Can We Learn To Tell The Truth For The Future of the Country

IMG_1684It amazes me when I read different news media and their completely factually incorrect articles they put out. The articles, of course, are to promote either Democrats or Republicans. Has anyone ever had the idea to promote articles, knowledge and experience that would help both parties and the entire Country?

It seems not, since I don’t ever recall seeing anything of this sort. We are one Country and we all have similar goals: making our lives better, safer and a better future for the next generation. Each side may have a different way of realizing the goals; but knowing we have the same goals is very important.

Let’s stop the lies and start working together to make things better. I just saw some posting about how George W. Bush squandered a $5.6 trillion dollar surplus. That is 100% inaccurate. Before people shoot their mouthes off they should do some research. That figure of $5.6T was an estimated figure if the economy continued to grow at the pace it was in the late 1990s. It didn’t. The burst of the dot com bubble was so severe not only did it eliminate any surpluses it also took away all of the value of the growth of the late 1990s.

Why is this important? Am I picking on Bill Clinton while propping up George Bush? No, it’s important because it’s factual information that we can learn from in the future. You need facts to build better policy, bills and laws for the future.

And this needs to be our goal. A better future by learning from all of the successes and failures of each administration. Ego has to be let go; our Country’s future is the most important goal.

Obviously George Bushes’s wars were both fiascos that won’t be finished for years and have put a very deep stain on the competency of the United States of America. President Obama has had to play clean up to get us out of these wars. My goal is for someone non-partisan to look at our invasion of Afghanistan and give a scenario of how we could have done better. Perhaps not targeting the whole Country, just al Qaeda. Yes hindsight is 20/20, but this isn’t about blame, it’s about what to do in the future. In my view, if we had just gone after al Qaeda we would not have had America’s longest war. We might have troops there still, but a small number with a limited assignment.

Iraq was another, is another, complete disaster. Rather than saying Bush was a fool (which wouldn’t be incorrect) what is the bigger lesson? How many troops were sent in? Why was the U.S. unable to tamp down the insurgency? Bush 1 sent 600,000 troops in 1990; Bush 2 sent 150,000 troops in 2003. Maybe this is the very reason Iraq was able to turn from mass insurgency to what it is today.

Each administration should look to the past to see what kind of help they can get to plan a better future. Perhaps Condi Rice has things to offer about Iran dragging their feet and stalling; perhaps she has something to offer about U.S. Russia relations. Of course she does. Contact her.

The only President in modern history that has been utilized for his experience by both Democrats and Republicans is Richard Nixon. Yes, surprising, but true. We need to do more of this. If H.W. has good advice, listen and takes notes. If Bill Clinton has good advice also listen also take notes. It can no longer be a tit for tat game. Country first.

The economy? My goal is for Mr. Obama and his aides (both D and R) look at all the info available at what invigorates the economy. What produces more higher paying jobs. Our economy is not in good shape as most polls have noted. Despite the promising figures people don’t feel positive about the economy. Why? Because most/all of the gains have gone to the .01% not the general public.

When people brag about the Obama economy they should really ask themselves a few questions first. One being, if everything Obama tried to do to stimulate the economy was obstructed who is responsible for the numbers that sound good today? The president who offered a few jobs packages, or the people that obstructed them.

The point? R’s and D’s need to drop their egos at the door and look to each other for what has worked and what could work in the future. From the economy to Russia, Iran. We have a vast quantity of knowledge, let’s utilize it for all Americans.


Panetta, Obama, Gates, Clinton ** War ** What Is The Best Path Forward?

LRAs everyone knows Leon Panetta has written a book that is highly critical of President Obama’s decision to leave Iraq, his not wanting to hear recommendations from the military and just wanting to ‘get out.’

It surprised me, although I know it shouldn’t, that so many DEMS  dismissed Panetta’s observation as a ploy to sell books. This, to me, is close-minded thinking which I thought the DEMS were above that. You can’t listen to a 40 year loyal public servant, who had lead the Pentagon and the CIA? You think he would tarnish his impeccable reputation for the sale of a few more books? That just blows my mind.

