How Did We Go From “Ask Not..” To Trickle Down Economics? Learn from the Kennedys’

A1-SUb-Pink-articleLarge-v2The other day I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw Chris Wallace interviewing Kathleen Kennedy (Bobby’s oldest child) and Patrick Kennedy (Teddy’s younger son). They both were so inspiring and positive it really made me wonder what has happened to this Country. Kathleen said her Father wrote her a note on the day JFK was buried telling her she was the oldest Kennedy grandchild and that she should carry on the family message of doing work to help people. Bobby wasn’t filled with anger, hate and revenge on the day his older brother, who had been gunned down and killed in broad day light, was to be buried. He wanted to make sure their message of helping others stayed alive. Patrick Kennedy, who wasn’t born until 1967, 4 or so years after the assassination, talked about his Father Teddy Kennedy and his endless fight for helping those in need, giving universal healthcare. Teddy always struck me as a type of hero. Not because I agreed with everything he did, or paid attention to all of his bills, or getting away with Chappaquiddick,  but because here was a man probably worth over a billion dollars and he spent his life trying to make things better for the average person.

Of course it was Jack Kennedy who asked to Country to pitch in and help out. He created the Peace Corps, inspired a generation to want to work in government for their country, pursued Civil Rights for African Americans. The Kennedy message was give back to society. How on earth did we go from a true member of the 1% with that message to a has been actor whose “Trickle Down Economics” (or as George Bush called it at the time “Voodoo Economics”)? The change in the Country and the Country’s leader could not have been more different. As a society back in the 60s people helping others was the goal. That was the message from a president who also, in today’s dollars, was probably a billionaire but his goal was to get the Country to work together, help the needy. Fast forward to 9/11; George Bush didn’t ask the Country for anything; he started the first wars in our Country’s history that did not have a war tax to pay for the wars. Now maybe that’s not a fair comparison because 9/11 was something we had never seen before, vulnerability on U.S. soil. Perhaps Mr. Bush thought having people get back to their everyday lives “going shopping” was his way of saying everything would be ok.

I wasn’t born when JFK was gunned down so I can’t say which was more impactful, his assassination or 9/11. What I can say is that the message of the Kennedy family was to help others. Give back. They were living proof of that. What was Ronal Reagan’s message? Greed is Good. We have had so many years since JFK that it’s virtually impossible for someone like President Obama to talk about giving back, helping others and our Country.

Now should be a time to look at the Kennedy family, follow their lead from the 1960s and extend a hand to those that need it. Change the culture from “give me” to “let me help you”. I am sure everyone knows the way the Kennedy family earned its money was dubious to put it nicely, we also know many of them have been reckless, ignored the law, gotten away with things no other family could get away with. But think of the good most of them have done. Teddy spending his life working for healthcare, helping the needy. Our billionaires of today, the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump, they have disgusting messages of greed, profit, and literally starving the poor.

We need another leader like John F. Kennedy.


Yes JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy Says United States House of Representatives 1978

House_Select_Committee_on_AssassinationsSomething no one mentions:

The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Committee investigated until 1978 and issued its final report, and concluded that Kennedy was very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. However, the Committee noted that it believed that the conspiracy did not include the governments of the Soviet Union or Cuba. The Committee also stated it did not believe the conspiracy was organized by any organized crime group, nor any anti-Castro group, but that it could not rule out individual members of any of these two groups acting together.

The HSCA suffered from being conducted mostly in secret, and then issued a public report with much of its evidence sealed for 50 years under Congressional rules.[1] In 1992, Congress passed legislation to collect and open up all the evidence relating to Kennedy’s death, and created the Assassination Records Review Board to further that goal.

Taken from

So, why is this never mentioned in articles that are written today? I just read in WSJ that Oswald acting alone was fact. No mention of the magic bullet, Kennedy’s head bouncing in the wrong direction from bullets shot from behind. I saw an investigation on ABC News in the last 5 or so years that had some cockamamie theory about the seats in the back of the Kennedy limousine were higher that’s why it wasn’t really a magic bullet. Why would the Country’s most respected news media still be covering up for the assassination? Blows the mind.

