the tea party people as close minded and form their opinions from talk radio. This morning I found that is not quite the case.

We have a crisis going on in Russia that could have catastrophic results. I tweeted that Condoleeza Rice is an expert on US/Russian USSR relations and has been for 30 years and that the White House should seek her advice. I can’t even count how many unintelligent responses I received. I was actually a bit shocked that DEMS would be so close minded.

When in crisis consult an expert. Someone that was serving in the White House during the Cold War under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Whatever she is accused of doing after that time she still has expertise that might be of value. So, why not? If her counsel isn’t any good no harm done.

I remember when Condi was first in the Bush administration thinking this is a really great thing. The woman is brilliant, she is black, and maybe she would be able to elevate both women and minorities with her expertise. Instead, what I and almost everyone I knew, thought “what a disappointment.” From the ‘mushroom cloud’ to the ‘bin Laden to strike in U.S.’ memo she just seemed a stooge for the administration.

If you dig a bit deeper you will realize it was Cheney, Rummy and Bush who were pushing for Iraq. Condi wasn’t responsible for the complete failure of the administration to tame Iraq and Afghanistan. None of this excuses the part she played, however you do have to take in proportion.

For those DEMS that are so bitter about the Bush years, what I have to say to you is that when in crisis you should listen to people who are experts in their fields, if you aren’t willing to listen are you any better than the tea party people? No, you aren’t.

My motto is Country First. Put grudges aside and seek the best info you can. I wish our government and citizens felt the same.



My Response To John McCain NYT Piece

IMG_3782Mr. McCain you do make some valid and some interesting points. I think your general thesis for your argument is incorrect.

American weakness, as you called it, I believe started with George W. Bush. The utter failure of the Afghan and Iraq wars is the time people around the world stopped seeing us as invincible. I remember seeing you on the Sunday talk shows during the Iraq war, talking about how poorly it was being handled. You made suggestions on what should have been done. While our military is the best in the world, the strategy that was used in both wars made the U.S. look not only weak, but incompetent.

An incompetent opponent is not one to be feared and not a strong one. It was not in Crimea where Mr. Putin showed his disregard for America’s place in the world. Putin’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 would be a better example. Putin was not afraid of W. and W. did nothing about it.

It’s not right to criticize President Obama’s ‘reset’ with Russia; when you can look back to hear George Bush ‘seeing in Putin’s eyes’ or whatever he said. Sometimes it’s not our POTUS, sometimes it’s Putin.

As far as Iraq goes, you have said it is Obama’s fault for the chaos there because there isn’t a residual force or 5 or 10,000 American troops. That is completely wrong. The U.S. could not control Iraq when we had 200,000 troops there. Ten thousand wouldn’t help them now. The fact that an al Qaeda flag flies in Fallujah is sickening after so many Americans lost their lives their freeing that city.

As far as Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Russia, Crimea; the U.S. needs to decide if we want to be on a constant war footing. Because of the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan the American people don’t want to be involved. That’s a direct result from the fiascos of the last 2 wars. Many have lost faith and trust in all government, more I believe have lost faith in the governments ability to best utilize the military.

While I do agree that Mr. Obama’s foreign policy is opaque at best, I don’t think it’s fair to criticize him for each and every global crisis we have had. I would like to hear a clear foreign policy from the Obama administration, but not holding my breath.

The point of this piece is to disagree with almost all of your conclusions, not to slam President Bush, although it would have been helpful if he knew about Sunni and Shia being at war for 700 years, the point is that America being the place everyone feared is not on Obama’s shoulders.

I don’t know the answers to all of these questions, but one must learn from history in how to move forward.  You seem to have selective memory. I hope you read this. And, I thank you for your service to our Country.

How Did We Go From “Ask Not..” To Trickle Down Economics? Learn from the Kennedys’

A1-SUb-Pink-articleLarge-v2The other day I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw Chris Wallace interviewing Kathleen Kennedy (Bobby’s oldest child) and Patrick Kennedy (Teddy’s younger son). They both were so inspiring and positive it really made me wonder what has happened to this Country. Kathleen said her Father wrote her a note on the day JFK was buried telling her she was the oldest Kennedy grandchild and that she should carry on the family message of doing work to help people. Bobby wasn’t filled with anger, hate and revenge on the day his older brother, who had been gunned down and killed in broad day light, was to be buried. He wanted to make sure their message of helping others stayed alive. Patrick Kennedy, who wasn’t born until 1967, 4 or so years after the assassination, talked about his Father Teddy Kennedy and his endless fight for helping those in need, giving universal healthcare. Teddy always struck me as a type of hero. Not because I agreed with everything he did, or paid attention to all of his bills, or getting away with Chappaquiddick,  but because here was a man probably worth over a billion dollars and he spent his life trying to make things better for the average person.