To me, smart people look at every angle, look to see how they can improve, look to see how to make the Country more secure. In my mind people need to stop thinking Obama walks on water and can do no wrong. When you have a strong message like this from an insider it’s time to learn what can be done better. It really shouldn’t be political, but that is a pipe dream and will never happen. And, people who don’t want to know anymore information just go back to their partisan base.

This is a tragedy for our Country; now and in the future. We must learn from successes and failures. We are one Nation and we all want to be safe and secure. Villainizing disagreements will in the end only hurt us.

What Mr. Panetta wrote echoes what Bob Gates, Ryan Crocker and Hillary Clinton have said. If you can’t listen to the top security team around a president, who can you listen to? No one. Open your minds.

What Sec Panetta has said is that President Obama and his team were so eager to get out of Iraq that they ignored the military’s advice of leaving 24K troops in the Country and also the Obama administration abandoned political ties with Iraq. Those are both devastating accusations. Now we hear that the Prime Minister of Iraq was marginalizing the Sunni population, much like Saddam had with the Shia. Where was the United States to help change this?

My goal is for peace in the Middle East and peace everywhere in the world. Ignoring glaring mistakes will never get us there. What if, as the military recommended, Obama left those 24,000 troops. What if those troops were able to squash ISIL immediately and the U.S. didn’t have to go to yet another war and invade yet another Muslim State?

This is the entire point of this piece. Learn from mistakes, understand what is going on and get what will make our Country safer in the future. If you can’t imagine Mr. Obama being wrong you should consider yourself as intelligent as the tea party.

The Left and Right both need to drop their partisan leanings and deal directly with what will make our Country safe, economically stable and not be at war with each other.

No Lectures from Iran, None from Russia *** President Obama is NOT Responsible for Ferguson

IMG_0047It sickens me to see the Russian, French and Iranian media condemning the United States of America as being no better than a terrorist country because of the upheaval and demonstrations in Ferguson. No, we are nothing like you. Your trying to tie us into your corrupt political cultures won’t work.

To see president Obama personally blamed for what’s going on in Ferguson is appalling. First off, Mr. Obama is the president of the entire Country, not just Ferguson. Secondly there have been no thorough investigations completed to know exactly what happened and is still happening. 

If citizens of the United States of America do things wrong they are investigated and put to trial. Unlike Russia and Iran or Hamas where people who do things wrong are put to death. Our Country prides itself on living by the letter of the law. Doing that takes some time. We can’t have conclusive results in days. It takes longer than that to find what the problem is/was and how to fix it and punish those that did wrong.

Blaming president Obama is a cheap shot that has no merit. How would he have been able to stop what is going on, or even prevented it? No one could have. If we do have deep seated race relations problems we will as a Country sort them out and change them. That’s what makes us different than other nations. We will continue to fight until the problems are addressed and eventually solved. Other states will just jail or kill people that don’t agree with the ruling party.

This is also an excellent teaching moment for us in America. It’s time to stop the rampant partisanship and hatred of those that don’t believe 100% as we do. It’s time to come together as a Country and look at what we have in common rather than what we are opposed to. So many polls have been released that show major majorities of Americans feel the same way about Immigration, Abortion, Gay Marriage. Let’s take that and run with it. Let’s stop the political divide in this Country and move ahead for everyones benefit. 

Whomever you are, whatever your political affiliation, it’s time to come together. We, as Americans, don’t need to hear propaganda from these kinds of people. We need to act together as a nation and show the world how it’s done. Now is the time to stand behind our president to get things done. If you disagree with him, that’s fine. Let him know. 

As Americans we should never be in this situation again. Where we hear lectures from Iran and Russia. No. Not happening. 

