The Mishandling and Deconstruction of Current Events

There is so much going on in the world its hard to know where to start; between a US Ambassador being killed, violence against the US all over the Muslim and Arab worlds, our economy slowing, presidential candidates acting like kindergartners with no actionable ideas; to Mitt Romney making a fool of himself world wide by coming out with a statement before he knew any facts.

With all of the protests going on around US and Western embassies, maybe over a film maybe not, its seems unfathomable to me as an American that there is this much protest going on when there are mass slaughterings going on in Syria and there are no demonstrations about this. The same could be said about Libya before that. It seems the United States is the first to be blamed for everything when in fact al Qaeda has killed far more Muslims than Americans have. Romney and the GOP have said that these protests show America’s weakness in the world and how if Romney was president none of this would be going on. They went on to repeat the same tired line that Obama went on his apology tour which set the stage for a weaker  America. Let me get some facts in here. If America is perceived as weaker than it had been there are 2 reasons I can think of for that, maybe 3. First and most important is the US invasion and overthrowing of Saddam Hussein. The fact we did it unitarily was bad enough. The fact that we didnt go in with enough force to, overwhelming military power, to take down Saddam and then keep the peace in post war Iraq. Five long years went by that were complete chaos that the United States was unable to stabilize. This makes us look extremely weak and certainly the fear of American Military Might is not a concern of Iran’s. They know how to game the system, to bog us down, to make us leave. That was George W. Bush and the neocons doing, they made America look weak and incompetent. Thats an outrageous outcome for the strongest military in the world. The other reasons we look weak have to do with a political system that has broken down into complete failure; we are no longer the example of what democracy is, we have made a mockery of it. Also our extremely weak economy doesnt help in our quest to be the most powerful nation on earth.

When a crisis happens on foreign soil its always been an unwritten rule that the Country stands behind the president and doesnt criticize him. In the 1980 presidential campaign President Carter tried to free the hostages in Iran; the mission was a failure. When candidate Ronald Reagan was asked for a comment he said now is not the time to comment on these tragic events. Mitt Romney on the other hand came out criticizing the president for his handling of the situation without knowing what was going on. Mitt Romney was holding a press conference while President Obama was on the phone with the president of Egypt. Romney’s actions were disgraceful and show he is not ready to be POTUS.

The one thing that has not changed in the midst of all this turmoil is the pain and suffering of the American people. Unemployment is at a staggering 25 million plus people and around 17%. The number of unemployed people has not gone down in over a year. Still, nothing is being done by either side. No one is making an effort to get more people employed; this is unacceptable.