Twenty Fourteen Is So Unusual Yet So Familiar ** We Can Change It

IMG_2175Look around the world. Crisis with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Lebanon in a state of collapse. The United States torn by the latest race crisis and a vicious attacking of a president in his second term.  And, of course, the never ending Israel Palestine peace agreements.

Now, I didn’t really pay much attention to politics until it was thrust in my face on September 11, 2001 when 2 iconic towers that were 3 blocks from my home were demolished and I wasn’t able to return to my home for weeks. Then I started to pay attention. Yes I knew for the bombing in 1993 but killing 6 people was not the goal of the terrorists. It didn’t invoke fear in us New Yorkers or the country in general. 

Flash back to the mid to late 1980s. I was in college and paid little attention to politics. But, what I did hear was, “Reagan taking too many vacation days, Reagan out of touch with every day people.” Flash forward to 1998 with Bill Clinton. He was the victim of a vicious right wing mob mentality. Did he have sex outside of marriage? Yes. Was he not upfront about it. No, he wasn’t. To have the GOP impeach him over this was much more than nonsense and posturing. This was the exact time the Clinton administration was starting to go after bin Laden. Was their attention diverted because of the impeachment? How could it not have been?

Flash forward to 2006 – 2008. Everything Bush did was wrong. He was criticized about being out of touch, his approval ratings were dismal. He was accused of taking too many vacation days.

Flash forward to today. President Obama is being accused of all of the above. And more. If you think Obama walks on water and can do no wrong; stop reading my blog and tweets and get some help. There is no one on the face of this earth who does no wrong and doesn’t second guess themselves. So, Obama is being treated to the same treatment most of the 2 term presidents have been treated to. Don’t take it personally. Get over it.

More importantly is what happens next. ISIL is a serious threat, can Obama get a global coalition together to defeat, dismantle and destroy it? Let’s hope so. Not because we are DEMS or GOP, but because we all should want what’s best for the world. The race issue in the United States, I am not sure how that will be solved. I think the media does a horrific job of making things worse, just to get ratings. We don’t know what happened that day so we aren’t in a position to make a decision. Once we know swift action should be take; with facts in hand.

What can you and I do to make our current and future prospects in the United States better? It comes down to listening with an open mind. Don’t ever be like a Fox viewer who listens to nonsense all day. Hear. Listen. Learn.

When we know the facts we use our greatest power to vote.  



Thanks To All @GinsburgJobs tops 45,000 #AndrewSGinsburg Blog Read Globally

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Thanks To All of My Followers @GinsburgJobs Has Over 35,000!

IMG_1210First I would like to personally thank each and every person that follows me, reads my tweets, interacts, comments and participates. I had no idea when I started this endeavor that I would enjoy it so much and more importantly that I would get so much positive feedback. I have had people tell me from around the globe that they love my tweets, count on them for news and look forward to them. Thats really nice to hear and I am so glad that what I am doing is making a difference, however large or however small. I have also heard from a lot of people that disagree with me; I am always up for an intelligent conversation about differing points of view. There is a difference between another bright person with a differing point of view than a troll who is just negative and not worth any time. Come to think of it I have been accused of being an anti Obama mouthpiece as well as being extremely liberal. I guess thats one of my points with twitter and this blog: forget labels. Do whats right. People tell me I have a different and distinct ‘voice’ and I take that as a fantastic compliment. I like to point out what I see as wrong in the world, in the hopes of righting it. If you are a hard core DEM that doesnt mean you have to agree with everything Obama is doing. If you are hard core GOP do you really want to see people die because they dont have the money to have health insurance? To me, there is a right thing to do and thats what I strive to do; I dont care about party affiliation. I care about whats right. Now, I must say that todays GOP is a disgrace; alienating minorities, gays, women. With such hard core non bending stances its hard to sympathize with any of their positions. That doesnt mean that if John McCain has what I think is a good idea I wouldnt stand up and say so. When Portman came out in favor of gay marriage because his son is gay, I applaud that. I do hope for the day when the GOP becomes a sane alternative to the DEMS.