I want to know what happened. I would like this reinvestigated by someone who has nothing to do with the government, big business or lobbyists. Someone to tell the truth. The President of the United States is gunned down in front of a crowd, in the middle of the day and no one wants the truth? I do.


Higher Up Than The President of the United States

IMG_1694During my recent apartment hunt in Manhattan one of the brokers I was working with used this phrase. She wasnt talking about special interest money or payback of political favors; she was talking exactly about that, someone or group with more power than the President. What prompted the conversation was our talking about September 11th. She told me about 2 friends of hers. One worked for Morgan Stanley, who told her that everyone at MS had the day off on 9/11. At that time Morgan Stanley offices were in 7 World Trade Center. The other friend she told me about worked in the Twin Towers and was one of those people covered in soot. That friend told her about hearing bombs go off on the lower floors of the Towers before they fell. I personally saw on live TV smoke pouring out of the bottom of the buildings before they fell. Live TV reporters told of hearing explosions before the buildings fell. When you saw the look on George Bush’s face you could certainly tell he had nothing to do with this, he looked scared shitless. Now I am not a conspiracy theory kind of person but some stories pique my interest. I read a book by Jessie Ventura who went into great detail about how 9/11 was a completely planned event and that we have not been told the truth about what really happened that day.  Who would have more power than the President of the United States of America? The CIA.

I was just walking around my new neighborhood and saw Princess Diana on the cover. My first thought was, 16 years later they are still trying to use her image to sell magazines. But she had been on my mind the last few weeks. I found a book as I was getting ready to move regarding her death and how it was a set up. I think most of us dont think enough. Of course it was a hit, murder. Unfortunately the book was so boring I couldnt get through much of it but the concept itself is one that no one would think of. Diana was murdered. Just like thinking about people in the U.S. government knowing about 9/11 before hand seems so outrageous. But, what if its not? The fact is one day Diana would be the mother of the King of England. At the time of her death she was, by some accounts, on the verge of marrying Dodi Al Fayed. This was known throughout the Palace and deemed unacceptable. What if the King of England had a brown skinned Muslim half brother? They never would have allowed that to happen. When I say ‘they’ I don’t mean the Queen or her husband; their are layers and layers of people who work for the Royal Family who could have arranged this hit. Also its rumored that MI6 and the CIA were involved. If you look at the evidence it tells a very different story than what was told to the world. The amount of alcohol in the drivers system would make someone unable to walk let alone drive a car. There were other cars on the scene that police didnt pursue. This was no accident, Diana was too unpredictable to have around so someone made a decision to eliminate her. The point here isnt whether you believe this or not, the point is we all burry our heads in the sand and rule out that something like this could happen. I am asking you to open your minds that things like this happen all the time.

Jessie Ventura also goes into other conspiracies with some interesting facts. JFK killed by Lee Harvey Oswald? Thats such a ridiculous claim that it boggles the mind that thats what most people think. Few know there was a Congressional Inquiry into his death in the 1970s and the ruling was “someone else was probably involved.” The President of the United States is assassinated on live TV and no one wants to get to the bottom of it? How is that even possible? Why is it that the American people dont demand answers. Our President is killed and we really dont investigate properly. Maybe its like 9/11 where there was so much shock and surprise people werent able to even ask the right questions. It’s Ventura’s belief that the CIA and Mafia had JFK killed because he was getting too close to Cuba and perhaps opening a door they didnt want open. Interestingly Ventura believes that Nixon was brought down by the CIA because he was asking too many questions about the Kennedy assassination so they set him up.

Do we live in a world that we know, or do we take what we are told and just believe it? The point of this piece is to open people’s minds about what could be going on right under our noses and since its so outrageous we disregard facts. A magic bullet? I dont think so.

To me its more interesting to think of why? Why would any part of the U.S. government have wanted 9/11 to happen? I certainly dont think Bush or Cheney were involved, but what was the motives of these people? To have us on a constant war footing? To take away personal liberty and freedom? I dont know.

What I do know is that a lot more goes on than we the average citizen knows about.