Another Day Another Theme and of course Analysis

photoSo, I can’t seem to find any theme I really like for the background of my blog, so I will keep changing them until one day I have one designed for me.

So many things going on in the world; let’s start with Iraq. It’s almost heartbreaking to see the Iraqi city of Fallujah fall into the control of al Qaeda. I remember all of the American lives that were lost there, the horrific things reported on the news. But, we finally took control and ushered in peace. Now I am sure there are plenty of people chomping at the bitt to blame president Obama for this. Since, after all he left no troops in Iraq. Common sense would tell you the small amount of troops that would have been left would not have been able to contain this kind of violence. My question is, where would we be today if we had left Saddam in power? Would all of this bloodshed be going on? Would Iran have so much influence? Yes we all know the evils of Saddam and his 2 sons, but was he keeping Iraq in better shape than without him? Obviously there is no way to know the answer to this question. I personally don’t understand why the whole region just doesn’t grow up and get over themselves. The Sunni and Shia have been bitter enemies for thousands of year. Why? Work it out. And, this conflict is what is going on in the entire region, Syria; the Saudi’s turning against the U.S. Then of course you throw in Israel and every one of them hates the Jews and won’t acknowledge the Jewish state.

It’s a shame there is so much hate in this world. My not being religious makes it ironic that I completely agree with the Pope. Focus on the needy. Stop making this world such a hateful place. Stop focusing on abortion and gay people and focus on those in need. To me this is what religion should be. But since it’s mostly the exact opposite it holds no interest for me.

I find it a bit ironic that there is an article in the Washington Post about how American style Burger Joints are all the rage in Tehran. I have read for years that the Iranian people are extremely similar to the American people. It’s a catastrophe that the leaders of the 2 countries don’t work their differences out. Iran could actually be our biggest ally in the Middle East, aside from Israel. I don’t see an Obama doctrine in here anywhere.

Other thoughts going on. So, pot is legal in Colorado. BFD. I have said before I don’t think anyone who has pot should be jailed criminalized or have any law enforcement wasting time on this issue. Having it legal is a good thing, it can be regulated and taxed and that income could be used for many purposes. When I say regulated I am talking about having it authenticated and approved. When I was in high school they used to try to scare us from smoking pot by saying it might be laced with PCP. I know pot is not good for developing minds (up to 21 or so) but legal or not kids who want it will find it and smoke it.  So, its legality is almost irrelevant for kids.

Let’s see, what else is on my mind that I can comment on before signing off? ObamaCare? Talk about losing total faith in something. It’s not just the way it was rolled out, the glitches, no one, including doctors knows what to do about it. I say Single Payer. Insurance and jobs should not be connected at all.

As always thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts. And let me know how you like today’s blog theme as it might change tomorrow!

The 2014 Obama Agenda; If He Listened to Me @AndrewSGinsburg

IMG_1870So, today is a nice and quiet New Year’s Day. I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and thank you all for reading my words. There is one person who I want to read this particular piece and call me to discuss. You know who you are, you are married to @FLOTUS. Here I will lay out what I think our President immediately have on his agenda. For anyone reading that thinks Barack Obama walks on water, has no faults, can’t improve anything he does, you might want to stop reading this and get some help.