I hope my tweets and this blog have opened people’s minds a bit; I try to tweet views from the left and the right. I wish that the news media wasnt so lazy and they could actually write articles that make people think. For example would Joe Biden have made a better POTUS then Obama? Would Biden’s 30 or 40 years of contacts, friendships and relationships have helped him to pass more bills, lessen the gridlock, get more people back to work? I think quite possibly yes. The same for Hillary. Everyone is looking for the next new “out of Washington” person to come along and save the day. What if, what it takes to save the day are votes, and those votes in Congress are helped by longterm relationships. To me thats a topic worth a national debate. We should discuss these kind of issues for the betterment of our Country, not to score political points or to diminish Obama. Right and Left should want the same things; the best for our Country.

I was watching a documentary the other night on Ethel Kennedy, the other Mrs. Kennedy. Each of her children spoke of how their parents showed them up close and personal how a lot of other people live in this country and around the world. The Kennedy family has vast wealth and they taught their kids that they should always look out for the under dog, always help those in need. Teddy Kennedy to me is an inspirational hero. I never paid much attention to exactly what bills he was working on or things like that. But, here you have a billionaire who could sit back and enjoy the best of everything in life; yet he spent his life fighting for healthcare for the needy, working on bills to provide for people who werent as privileged as he was. To me thats what our Country should be about; helping people in need. And, not just with financial hand outs but jobs, education, ways they can make it on their own.

This piece is very me. I have lots on my mind, lots I want to share, lots I want fixed in the world and I say them as they come to me. But, the real purpose of this post is to again thank you all for following me, I hope you have learned things from me, as I definitely have learned from all of you. So, thanks for followings me.

Lets find ways to change the world!

Some Twitter Tips — Better Than What You Read in a Magazine

IMG_3055I remember when I first joined twitter about a year ago I read a bunch of different articles about how to best utilize twitter, what times were the best times to tweet, how many tweets you should do per hour, what subjects your tweets should be about. As usual I read, digested and ignored most of the info that was out there. I did things my way, which have turned out to be pretty successful. I have had people tell me they look forward to my tweets, others will say they look to me to keep them informed. Those compliments mean a lot to me; the thought that something I am doing is helping other people is a really nice feeling; people have also commented similarly on my blog. It blows my mind sometimes when I see people reading this blog from all over the world; literally. Sure, not everyone loves my tweets and I get plenty of trolls who accuse me both of being a crazy left winger or an apologist for the GOP. I think if I am causing a stir on both sides that I am doing something right. Also over the last year I have amassed about 23,000 followers. Thats pretty cool. So, back to the advice, first forget everything else you have heard and read on, these are in no particular order:

  • Your Avatar, or small pic, is important. I recommend everyone having a pic of your face on the Avatar; if you want to be a bit more subtle you can use a profile or something like that. I find talking to people who dont have one (just the orange blob) a bit off putting. I like to know who I am talking to; not your address, but I prefer knowing if I am talking to a man or woman, approx age, location etc. This is where twitter is different from Facebook, twitter has no profile. I am also not a fan of cat or animal pics. Your Avatar is how people will remember you; its much easier to recognize a face than it is to remember people’s @ names. I am visual and remember people most when they have a face pic, wearing a distinctive color. You Avatar is your brand. I also recommend not changing them. I am sure people recognize my pic more than the name @GinsburgJobs.
  • The best time to tweet? There is no answer for that. You are talking about a global audience. One of my followers is from Australia, when I am getting up she is going to bed. So you cant say what is best. I can tell you for me what has worked out best; its mornings. I got the most RT (re tweets) in the mornings, much more so than during the day. Which works for me because as I read the morning news I tweet what I think is important for people to know. So I really am doing it on my time table but its worked out great. It also depends on what you want your twitter account to be about; mine includes current events so whats in the major newspapers websites are things I tweet a lot. Its also ok to tweet the same tweet more than once. I wouldnt do it too much, but remember your audience is global so somethings need RT later in the day. As far as how many tweets per hour; I never count, I just tweet what I think people should know about.
  • My rule about following people is that if someone follows me I will follow them back; if people are rude, arent fact based in conversation and annoy me a few times I will block them. Also, dont ever send out a tweet thanking people for following you if you havent followed them back. To me thats odd. I always unfollow people that do that.  Also, try not to look at the number of followers you have; they will accumulate as you find your voice and others that share your interests. You can follow people who are recommended by twitter.

