Applying For Jobs Online – A Lose/Lose Proposition

Since being unemployed one of the resources I use is applying for jobs online.  There are many job boards out there, some want you to pay, some are easier or harder to use than others.  One of the better ones in; its an aggregate site that pulls job openings from all over the web.  After doing searches you can decide which jobs to apply for.  Now I have been looking for work for two years and I have seen the same companies with the same open position for 2 solid years; how thats possible is a mystery to me.  Once you find a job to apply for the real torture begins.  Back in the day you would apply for a job by submitting your resume and a cover letter online.  Now each and every company insists that you register with their website before applying for the job.  This registration process literally takes over a half hour; for each job you apply to.  The questions that are asked are endless, and its extremely frustrating.  There are a few different companies that have the registration platform that hiring companies use; these are even more frustrating because they don’t recognize that you have already registered so they have you re-register (another 30 mins lost) then when you get to the end of this re registration process an error message comes up and says that email is already registered.  Then you can go back to the beginning of the process and request that your password be sent to you.  I tend to use the same password for these recruiting sites; however some have certain requirements, like you must use at least one capital letter and one special character *&^%$#@.  You would think you were registering for FBI security clearance.  This process the hiring companies make you go through is extremely frustrating since it takes so long to just apply for a job.  Another thing I have seen recently are security questions they make you fill out; your first car, your first grade teachers name, pets name.  Now not to sound paranoid but those are questions that help people steal your identity.  That makes me very uncomfortable so I try to give false answers to those questions.

This way of applying for a job is a lose/lose situation for both job seekers and hiring companies.  I just outlined why its a losing proposition for the job seeker; but more importantly its a losing proposition for each and every hiring company out there.  The best talent won’t put themselves through this, companies are going to lose out on the best and the brightest because of such arduous processes.  One day the pendulum will go the other way and it will be companies looking for talent and they will be the ones at a great loss.  The best way to get our economy and country back on track is having the best and brightest workers.  Our hiring system is broken and needs a complete overhaul.