  • First on his agenda should be a massive jobs bill that includes updating all of our infrastructure, power grids, airports, everything. Two thirds of the American public think the economy is headed in the wrong direction. Consumer spending this holiday season was extremely weak. Why? Because people are insecure about their jobs and the economy, as they have been for five years. Consumers need to feel good about their jobs, secure about the economy to start spending more. The more we spend the better the economy does. So this is where Obama should come out full throttled with a jobs bill and infrastructure of the future plan. He should have done this last year after he trounced Romney but he got caught up in the gun debate, which never seems to end well. Mr. Obama needs to sell to the American people a way to fix the economy for good. I say spend $1 Trillion on this. Fix and upgrade everything that needs it. I hear companies complain that they are trying to hire but no one has the right skills (I think this is bullshit), but have the government pay for training for new employees. So jobs can be created. The unemployment rate has been going down because people have stopped looking for work because they are so discouraged; once they stop looking they aren’t considered unemployed. The 7% figure is very misleading; I would peg the number closer to 20%. The workforce participation number is extremely important, that’s the number of people who have jobs compared to the number of people who want jobs. This is at its lowest level in 40 years. This need to change. You say how could Obama get $1T out of the Congress? Good question. But add up all of the government aid, from food stamps to unemployment insurance to medicaid. Putting $1T into new jobs and bringing all infrastructure into the 21st or 22nd Century, will bring in more money in tax revenue from the new jobs it would practically pay for itself. Those that say the GOP are just obstructionists and would block anything like this need to understand that no one has a bigger, louder, better bully pulpit than POTUS. Use it.
  • Taxes. I am not a believer in ‘redistribution’ of wealth. You earned it, you deserve it. I do however feel that our tax code needs a complete overhaul. And not a revenue neutral one. There are so many tax loopholes that could be closed it would probably bring in more than $1T per year. Those kind of numbers could pay off our national debt in a very reasonable time frame. What am I talking about? Well, lets say you want a tax write off on your third home; under my plan I say no. Yes, I think it’s important to have tax deductions for people for their first home; but we have to create something more fair and balanced. If you earn over $400k per year, no you second home (3rd, 4th, etc) should not receive a mortgage tax deduction. Over seas investment loop holes should be closed. Make the tax code work for everyone. Maybe if you have $15M in the bank you shouldn’t get Social Security or Medicare.  I don’t see any of this as wealth redistribution. Everyone should pay their fair share tax wise. Do it, change the laws, pay down our debt.
  • Start with what I have recommended. Then when this is in action go for Immigration Reform. Change #ACA to Single Payer. Get on Iran ASAP, I think they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Get those tougher sanctions in place to start Day 1 after the initial 6 months.

All of this needs to be done to strengthen the United States both domestically and internationally. One of the reasons I think Hillary Clinton would be a great president is she is not an outsider. Obama has been standoffish and aloof with both GOP and DEMS. That’s no way to solve the Nation’s problems. If you are Hillary, and know how the game is played, you can accomplish these things.

Mr. President, you and your family have brought our Country into the 21st Century. From Michelle rocking the bangs to your support of equality for all you have done so much for us. Call me, email me, hit me up. You and I need to chat.

Mid Week Round Up ** Fed ** Walt ** Iran ** Healthcare

IMG_0095I just noticed I haven’t written a posting in a long time.  So it’s time for me to weigh in on what’s been going on the last week or so. First let me start with Walt Mossberg being let go by the Wall Street Journal, today was his last column. I met Walt once, when I was working at WSJ he came and spoke to the advertising sales team. He started his column in 1991 when no one but techies were writing about technology. His weekly piece was to talk technology to a non-technology audience. Brilliant actually, especially so early on. Over the years he became a first read and his opinions well respected. I read every review he wrote about products I was thinking of buying. I have tremendous respect for Walt and I think this is a very bad move on the Journal’s part. I hope he lands somewhere soon, I will continue to seek his advice.

The Fed tapering off the quantitative easing because the job market is showing strength? That’s such bull shit, the job market is weak and fragile, unemployment is at crisis levels. For more details look back at other postings on here, I don’t feel like going through my views on the job market. All I can say is that anyone who thinks the jobs market shows strength is delusional.

Iran? I don’t buy their game. Not to sound like John McCain but I don’t think we should ease any sanctions on them until we have verifiable proof that they are destroying their nuclear program. They say they want nukes for energy, yet what they are building are nukes for at a grade that’s for weapons not energy. Not to mention they are sitting on one of the largest reserves of oil in the world. Where did I read that line about a young naive president so eager to make a deal with Iran that he would make a bad deal. I think that’s what is happening.