Of course it was Jack Kennedy who asked to Country to pitch in and help out. He created the Peace Corps, inspired a generation to want to work in government for their country, pursued Civil Rights for African Americans. The Kennedy message was give back to society. How on earth did we go from a true member of the 1% with that message to a has been actor whose “Trickle Down Economics” (or as George Bush called it at the time “Voodoo Economics”)? The change in the Country and the Country’s leader could not have been more different. As a society back in the 60s people helping others was the goal. That was the message from a president who also, in today’s dollars, was probably a billionaire but his goal was to get the Country to work together, help the needy. Fast forward to 9/11; George Bush didn’t ask the Country for anything; he started the first wars in our Country’s history that did not have a war tax to pay for the wars. Now maybe that’s not a fair comparison because 9/11 was something we had never seen before, vulnerability on U.S. soil. Perhaps Mr. Bush thought having people get back to their everyday lives “going shopping” was his way of saying everything would be ok.

I wasn’t born when JFK was gunned down so I can’t say which was more impactful, his assassination or 9/11. What I can say is that the message of the Kennedy family was to help others. Give back. They were living proof of that. What was Ronal Reagan’s message? Greed is Good. We have had so many years since JFK that it’s virtually impossible for someone like President Obama to talk about giving back, helping others and our Country.

Now should be a time to look at the Kennedy family, follow their lead from the 1960s and extend a hand to those that need it. Change the culture from “give me” to “let me help you”. I am sure everyone knows the way the Kennedy family earned its money was dubious to put it nicely, we also know many of them have been reckless, ignored the law, gotten away with things no other family could get away with. But think of the good most of them have done. Teddy spending his life working for healthcare, helping the needy. Our billionaires of today, the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump, they have disgusting messages of greed, profit, and literally starving the poor.

We need another leader like John F. Kennedy.

Barack Obama And Job Creation

IMG_1336Let me say it simply, I dont like people who dont have open minds. In my opinion Barack Obama gets a failing grade on job creation and boosting the economy. I have tweeted this message and gotten so much flak from liberals and progressives; people accusing me of  being part of the tea party, a plutocrat, and not understanding how government works. Also, as if calling out the president is some sort of treason to the #p2 or whatever it is cause. I do think I am bringing up the right issues when people call me both a socialist liberal and a member of the GOP here to just criticize the president. Like I have written before, if you piss off both sides I think I am doing something right.

Yesterday while watching CNN Candy Crowley asked the question no one in the media ever asks: is Obama neglecting the economy and job creation by spending time on other (important) issues? She went on to say that Obama was heavily criticized in his first term for spending so much time on a healthcare bill, and not on job creation. This is the question I have been waiting for someone to ask; this is the question the media and other politicians completely ignore: What is the President of the United States doing about job creation and the tens of millions who are unemployed. The answer I sorry to say is absolutely nothing. To me that is unacceptable and could ruin his legacy. As everyone knows its congress that passes legislation, its the GOP in congress that blocked everything Obama tried to do for job creation and another stimulus. People who defend the president will say he has been blocked so what is he to do? Giving up is not the answer; ignoring the problem is not the answer.  The answer is keep fighting, use your bully pulpit to force congress into adding major stimulus to create jobs. Instead, the last jobs bill presented by Barack Obama to the congress was in September of 2011. Nothing since. That is unacceptable. There has not been a drop in the number of unemployed people in over 2 years; the current job creation is just enough to keep up with population growth. It isnt making a dent in the number of unemployed people.

Instead of saying the typical “the economy is recovering, just not fast enough” bullshit line; the president should be leading an effort to get the unemployed and longterm unemployed back to work. If he leaves office with the same number of unemployed people as when he came in history will look back at his presidency as a failure, as living through a second Great Depression with a president who did nothing about it. What can he do? He can talk about job creation every day, he can use his power and authority to set an agenda where job creation is the top priority of his administration; instead of just lip service. Where as gun control and immigration are important issues, having over 10 million people unemployed and 25 million under employed is a ticking time bomb that should have top priority.