These are just a few of the many things I have learned with twitter. You do want to create your brand, be seen as a thought leader. When I started I was going to just tweet about unemployment. That got dull and depressing, so I widened my field to politics (which are very related to job creation), the economy, current events. The Andrew Ginsburg Brand is Trust.

Kick Ass Traffic!

I was really surprised when I looked at the traffic of my blog and it was the highest its ever been, thats an accomplishment for me; I like the thought of people reading what I am writing, maybe getting something out of it maybe having it spark a nerve, or maybe having my posts be something you hadn’t thought about before, or thought about in the way I am talking about them.  I think its funny, people have asked me if I used to be a journalist before and no, I never have been a journalist.  I think thats one of my challenges in finding a job or a “career” in that I have talents that cross a wide variety of spectrums.  They don’t fit into a neat little box.  So, this post is to thank everyone for staying tuned and reading my posts.   I have gotten some positive, some negative, I like both… you don’t learn from people just praising you.  The other day I had someone tell me I was too negative about unemployment.  I liked hearing that because it made me question if I am too negative about it.  Somewhere down deep I know I will bounce back and do very well from this temporary setback.  However, being unemployed, having all day to either “be productive” or “dwell in negativity” is a big challenge because i vacillate back and forth.  This blog has been extremely helpful for me to vent, to talk and hopefully be listened to.  The point of this blog if not financial, I don’t want people paying me for what I can offer, I want to build a group of people with similar challenges and issues.

Back to the extremely high traffic, I love it.  Please keep reading, send responses, negative or positive.  Feel free to give me topics to talk about.  In the meantime, this is  a very challenging time.  For those of us who don’t have jobs, don’t have incomes its hard.  Very hard.  For those that are employed and walking on egg shells, that sucks too.  Lets keep an open dialogue.  Tell me what you think and I’ll tell you what I think.

Social Media – Is Anyone Listening?

I am kind of new to twitter and social media; I have had a twitter account @AndrewSGinsburg for a few years now but until recently I had done very little with it aside from the occasional tweet about nothing of importance.  A few weeks ago I decided I would delve more into social media, create another account @GinsburgJobs that would deal directly with issues I was going through; unemployment, going on interviews, dealing with executive recruiters, the long boring lonely days, self destructive behavior like going out to eat too much, gaining weight, drinking too much.  As time went by I found my hope of finding another job diminishing, things like being “long term” unemployed was a strike against me, being 47 I am sure was a strike against me.  So, the purpose of @GinsburgJobs was to see if I could create a community, share experiences with others, see if I could help other people, if they could help me.  I also decided to start this blog you are reading now, its purpose is to go into more detail about subjects (more characters than twitter allows!), talk about what was on my mind and do some venting, and also point out things other people had missed.  I have changed my original twitter @AndrewSGinsburg to primarily focus on politics.  Many times politics and employment issues overlap so you might see me posting the same thing on both accounts; this was especially true with extending unemployment insurance.  I might eventually split my blog, so one is about politics and one about work related issues.

Now on to the topic of this posting, my thoughts about social media.  In a way it reminds me of the 1990s when everyone was freaking out about the Internet, whether people understood it or not.  I was hired by a global media company to be an online sales executive in 1998, my boss thought that meant I also knew how to program computers.  She would always ask me into her office and ask why her computer wasn’t working, I didn’t want to tell her that I had no clue.  I always said the same thing thought, and it always worked: “try re-booting it”  I understood very early on the Internet was just another platform to reach people.  It wasn’t this big dark scary place.  To me social media is similar, its just another platform for people to communicate.  Btw, I am talking about my experiences, not Middle Eastern revolutions.  Social Media works great for some industries, like the media.  The other day I was watching the Whitney Houston funeral and I tweeted to Don Lemon that CNN should have more coverage of her addictions so people could learn from them, he tweeted back (yes, my first direct tweet from a celeb!).  For the most part when I look at the tweets that come in 95% seem like they are just promoting themselves, their services, their books or companies.  I often wonder, is anyone reading any of this stuff?  The twitter feed is filled with “5 tips for..”  “10 things to alway ….”

For my personal twitter accounts I have met a few nice people, ones that recommended books dealing with what I was talking about; people responding to what I had to say about politicians, motivation.  So I have a positive view and am enjoying this blog and tweeting my opinions.  Where this will lead I don’t know, a job maybe?