Healthcare? Ok, this is such a huge cluster fuck it’s difficult to sort it out. The GOP is staking everything on bringing down ObamaCare. Since  the Obama administration did such a horrible job explaining the new law they handed the GOP the gift of lying up a storm and scaring people to death. The GOP is winning this war right now; which is amazing since the alternative is no healthcare. The botched roll out with the website made things so much worse. And president Obama being caught lying about keeping your doctor if you want is a blow he might never recover from. Now, if we get back to healthcare itself we should know why this law is good. How is it helping people? I have been on the site and have no idea which plan would be appropriate. I have spoken to a few of my doctors, they have no idea what to do about ACA, which carriers they would accept and which they wouldn’t. When you go on the site it’s not like shopping for Aetna v United Healthcare; it’s more like choosing between Joe’s healthcare v Pinewood. It’s hard to pick your health insurance when not one name is familiar. The point should be better healthcare and a lower cost. I have not seen that yet.  I hope to though.

More to come!

What Every One Missed Tuesday And Today And More

IMG_3399Tuesday night’s election results were a stinging loss for the tea party and the radical right wing. Even Chris Christie’s win showed moderates could be voted in strongly. The win in VA was a clear defeat for the tea party. Is this just backlash from shutting down the government  or a real move away from the radical non compromising right that has left this Country paralyzed. What was briefly mentioned in the news was that all the exit polls at all the locations said people’s top concern is still the economy and their jobs. This has been the case for over 3 years. What are our elected officials doing about what the people want them to be working on? They are ignoring it completely. President Obama uses empty rhetoric about pivoting to jobs but he has never done it. He barely mentions job creation; the last bill he came up with for jobs was in September 2011. Two years ago. That’s unacceptable. Especially since the American public has for more than 2 years said their top priority was jobs and economy. Now everyone knows its not the presidents job to create jobs, job creation bills come from the Congress. This Congress is filled with people who care little about the American public and only themselves and their jobs. I’d still like to hear Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid mention a job creation bill. So, what was the take away from Tuesday? Not what the American people said, just the overall politics of the races and what it means for 2014 and 2016.

What did people miss today about the jobs report? Umm, that it sucked. Creating 200,000 jobs is barely breaking even. And the fact that we have the New Normal of thinking this is positive news is an extremely worrisome sign. We need job growth of 500,000 per month for a year to get people back to work. People wonder why so many people are on government assistance like food stamps; its because they can’t find jobs. Some have jobs and still can’t afford food. For those that think the cruelty of cutting aid to people who need it should really take a closer look at the jobs situation. Workforce participation dropped again this report; that means that more and more people are giving up looking for work. All of those people are eventually going to be subsidized by the government. Why not invest that money now so they can get jobs, support themselves, lift their self esteem, and also bring in more revenue to the government. Seems simple, but no.

In other news, are we seriously close to signing a deal with Iran when inspectors haven’t been in their country yet? The sanctions are working, make them stronger and tighter and push for an immediate Syria like inspection and removal. Lightening up sanctions now is the wrong things to do. I hate to agree with Dick Cheney, but in this case I do.

ACA continues to haunt the president and the democratic party. I am still flabbergasted why Obama didn’t hire someone PR firm to inform the public all of the benefits of the program, 3 years ago. They should be hiring a crisis management team now. Remember when George W. was selling the Iraq war? He had his entire team out there week after week on the Sunday talk shows. Cheney, Powell, Rice the whole crew. Couldn’t Obama have taken that kind of route to inform people how this would benefit them? Or send out doctors, business people, spread the word that this will be good for them.

Consumer confidence fell last month by the most it ever had according to Gallup. GDP for the U.S. is 70% consumer spending. when consumers lose confidence they spend less. Their lowered spending has direct impact on growth. Predictions by economists are saying this years Holiday season will have the slowest rise in spending since 2009, that’s not good. What’s the solution to confidence, economic fears, job loss concerns? Simple, a multi year massive jobs creation bill.