It amazes me how people cant look at this unemployment situation and not see how dangerous it is and what a crisis it is. Democrats who are so behind Barack Obama cant see any of his short comings, and take anyone who calls them out to be a traitor. The world isnt black and white so people need to see things as they are. Or keep their minds open. Not always just point fingers at the GOP for obstructionism. What did Obama do with the debt ceiling? He said he would not negotiate. He does have the ability to stand up to the GOP and he should be using that ability now. Would Mitt Romney have been better? Of course not, he would have been much worse. That isnt an excuse though. Neither are other accomplishments that Obama has had. Yes, he has created millions of jobs, yes his stimulus saved us from a much more severe downturn; yes he has been excellent for minorities and civil rights for gays; yes he is the first president to talk about Climate Change being real. There many accomplishments Mr. Obama has had that have been fantastic for moving our country in a better way forward.

None of this excuses his lack of getting unemployed people back to work. He can do it, and he needs to.

More Reasons to say NO to Mitt

After a grueling election season, I mean for the public not the candidates, today is the day people vote. I really hope we find out tonight who wins because this story is just getting so tired. If you read my other posts you will know where I stand on many issues, candidates and parties. I have a few more observations that are worth noting.

  • First, get out and vote. If you dont vote you are not part of the conversation of moving our country forward.
  • I recently read about the al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole during the elections of 2000. Then Governor Bush said that with  an attack against the United States we should all stand together; an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. He did not use that attack politically. In sharp contrast Mitt Romney immediately used the Benghazi attack as a political attack against president Obama. This kind of thing really shows a person’s character. Bush looked to bring the country together; Romney wants to break it apart. This shows a severe lack of leadership on Romney’s part too. Very disappointing. A few other examples of Romney’s lack of character and his cowardice:
    • Romney has never once stood up and straightforward said Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen and was born in this country. Romney cant stand up to Trump and the other birthers
    • Romney did not stand up and defend Sandra Fluke from Rush Limbaugh’s attack where he said she was a slut. Mitt’s response: those arent the words I would have chosen. Strong leaders need to stand up and take a position and condemn Rush for attacking an innocent person
    • The abortion issue — so many in the GOP have said unpalatable things about rape, abortion; Mitt Romney has not come out and clearly stated Rape is wrong and condemned the GOP statements. Again, too much of a coward to confront them
  • If Mitt wins it will have a devastating effect on future elections and set a horrible moral example for children. Mitt has lied, pandered and changed his position so many times its hard to keep track. What this says to me in the bigger picture, if he wins, it doesnt matter how much you lie, you can still win.
  • Voter suppression, Voter ID, inaccurate voting booths. This has to be addressed and fixed. We should have no doubt who won our elections. Voter suppression should be a should be a crime punishable by jail time. Voter ID – the government needs to find a way to get every person an ID at no cost to them
  • Big Government, what is Big Government? Cops, teachers, FEMA. This past week is the perfect end to this election. Mitt Romney wants to gut government programs like FEMA. President Obama used our resources to prevent a bad situation to turn into another Katrina.

I personally dont understand why the vote it close. Obama, while by no means perfect, is far superior to Romney in every way possible. Todays message is get out and Vote; and vote blue down the line.

Al Qaeda #2 Killed and Obama is Silent? This is Why He is in Danger of Losing

If you read my last post about Obama losing the messaging war I have a perfect illustration of what he is doing wrong. Yesterday it was announced that the United States killed the #2 person in al Qaeda; I heard terrorism experts say that the al Qaeda that from Afghanistan and Pakistan are all but ‘Out of Business’ and unable to make any serious threats to the US. If this had happened under George Bush he would have had a statement to the nation from the Oval Office announcing this excellent news. I agree, Obama should have done that yesterday. Al Qaeda is still a major threat to this country and alerting us that their #2 (and tons others) was killed deserves an address from the Oval Office. Instead the news was just all over the web and cable tv trickling out.

This was a major accomplishment and should be treated as such. The threat seems to be coming from Yemen now, but if it is true that the core group that attacked us is on its last legs thats big news. Instead John McCain accused Obama of leaking classified intelligence to further Obama’s political standing. So, instead of Obama leading the military and the country in a great success he is on the defensive with a ludicrous claim from John McCain. Obama needs to communicate with the American people more, from the Oval Office, not just defending himself at some high school in Ohio. Mitt Romney has zero charisma and I think would make a horrible president. But the Republican party is painting a picture of Obama as weak and totally responsible for this economy; Mitt won’t win, Barack could lose.

You might think the killing yesterday and the terrorist threat aren’t on peoples minds, that its just the economy. It is the economy. But we are still at serious risk and when there is a major victory Obama should have told the nation, praised the military and told people in addition to the economy his top priority is keeping the US homeland safe. A missed opportunity that speaks volumes.

*the pic is taken from the 80th floor of the Empire State Building and shows 1 World Trade Center Tower begin built in the background.